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Chapter 03: The Return of Harry Potter

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Ninja Turtles 2003/Harry Potter AU Crossover. Extensive summary in profile.

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Chapter 03: Return of Harry Potter

The day of August Twenty-First had arrived. Needless to say, Harry could not sleep during the night and he finally gave up at around four thirty in the morning. He stayed up, looking impatient. Harry was going to return to the Wizarding World, a place where he had not been since he was barely a year old.
After being up for a few hours while pacing around the lair, Harry heard a voice.

"Excited," asked Leonardo who was just getting up out of bed.

"Extremely," said Harry, whose green eyes were positively bouncing with extreme amounts glee. "Maybe I can find out more about my parents. I think there is a few things that Dumbledore guy left out of his story. Like, why exactly did Voldemort want to kill me?"

"Yes, I agree, Harry," said Leonardo. "That fact is troubling but for now, I think you should go under the assumption he was committing a random vile act although I feel that might not be the case as if I heard Dumbledore correctly..."

"And believe me you were in the best place, as you had your katana to his head," said Harry with a smirk on his face.

"Indeed," said Leo fighting the urge to smile. "It seems one of your parents' friends betrayed your location, which means Voldemort was intentionally after you and your parents."

"Perhaps, which means the truth is being shielded from me, which I do not like at all," said Harry. "I need to get myself into a position where I can uncover the complete truth.

"Just be careful my son," said Master Splinter, who just walked into the room. "I sense many threats who would like nothing better than to harm you for the express purposes of fame and fortune. I need not tell you to keep up with your training and remain on your guard."

"Yes, Master Splinter," said Harry. "I will remember. I will also write as often as I can."

This touching moment was interrupted by a not so touching person, as Severus Snape had just popped into the lair at that very moment.

"Ah, Potter," said Snape with a sneer. "The Hogwarts Gamekeeper Hagrid was to collect you but an unfortunate circumstance came up and I have be delegated the task of collecting you to shop for your school supplies. Let us get this over with, as I have better things to be doing than babysitting a Potter."
Harry looked at the hook nosed man. He obviously needed a bit of an attitude adjustment.

"Ah, yes, I do remember you. When you and the old man broke and entered into my home, my brother Mikey kicked your a..."

"That is quite enough from you Potter," snapped Snape. "Now, I do not have all day to play games. The Headmaster has told me to take you to Diagon Alley and that is what I am going to do."

"As you wish Mr...I am sorry, I have not had the pleasure of catching your name," said Harry.

"The name is Snape and you would do well to fear it, because I can make your life extremely difficult at Hogwarts if you continue to keep an impudent tongue. Now touch this piece of parchment. It is a porkey, which will transport you to Diagon Alley," said Snape coolly. "Now good day to you all."

Harry touched his hand to the portkey and felt a slight jerking sensation, leading Harry into Diagon Alley. More exactly, it had taken Harry to the Leaky Cauldron. Snape had followed Harry but a middle aged looking witch in the corner had seen Harry and shrieked so every can here.

"Hey everyone, it's Harry Potter," shrieked the witch which caused everyone to turn on Harry and look at him. A toothless old man, who appeared to be the landlord at the establishment looked at Harry before speaking.

"Bless my soul, he is back," muttered the landlord. "Welcome back, Mr. Potter. Welcome back indeed."

All the patrons of the bar swarmed Harry, which made him feel extremely uncomfortable. Snape muttered something about "people worshipping false idols." They all kept talking to Harry.

"Ah, Harry," said a blond haired woman who had an acid green quill. "Rita Skeeter, Daily Profit. I was wondering if I could get an exclusive interview detailing your return to the wizarding world and where you were all these years. I am sure our readers will be thrilled to know."

Harry looked extremely irritated. The press was talking to him. Dumbledore had neglected to tell him something like this would happen. The people in the bar surrounded Harry but Snape mercifully injected.

"As much as young Mr. Potter would like to talk to you lot," stated Snape in a bored tone of voice. "I am afraid we have other important business to attend to today. Come, Potter, let us continue our business."

Snape beckoned Harry to go forward and Harry was glad most of the people had backed off. That is, most people backed off except for Rita Skeeter. The journalist was determined to get a story.

"Ah, Severus, I am sure it would not take long. Maybe about an hour or so, I can chat with Mr. Potter and then fill in the blanks to spice up the story a bit," stated Rita, looking hopeful. Snape did not fold.

"Ms. Skeeter, I had explict instructions from Dumbledore to take the boy to get his school supplies. His instructions did not have anything about talking with the press and I know what your idea of filling in the blanks is, so take your mindless gossip elsewhere," said Snape in the deadly tone of voice he perfected so well throughout the years.

"Severus, surely you understand..."

"Bug off, Skeeter," said Snape, who had put an extra emphasis on the word bug. Harry wondered what the significance of it was. Snape had turned, his robes billowing in the air. Harry was vaguely reminded of the horror movie character Dracula for some odd reason at this time.

The day of shopping was filled mostly with Snape being Snape but Harry was amused by Snape's attitude. He had never met someone so unpleasant in his life. At the bookstore known as Flourish and Blotts, Snape instructed Harry to pick up advanced potion texts.

"Potter, if you even have a fraction of your mother's talents in Potions, it would be beneficial for you to learn the art. The least it would give me one less dunderhead I would have to teach," said Snape, as he selected a series of thick looking tomes. Harry had a hopeful look on his face as Snape mentioned his mother but Snape had mistaken the look "Do not fret Potter, your parents left you enough where you would not have to work for several lifetimes so I daresay you can afford a few extra potions text."

"You knew my mother, Professor Snape?" asked Harry.
Snape looked at Harry and Harry saw something, which looked like a far off look before Snape shook his head and resumed his usual sneer.

"Yes, we were in the same year at Hogwarts," said Snape without a trace of emotion but Harry could somehow tell it was forced. "Unfortunate she was in Gryffindor, as with her cunning she could have done great in my house, which for your information is Slytherin. Of course, it seemed like due to a few select members, the Slytherin House got a reputation it did not reserved and potential members got poisoned against it. Then again, why am I telling this to you Potter? You will probably end up a Gryfinndor like your father and be a pain like he was."

"You think so, Professor Snape?" asked Harry.

"I know so," snapped Snape. "You are the mirror image of him, so you must be like him. It is just like the Malfoys. Draco is nothing but a mini carbon copy of Lucius. Draco will be a Slytherin like his father and he will be the kind of Slytherin, which poisons the image of the house just like his father. Unfortunately, I must tolerate his father due to, past events which I am not to tell you about and therefore I must tolerate Draco even through he is to be just as arrogant."
Snape looked at Harry and Harry did not respond. He was just thinking what Snape's reaction would be if he did get into Slytherin.

"Just one more stop before that happy moment of goodbye for the day," said Snape. "Ollivander's, because as even you could figure out, you must need a wand to do magic."
Harry just simply nodded. Funnily enough, he had deduced. Snape and Harry entered a dusty old shop with stacks and stacks of wands. Wands of all shapes and sizes were sticking out of all directions. The shop appeared deserted but as Harry learned all too well, appearances were not all, as they seemed.

"Good evening, Mr. Potter," said a voice, which made Harry, jumped. Turning around, Harry spotted a very old man who looked rather creepy. Harry looked at him while Snape looked bored in the background.

"I have been expecting you for some time," stated the old wandmaker. "It seemed like just yesterday your mother was in here buying her first wand. You have her eyes, you know. I remember the wand very well. Willow 10 1/4 inch and very swishy. Excellent for Charm work I must say but your father James favored a wand more geared for Transfiguration, made of mahogany, eleven inches."

The old wandmaker spied the scar on Harry's forehead and let out a gasp of breath.

"I am afraid I sold the wand which did that Mr. Potter. I cannot tell you how I regret it now. Yew, Thirteen and a half inches, containing the feather from a Phoenix. Very powerful wand and very deadly if it was to fall into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, that fact was exactly what happened."
Ollivander had turned, spotting Severus Snape who was sulking in the corner.

"Young Severus Snape, escorting young Mr. Potter around today, eh," said the wandmaker. "I remember your wand quite well. Ten and a Half Inches made of birch I believe. Excellent to use in the more questionable arts."

"While this is fascinating, Mr. Ollivander, could we please get Mr. Potter his wand right now," said Snape, who looked like he wanted to get this day over with.

"As you wish, Mr. Snape," said Ollivander. "Now let us try this first wand. Willow, 9 and a half inches with unicorn hair. Go ahead, give it a wave."

Harry took the wand and started to wave it but Ollivander snatched it out of his hand.

"No, no, not a good fit at all. Oak, 11 and a quarter inches, give it a way," said Ollivander but that one was not a good fit either.

Harry had seemed to wave every single wand in the shop but Ollivander did not seem discouraged. Rather, he seemed to be rather pleased.

"Tricky customer, eh," said Ollivander with glee. "No matter, I have yet to not find a wand and I am not about to stop today."
Ollivander pulled out a box and he had a bit of a thoughtful expression on his face and muttered, "I wonder" before turning to Harry.

"Mr. Potter, try this wand. I believe you would be satisfied with its results," said Ollivander. "Holly, eleven inches, and supple with a Phoenix tail feather. Give it a wave."
Harry could instantly feel warmth filling his fingers as he waved the wand. Green sparks flew from the wand as Ollivander looked pleased.

"Bravo, Mr. Potter," said Ollivander. "I knew we would find a match for you yet but still, curious, very curious."

It would not be the first time Harry's curiosity got the better of him. He turned to Ollivander.

"I am sorry, but what seems to be curious," said Harry.
Ollivander paused, looking at Harry for speaking.

"The phoenix who gave its feather to your wand gave but only one other feather to another wand. The strange thing is that its brother wand gave you that scar," said Ollivander peering into Harry's eyes.

Harry shivered at the implications of those words as Snape had an unreadable expression on his face.

"After all, Mr. Potter, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named did great things. Terrible yes, but great. Good day to you both."
Harry and Snape left the shop without a word to each other.

After all, what could one say after that bombshell? However, something in the distance caught Harry's interest and drove the thoughts of his wand and Voldemort's wand sharing cores out of his mind. A sign, which said Jugson's Magical Communications Equipment. Ignoring the fact it was down what appeared to be a shady looking alleyway, Harry darted down the alleyway. This could be the answer to his communications problems. Snape's eyes widened.

"No, Potter, you fool, that is Knockturn Alley," hissed Snape under his breath. "Dumbledore would kill me if he found out I let you go down there."

Harry paid Snape no mind as he went down the Alley and Snape just threw his hands up in the air in defeat.

"Fine, be it on your own head then," said Snape.

It had just dawned upon Harry how shady looking the shop was and he had to be on his guard. He opened a shop door where a gray haired shopkeeper with scars on his face with sinister looking eyes stared at him.

"Yes, what do you want," snapped the shopkeeper.

"I was wondering what kind of magical communications equipment you sold which could be use in communicating half way across the world," said Harry. "Money is no objective."

The old shopkeeper brightened at the money is no objective part.

"Communication half way across the world, did you say, young man?" stated the shopkeeper. "I must show you our finest selection of two way mirrors. They are Ministry of Magic restricted devices as they do not want them to fall in the hands of many people, due to the fact they like to jack up the prices of floo communication and line their own pockets with gold. Although I am sure you are not worried about pitiful things such as Ministry restrictions if you are shopping in Knockturn Alley. These mirrors are extremely powerful and extremely resilient to force both magical and muggle. Now I must warn you, each mirror will set you back twelve galleons."

Harry pulled out his money back with a smile on his face.

"I will take ten of them then," said Harry.

Gold exchanged hands and Harry left, looking pleased with his new purchase. Harry had left, walking right into a not too happy looking Snape.

"Potter, let me ask you just one question," said Snape, looking extremely agitated. "What possessed you to go down Knockturn Alley to purchase Ministry Restricted Objects?"

"I needed communications equipment to talk to my brothers," said Harry in a matter a fact tone of voice.

"Why not use an owl?" said Snape in disgust as if it was the most obvious concept in the world.

"Takes too long," said Harry. "I want something fast and I want it right away. If it makes you feel any better, I promise not to go down any sinister looking alleyways anymore because I would not want to give you or Dumbledore heart failure,"

"Really," said Snape, obviously not believing Harry at all.

"Scout's honor," said Harry in a child like innocent voice while crossing his fingers behind his back. Snape seemed so easy to get into a tizzy and Harry felt the urge for some childlike mischief. He sure did not get to do it back in the dark days at the Dursleys and he did not get to have a chance to do it much in the sewers. This Hogwarts thing might be just the thing he needed to have a childhood.

"Now, Potter," said Snape. "I must be leaving now. I trust you can find a room at the Leaky Cauldron. You are to catch the platform at nine and three fourths at precisely Eleven A.M. on September 1st. Good fortune to you and I will unfortunately be seeing you at Hogwarts."

Harry could say that would almost be nice for the little he knew
of Snape. Harry took his trunk with all of his books and thought he would send the mirrors to his brothers on his first weekend at Hogwarts. Until then, it was time for Harry to read up. After all, if one was to put Harry at sword point and force him to say one thing he hated more than anything else, was being uninformed.

The days flew by rather quickly. Harry had confined himself to his room with his new books and had enjoyed what he had read. He could not wait to actually put it into practice. The most intriguing subjects were Defense Against the Dark Arts and oddly enough Potions. Harry thought he should be sending Snape a Christmas card this year for his excellent selections. The man may be unpleasant but at least he knew his Potions. Before, Harry knew it, it was September First. D-Day had arrived, Harry would be heading to Hogwarts soon enough. Thankfully, Snape had the foresight to have Harry convert some of his Galleons to Muggle money, so Harry flagged down a Muggle taxi, which took him to King's Cross.

When Harry had arrived there, a thought struck Harry. Snape had forgotten to tell Harry where Platform Nine and Three Quarters were located. No doubt, Snape would be amused with Harry bumbling around. Harry looked around frantically, ten minutes to go and he could not figure out how to get on the train.

Cursing Snape mentally, Harry felt like an idiot and did not watch where he was going. As a result, he bumped into someone, knocking her down. Harry looked horrified as he helped the girl up. Harry looked at her. She had long red hair with freckles and had bright brown eyes. If Harry were not so frantic, he would admit to himself that she was cute.

"I am so sorry about that," said Harry. "Are you hurt?"

"Don't worry about it," said the girl looking at Harry as if she had seen him somewhere before. Of course, Harry knew this could not be the case, as he did not meet too many people down in the sewers and defiantly at the Dursleys. "You looked lost, can I help you?"

"Maybe you can," said Harry. "I was told to look for a certain platform. Do you know what I am talking about?"

The girl's eyes brightened at once.

"You must be going to Hogwarts," said the girl. "Four of my brothers are going there right now. I can't wait to go, but I have to wait another year. It is simple to get on the platform really. I have seen my brothers do it for as long as I can remember. You just have to walk through the barrier. If you are nervous, you can run at it. Trust me, it is not solid and you will pass right through."

"Thank you," said Harry gratefully. "I am sorry, I did not catch your name."

"Oh, sorry, that was rude of me," said the girl. "Ginny Weasley."

"My name is Harry P..."

Harry was interrupted by a second voice.

"Ginerva Weasley do not run off and pester strangers. How many times do I have to tell you, I swear you are just as bad as those twin brothers of yours sometimes!"

A woman who would have looked kindly looking at normal times but was now raging at Ginny. Harry supposed that must be her mother. The woman turned to Harry.

"I am so sorry, dear, if Ginny was bothering you," said Mrs. Weasley. "She knows not to run off and pester people. I apologize on her behalf if she was a bother."

"No, she was not a bother at all, M'am," said Harry. "In fact she was a great help to me. Thank you Ginny, for your assistance of getting on the platform."

Your welcome Harry," muttered Ginny, looking distracted by the cute polite boy who had asked for her help.

Harry gave his head a shake. That was an interesting experience. His first contact with members of the wizarding world other than Snape, Dumbledore, and people in Diagon Alley. Harry had managed to push the trunk into the train and set off to find a compartment where he could read and not be bothered.

The ride lasted quite some time. Harry, while hanging upside down from the ceiling was reading /Hogwarts: A History/. The book was quite a fascinating read but he could see why many would not read it. Deep into his reading, Harry heard a noise. Someone had opened his compartment.

"Strange," said a female voice. "I thought I heard someone in this department but I see no one sitting here. That toad could be in here but..."

"If you are looking for someone in this compartment, then you should glance upwards," said Harry, looking a bit irritated at his reading being interrupted.

Harry could see a girl with brown bushy hair looking up at him.

"What are you doing up there?" stated the girl in a bossy tone of voice. "You could break your neck if you are not careful, did you know that."

Harry rolled his eyes.

"For your information, I am careful," said Harry. "Now who are you?"

"My name is Hermione Granger," said the girl who then spotted the book Harry was reading and looked all excited.

"Now what?" said Harry in an irritated tone of voice.

"You are reading Hogwarts a History," said Hermione. "Quite a fascinating book, much like all the books. I have learned all the spells by heart. It was a surprise I was accepted here.
Neither of my Parents is magical."

Harry breathed a sigh of relief. Good, he could safely state his name.

"Yes, but could you please tell me why you are here and my name is Harry Potter if you wanted to know," said Harry.
Hermione's eyes lit up at his name.

"Are you really?" said Hermione excitedly. "I mean you are in books like..."

"Yes, I know," said Harry. "I am in a lot of books because I am famous for something I could not even remember. None of which had bothered to ever talk to me. Hermione, you sound like you are smart so let me give you one piece of advice. Never believe everything you read. It just leads to trouble. Now could you please tell me why you are here?"

"I am looking for a toad," said Hermione. "A boy named Neville has lost one."

"No sorry, have not seen any toads," said Harry. "I will seek you out if I see one. Now, if you do not have anything to say, I bid you goodbye."

Hermione left, muttering something about people being rude as Harry continued his reading. Of course, he was brought out his reading by another voice.

"So it's true then," drawled a voice of a stuck up sounding boy.

"What's true," said Harry, not bothering to look up from his book or down rather.

"They are saying all over the train," continued the boy. "Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts."

"So I heard," commented Harry dryly.

"And you are him," stated the boy.

"Last time I checked," said Harry as if he was talking to a four year old. Harry snuck a peak from his book, as the boy appeared to be agitated.

"Come down from there Potter, I want a word with you," said the boy.

Harry sighed before flipping down and landing gracefully on his feet.

"Yes," said Harry in a bored voice.

"I would like to warn you about making friends with the wrong sort, Potter," drawled the boy. "The name's Malfoy, Draco Malfoy and you would do well to make friends with me."
Harry looked at Malfoy, taking his first look at him. At first glance, Malfoy look striking similar to a small rodent, maybe a ferret.

"And if I refused," said Harry as if he was talking about the weather.

"You will not refuse me," said Malfoy. "I am a Malfoy and Malfoy's get whatever they want. You will not dismiss me like some common...Weasley."

This comment just caused Harry to narrow his eyes before speaking to Malfoy in a slow and calm voice.

"I believe I just did," said Harry. "Now, if you excuse me, I have more important matters to attend to."

Malfoy looked like he was about ready to pop.

"Crabbe, Goyle," commanded Malfoy to the two big brutes Harry just noticed he had brought him. "Show him why a Malfoy should not be denied."

Crabbe and Goyle cracked their knuckles and Harry had an amused expression on his face. If these rent-a-thugs would think they could outfight Harry, then they were in for a few surprises.

Harry decided to do something extremely simple, but apperantly extremely complicated to these two buffoons. As Crabbe and Goyle raised their fits, Harry dropped down. Crabbe and Goyle punched each other out as Malfoy looked terrified.

"Get up, you fools," demanded Malfoy as Harry stepped forward. Malfoy decided to live and fight another day, turning tail and running, yelling about how "Potter will pay for this."

"Well, that was mildly entertaining," remarked Harry before he flipped back up to his perch and continued to read his book where he remained for the rest of the journey.

The train had arrived at Hogsmeade station. A large looking man who Harry found out was named Hagrid had seen the first years off the boat, which they crossed the lake. Harry's nerves were starting to get the better of him. He could not wait but yet, he was nervous.

They had arrived at Hogwarts, where Hagrid had knocked on the door.

"The first years, Professor McGonagall," said Hagrid to a severe looking lady with her hair up in a bun.

"Thank you, Hagrid," said Professor McGonagall as she lead the first years towards the Great Hall but first she set them down.
The house system was explained to them all. How the houses were named Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Slytherin. How any triumphs would gain house points while rule breaking would lose house points. When Harry heard about rule breaking, he thought all he had to do on that front was not to get caught.

They were lead off into the Great Hall, where everyone was watching. The ragged old Sorting Hat was brought out and sprouted some sort of rhyme but Harry did not pay too much attention. He wondered what house he would go. According to Snape, both of his parents had been in Gryffindor and Harry supposed he might be sent there as well.

The students got sorted, one by one, but it was only small time. The moment everyone including Harry had been waiting for was upon us.

"Potter, Harry!" yelled Professor McGonagall, consulting her scroll.

Harry walked up, as everyone looked all excited. He had sat upon a stool and placed the hat on his head.

"Why, this is interesting," remarked the hat. "I do not believe I have met anyone with natural mystic abilities since Salazar Slytherin himself.

"Mystic abilities," thought Harry to the hat.

"Yes, the ability to control the different elements and use them to enhance your powers," stated the hat. "They are brought out by martial arts training. My suggestion is to learn as much as you can about these abilities, as they could be a great help to you. Now onto the matter of your house..."

Harry felt nervous. This was the moment he was making for.

"My, you could fit in all of the houses. Yet, I sense something. You want to make great change for the world. The ambitions are clearly seen. And yes, you are quite cunning I must say. Therefore, I know exactly where to put you, Harry Potter."

The tension could be cut with a knife. Everyone was anxiously awaiting the announcement but they had a feeling Harry was going to be sorted into Gryffindor. After all, where else would their brave savior be sorted? The hat, the spoiler it was, had other plans."

"Slytherin!" cried out the hat.
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