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Prologue: Fate in Her Hands

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A7X fanfic. Life as rebel in the suburbs is hard for Trinity but her life will never be the same after meeting the son of the lead singer of her favorite band...

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A cool April Friday night was interrupted with a sudden loud blast of music.
Of course the music was coming from 17 year old Trinity’s room. And, as usual, she was listening to her favorite band, Avenged Sevenfold.
Trinity absolutely loved Avenged. She loved the way each of the members’ talents mingled into the most amazing music she’d ever heard.
Trinity’s parents had her when they were still somewhat young and were rebellious so she’d been introduced to the band early on in life.
By the time she understood exactly how much she loved them she was already ten and becoming a rebel herself. The band was as old as she was by then but that didn’t matter to a young Trinity. She loved them so much that he very first tattoo was the band’s acronym, A7X that she had gotten on her arm.
Now she sat in front of her dresser mirror, humming along to “Unholy Confessions,” the first song of theirs she’d heard, as she applied more black eyeliner.
A loud trio of bangs interrupted Synyster and Zacky’s playing, making Trinity turn in the direction of the window that led to the roof of the connecting garage.
On the other side of the clear glass, her best friend, Mariana, half-knelt, too worried about dirtying her lace leggings instead of the fact that she was so unbalanced because of the position and could fall at any second.
Trinity reluctantly got up and went to open the window. The cool night breeze blew her naturally straight and raven-black hair back behind her ears before letting it settle back on her shoulders.
“Mari, what’re you doing here?” Trinity asked her friend whose leg was obviously starting to twitch from having to hold her weight up. “You’re grounded, remember?”
Mariana climbed into the room, tripping over her own combat-boot-clad feet before she said anything. “I know but I was listening to the radio…”
“Shocker. Like other teens don’t listen to the radio,” Trinity said sarcastically when Mariana didn’t finish her sentence. She watched her friend clumsily get up and fix her dangerously short leather skirt.
“Ha ha Miss Smart Mouth. What I mean to say is that the radio was giving out tickets which I won.” Mariana waggled her eyebrows at her best friend of fifteen years.
Trinity saw the look and froze. “Wait…tickets to what?”
“Tickets to…” Mariana let her sentence drift as she headed to the side of the room that had the room to the hallway. The wall was covered from top to bottom in printed out pictures, drawings Trinity had made, magazine clippings and several posters of Avenged. Standing in front of the wall, Mariana pulled out a pair of tickets and lifted her arms, signaling to the wall. She hummed in a mocking fanfare fashion. “One pair of tickets to no band other than one of the greatest ever, Avenged Sevenfold!”
Trinity let out a shriek so loud, it can only be classified as fangirl shriek.
“But…but…” Mariana added, “Not only are they tickets to the show…” She pulled out two laminated passes with chains out of her Vengeance University hoodie. “…but also backstage passes. Which means…?”
“You and I will meet the greatest guys in the world?” Trinity asked, hopeful.
Mariana only nodded and smiled at the second fangirl shriek her friend let out.
Trinity laughed and grabbed one of the tickets and passes. “Dude, do you have any idea how long it’s been since I’ve gone to a Sevenfold show?”
“Nine months,” Mariana stated as-a-matter-of-factly. “Thousands of women have had babies in the amount of time you’ve been pining for tickets.”
“Yes!” Trinity looked at the ticket and pass that were now hers thanks to her friend. She turned to said friend and grinned before hugging her tightly. “Oh my god. Thank you so much, Mari!”
Mariana laughed. “Anything for my bestie. And don’t thank me. Thank the DJ at KHML.”
“Either way thank you so very much, Mari.”
“Yes, yes, all should please me now,” Mariana said in a menacing voice as she rubbed her palms together, looking like a complete villain.
“Sevenfold, first. World domination, later.”
“Right. Got it.” Mariana gave her friend a goofy grin that didn’t fit the punk look she was going for.
Trinity laughed and looked at her pass again, giddy and excited for next Friday.
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