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Chapter 1: One Look

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Trinity didn't need to look at him from the front to know that she had just seen the hottest guy she'll ever see in her life.

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After waiting impatiently for the week to pass, Friday had finally arrived, which meant Trinity was feeling happier than any kid at a candy store would ever be.
She had chosen to wear the outfit Mariana had nicknamed the “guaranteed-to-get-laid” outfit. It consisted of a short black dress with lace on the hems that hugged her curves and a pair of leggings that made her legs seem longer than they really were. Flats, fingerless gloves and a chain belt were added to the ensemble along with her usual black eyeliner, burgundy eye shadow and death bat choker.
Trinity was just applying the last of her deep red lipstick when there was a loud honk coming from outside. She dashed to her window and saw the familiar worn out black car that belonged none other than Mariana.
Anxious, Trinity grabbed her purse and zip up A7X hoodie then hurried out of the suburban three bedroom house and out to the quiet street. She climbed into the passenger seat, Syn and Zacky’s playing interrupting the silence briefly before it became muffled when Trinity shut the door.
The twenty-five minute ride to the concert hall flew by as both girls sang and laughed, both excited. When they arrived, the entire parking lot was full which meant they would have to circle around for a space. The three block distance between their car and the concert hall didn’t lower their enthusiasm even by a bit. Both girls were too overcome with joy to be bothered with anything, including the whistles and catcalls a few passing concertgoers were throwing toward them.
Trinity still couldn’t believe the fandom of Avenged as she got through security and stepped inside. The band was old as she was but that didn’t diminish the amount of fans that always showed up at their gigs. Being a less-experienced singer herself, Trinity understood how it felt to stand up on stage with all eyes on her. And as a fan, she knew the love the Eternal Soldiers had for their heroes.
The two girls made their way through the crowd, holding hands so they wouldn’t lose each other, as they headed to their spots at the front of audience. Winning tickets from the radio never felt so good to Trinity.
Sure she’d won a few prizes before, but they’d all been gift certificates to places she took her friends to. The only time she’d won tickets to a show were for an Apocalyptica concert back when she was fifteen. She loved them but not nearly as much as Avenged. All the other concerts of A7X that she’d gone to were paid for with her own money that she worked hard for at the Abercrombie and Fitch store at the mall. Of course, she was the only employee wearing all black but at least she could afford to do whatever she wanted since her parents chose to make her work.
Not to mention, all those paid tickets weren’t so close to the mosh pit like these.
Trinity and Mariana stood in front of the steel metal fence that kept the audience from the stage, both of them holding onto the railing as they looked up at the stage. There were the usual speakers and monitors on the stage but they only paid attention to the microphone stand that had been custom made for M. Shadows and the groups of bass and electric guitars that hung on their stands, each with a different design. Last but not least, the drum set in the back was decorated with the band’s death bat logo and stood in front of a large screen picture of the cover of their latest album.
Taking in all of it, Trinity’s gaze darted from each detail to the next, forcing herself to memorize every nook and cranny. Meanwhile, Mariana was happily talking away, so used to Trinity spacing out that she just kept talking without caring whether her friend was listening or not.
The quieter of the two looked to the sides of the stage. On the left she saw people walking around, some wearing security and management shirts while the rest were in casual attire. She turned to the right and caught the sight of a man placing a trunk on top of a larger one. From behind all Trinity could tell about him was that he was muscular due to the way his black t-shirt accentuated those muscles as he crouched over to drop the trunk. Both of his arms were covered in tattoos that ran down to his wrists. His black jeans were a perfect fit for him; baggy enough for him to move but tight enough that Trinity could see that even his legs were toned. His short hair was trimmed in the back and showed the back of his neck, along with the tattoo that Trinity could only guess as being words.
Another man wearing the standard navy blue management shirt came up from the area beside the stage and started talking to the one Trinity had been looking at. The one who’d caught Trinity’s eye stood up straight and wiped his hands on the back thigh part of his jeans. The second one spoke for a few seconds before pointing in the direction of one of the guitar stands that was mere feet away from where Trinity was. The man in black turned to look at the stand, giving Trinity a frontal look of him.
That was all Trinity thought as she saw his face. He had a ring piercing on his bottom lip that caught the light as he turned his torso. His nose was straight and perfectly centered…Hell; everything on him was perfectly placed. His eyes were serious and, from where Trinity stood, she guess they were dark colored. The front of his hair was as trimmed as the back had been, adding to his handsomeness. His simple black t-shirt had actually been a Misfits shirt. His jeans were accented with a single chain that hung from the waist and left pocket. He looked like he was just between a teen and a full-fledged man, a combination that Trinity knew she’d appreciate after tonight.
That is the hottest man I’ve ever seen.
“Who?” Mariana asked, making her realize she’d spoken out loud.
Startled, Trinity quickly looked at her friend and said, “I caught a glimpse of M. Shadows is all.”
Mariana let out a scoff. “Oh come on. We all know Gates is the hottest in the band.”
“He’s hot, but not Shads hot,” Trinity replied, glad that her friend was too scatterbrained to press her on the topic.
As the two argued about the subject, the man Trinity had been watching smiled and turned back to the job at hand.
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