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chap 2. And the fun part!

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Fun fun yum yum Princess buttercup!

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I walked through the door with Kay. “So this is…um…it?” He said. Kayla laughed. “Thank you Gerard. You are a life savor!” Gerard hugged her. “Don’t tell your dad your living here now!” He said and Kay agreed. “Hey Kayla…” He said awkwardly. She turned “Yeah Gerard?” He looked awkward. “what happened to your mother?” He asked awkwardly but curiosity took over. “She married this really horrible guy.” She said and shuddered. She shook her head and went into the kitchen “What do you want for dinner?” She asked Gerard. “Anything’s ok!” He said back and she laughed. “Ok if you say so!” She said. Gerard couldn’t help wonder what she meant.

The next day he would not let her cook unsupervised. She cooked enough food for the whole band. Surprisingly everything was delicious. He couldn’t believe what Frank said.
She came over and sat bye him. She was 19 and he was 27. She looked so much older! She actually looked his age! It was kind of scary. She sat by him while they watched a scary movie. She kept flinching and whimpering so he pulled her into him. She cuddled into him. She smiled and fell asleep. She didn’t want to wake her. His phone started ringing and he got it out his phone. It was Frank. “Hi Gerard! I know you don’t think I care but I can’t find Kayla and I am freaking out! What if she is hurt!? Please help me find my baby!!?1” He was screaming into the phone. He was also crying uncontrollably. Gerard sighed. “I know exactly were she is Frank…” He said. He herd the phone drop. “You ok Frank.” It was being picked up. “Yes I’m ok but is she? Wait… How do you know were my baby girl is? Gerard you didn’t DID YOU SLEEP WITH HER?!” He yelled. “NO!” Gerard screamed back and Kay woke up. “Sorry Kay!” Gerard said and she grabbed the phone. “Dad...Yes…NO GERARD HASN”T LAID A HAND ON ME! Oh ok…Err- love you too!” She said and closed the phone. She smiled at Gerard. “I’m allowed to stay here…if you want me to…” She said and blushed looking at the shoes. He stood up casually. “Up to you” He said and walked in the kitchen. She squealed and jumped on him. He laughed and stood up again. There was one question unanswered
“So…Were I sleeping?” She said and Gerard’s face went pale and red at the same time.

1 week after they decided she would sleep in his room with him, as friends, he took her to see the band again. Kayla and her father spoke on the phone and stuff but never met up. “Band practice is at 3 ok? You want to come?” Gerard asked. “Yeah.” Kayla said with curiosity in her eyes. “I’ll be back in a few.” Gerard said pulling on his jacket. “Be ready by 2:30 and I’ll pick you up.” He said and left. Kayla leaped off the couch when he shut the door and ran into the kitchen. She made 6 sandwiches. Then she ran upstairs and got ready. At 2:30 she put the sandwiches into bags and waited for Gerard. When he saw the sand witches she shrugged “I got bored” She stated and he nodded.

When they got to the studio Frank rushed up and hugged Kayla. “I thought you got hurt! I’m so sorry for snapping at you Kayla! I’m a horrible father!” He said and backed up looking at the sandwiches. He stood there and looked at them. “I got bored” She stated and his mouth did the ‘oh’ thing. He looked at her and smiled “Can I have one pwease?” He asked and she laughed. She handed him one with no meat and handed them out. She gave the biggest one to bob, the strangest one to Ray, the low calorie one to Mikey, and her specialty sandwich to Gerard. They all said thank you and ate them. Bob started randomly laughing. “What?” She said. He turned to Gerard with a big smile “Lets play ‘I Never’” He said with an evil tone.

They all sat on the two couches in the game room on the bus. Gerard asked if we were using beer or soda. “I drink Gerard.” Kayla said and Frank looked at her. “What?” She asked. He shook his head and handed her a beer. “I start!” Frank yelled making everybody laugh but Kayla. “How old are you dad?” She asked. Everybody laughed again. Frasnk blushed and got everybody’s attention. “Uhmm…I’ve never made out with someone in the family. Mikey and Gerard blushed and quickly sipped the beers. Kayla looked at Gerard. “You’ve kissed Mikey?” She asked and he nodded. Mikey looked at her “Best first kiss ever!” he stated and Gerard blushed even deeper red. Kayla laughed harder. “Thanks for the info Mikey!” Kayla said. Frank looked at her “You’re turn.” He stated. “I’ve never texted while driving.” She stated and everybody drank. She looked at Gerard. Gerard looked at Frank “I’ve never made out with your daughter.” He stated and Mikey took a sip. Frank looked murderous. “I WAS JUST SIPPING! DON”T KILL ME!” He screamed with his hands up. Everybody laughed. Mikey glanced around. “ I’ve never liked a girl 8 years younger than me.” He said and Gerard took a sip but Kayla didn’t notice. Mikey raised an eyebrow. “Ray your turn!” Gerard quickly stated and he turned. “Hmmm…I’ve never kissed a guy!” He said and everybody but Kayla and Ray took a sip. “Really Kay?” Gerard said. She nodded and blushed. He grabbed her shirt and pulled her against him. She quickly kissed her and pushed her back. He turned to bob. “Your go man.” He said. Frank looked confused then stuttered. “Dude…She’s my daughter. Off limits!” He stated and Gerard scowled. “I was just helping her! Gosh!” He said and Bob coughed to get attention. “I’ve never liked Frank’s daughter. Gerard took a sip and threw the bottle at Mikey. “I’m going home.” He said and walked outside. Kayla looked at her father. He turned toward her “I don’t like Gerard way.” He said. She glanced at her bottle and took a sip and put the bottle down. She ran out of the bus to see Gerard standing by his car. “Are you okay?” He asked and she nodded. “Now I am.” She
Looked at Gerard. “I like you too…” She said. Gerard sighed. “If frank found out…”
She cut him off by kissing him. She wrapped her hands around his neck and he wrapped his arms around her waist. Someone tapped her shoulder and she turned and pulled away from Gerard. The guy in black had a knife to his chin. “Don’t touch Kayla again!” He growled and Kayla screamed for him to get back. “Jay! GET AWAY FROM GERARD!” She screamed and punched him in the face. He fell to the Gerard and she put her knee in his chest she took his knife and slashed a part of his face lightly. She looked straight into his eyes “If you touch my family I will kill you! Understand!” she screamed and s\he nodded. “It is your fault I got kicked out of school and your fault I’m not innocent anymore. Now SCRAM!” He laughed when she got off. “You still aren’t thanking me for it! It was probably the best you could get. Espealy from this old guy!” He laughed ad walked away. Gerard looked at her “Am I old?” He asked. She shook her head. “Good…” He said kind of freaked out about what she said. “Can we go home?” She whispered. Gerard nodded “Of course.” He thought they were going to be alright but no one knew Frank saw everything. From the beginning to end. Everything was going to go down hill… and fast.

Frank showed up at Gerard’s door at 2 am that night. Frank dragged Gerard to his car. After the innocent in the parking lot there hadn’t been anything else between Gerard and Kayla. Frank locked the doors. “What is going on between you and Kayla?” Frank asked. Gerard got uncomfortable “Nothing really. We just like each other, that’s all. I’m not in her pants if that is what you mean.” Gerard said. Frank sighed “ I saw what happened in the parking lot. You like got owned by my daughter! She was all like pow and that guy was on the ground and you were like, in shock. It was funny!” Frank said and moved his hands. Gerard laughed. “So are we staying here or can I go back to sleep?” Gerard asked and yawned. “Bye man… but I warn you. If she comes crying I’ll beat the crap out of you!” Frank said more serious than ever. Gerard nodded and went back in. He saw hher up getting some water. He wrapped his arms around her waist. She tilted her head back onto his shoulder. Her knees went weak. She collapsed. His heart skipped a beat. There was blood all over her shirt. /there were deep cuts on her wrist. “Hospital” she saidand went unconscious. He was panicking and called an ambulance. “I will not let you die!” He said and stopped the bleading!
(3 weeks after Gerard’s house.)

Gerard already had the house clean so when Kayla stepped through the doors it would be perfect. Something was bugging him. When Jay was under Kay what were they talking about? She walked in. “Gerard? You here?” She said and she walked into the bedroom. “Could you sit please?” He asked and she did. “What do you mean Jay stole your innocence?” He blurted causing her to look away. “He…got me drunk. He sole it from me. He didn’t even kiss me!” She said regretfully. Gerard pulled her close. “Don’t say it’s okay Gerard. Cause it aint but I have to deal with it.” She said crying. He kissed her sweetly. He looked in her eyes. He kissed her again, and again, and again until he was on top of her. She looked at her. She nodded and kissed him “Please…” She said and he nodded. He pulled her shirt up. She did the same. Then the real story began…
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