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PROM prt 2!

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“Do I have to go Fwankie?” I pleaded while he was doing my hair. “Don’t not move!” He said and I didn’t. Mikey came in with his normal t-shirt on “GERARD!” He yelled and Gerard ran out. “What was that about?” I asked Frank shrugged. He hoped down and smiled at me. “Okay…Lets go get the dress!” He squealed. I could tell he loved this!

When my hair was perfect (so was my makeup), my dress was on and my shoes clicking I waited for Mikey. He knocked and Frank answered .”Awww! You look so cute!” Mikey said looking at Frank’s tiara. Frank smiled “Thank you!” He turned and saw me. His mouth dropped and he looked over my body. “V-Victoria your beautiful!” He stuttered out and my face went red. Of course, Frank, ruined the moment “OFCOURSE!” He said sarcastically and Gerard walked in “Hey is Victoria rea- Whoa…” The two brothers stared at me. Mikey grabbed my hand. I smiled sweetly at him. “Ready?” He asked and I nodded “Ready.”

When we got outside my jaw dropped. “Limo?” I asked and he nodded. I squealed and got it. It was a white limo with red velvet seats. It had a mini fridge and everything. When Mikey got in he kissed my cheek. “To the high school!” He said and the driver smiled.

When we got to the school no one else had a limo. No one else had 500 dollar shoes. No one else felt perfect. But I did. Why wouldn’t I? I was going to prom with Mikey Way!
When I stepped out several people gasped. Mikey helped me out and took me inside.

I got inside and it was so beautiful! I took the pictures and everything. Several people gasped and asked for autographs. I told Mikey to do them and soon no one was around.
We danced and laughed and everything. Many people stared but it was a good stare until “Hey you!” I turned. “What?” I snapped. They laughed “Is that really that Gerard guy you dorks talk about? Or is it that other one you think is sooo stupid?” She snickered. I was furious “NO! it is Mikey Way! You would know that if you had taste!” I snapped and I knew we were going to fight. I took my shoes and handed them to Mikey. He was stunned and I walked up to Chelsey. “Want to say that again you emo freak?” She said. I punched her in the face. She was down., and wasn’t getting up. Her friends stood around her panicking. I grabbed Mikey’s hand and casually walked out.

We never went to the hotel. Well we did but we went swimming and fell asleep in the pool on the steps. We woke up to two very confused people.
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