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OK! Victoris goes to prom! But with who?

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We pulled up to my house. Er-old house. When I walked in my dad threw a fit. “Where were you? HUH? Why didn’t you call? Do you know how long you were gone?” He shouted. “I was gone 2 days.” I said very nicely. “I don’t care how long you were gone, the point is you were gone! I’m tired of it. You need to leave today!” He yelled. I smiled. “Okay, give me 3 hours. I’ll be gone! “ I yelled. It was the first time I did that. I walked out and grabbed Frank’s hand. “How’d it go?” He asked. I pulled him inside. “Could you help me-“ My dad cut in. “Who is this fag? Your boyfriend? Your one friend?” I could tell Frank was ticked off. “No dad. This is the guy who is helping me! This is my new family because you can’t even give me that!” I said and walked to my room with Frank behind me. My Room was about as big as 5 storage closets. I grabbed my clothes and threw them in a box. I grabbed my makeup and threw it in my purse. I grabbed my photos and threw the on top of my clothes. I grabbed my gun. Frank’s eyes went big. I grabbed my cell phone out of my jeans. “Hey Jen?...Yeah I was wondering if you want it back….No I wont tell you what I was going to do with it… I DIDN’T MURDER ANYONE...Long loves! Bye.” Frank stared at me. There was a knock at the window. I carried the gun to it and handed it to the girl who was standing outside of it. Her gaze fell on Frank and she immediately jumped through the window.

She walked up to Frank with a confused look. Frank rolled his eyes “Yes, I am Frank Iero.” He said and she squealed. He grabbed the pen of my nightstand and autographed her arm and she grinned. Then he picked up the box and walked outside to put it in the car. She said bye and left out the window. I grabbed the rest of my stuff and left. My father shouted at me to come back and I realized my cash was in my room. I ran back in to see my dad’s hand collide with my face. All he did was slap me but it still made me bleed. I went to my room and grabbed my savings. When I walked outside and stood by the car I let out one tear. I then got in the car to frank who screeched when he saw the blood. “Please just drive.” I whispered and he did.

When we got back to the apartment he explained ray stayed with his wife and Bob and Mikey share an apartment across town. He was back to himself. “Hey Gerard.” I said when I saw him. He turned and his smile turned into a death glare “What did he do?” He whispered and tilted my head to see the cuts made by my dad’s fingernails. “Come with me.” He said and we went to clean my cuts. “Such a pretty face! Why did he do this?” He said and my face hurt more. “I’m not pretty.” I said to him and his gaze left the scar and to my eyes. My crossed eyes. Then to my overly bug belly, then to my abnormal feet. “What are you talking about, your beautiful.” He said and I shook my head. “Senior prom is in 9 days and no one’s tacking me!” I said and felt the tears come up but wouldn’t let them out. He smiled. “Your wrong again! I’m sure Mikey would love to take you! He never went to his prom.” He said and led me out of the bathroom picked up his phone. “Hey mikes come over, now.” He said and smiled. “Listen Gerard! I ‘m not going! I haven’t even kissed a boy! Let alone gone on a date!” I said and Frank walked in. “I’m sure Mikey would take you on a date. Gerard smiled “He’s tacking her to prom!” Gerard said and Frank smiled “Cool!” I shook my head “NO! He is not!” I said and a knock came from the door. I opened it to have a boy a little taller than me smile down at me and walk in. “Hey big brother. What’s so important that you made me come over now?” Gerard smiled “Your going to prom!” Frank laughed “Surprise!” Frank cheered and Mikey’s face was confused. “They’re making us go to prom!” I said and he turned.
“Hi! You must be Victoria?” He said and I nodded.Frank smile got even bigger “Guess we need to book a hotel. OH! Dresses I’ll go with Victoria for dresses and you go with Mikey! We have 9 days! Come now!” Frank said and grabbed my hand. He pulled me out the door.

When we got to the shop I gulped. “What’s wrong?” Frank said. “I’m not going to look good! I just know it!” I said and shook my head. Frank laughed “Then you haven’t met me!” He said and dragged me inside. He got a girl to fit me and everything. Then he threw 4 dresses at me. They all had frills and I dropped them on his head. To girlish!
He then gave me this deep blue dress with a belt and a tiara. I absolutely loved it. I gave him the tiara. He was so happy it was funny.
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