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Guess What?

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Ray took me to see Gerard. When Gerard saw me he hugged me, tight. He woulden’t let go. But who was complaining? Gerard Way just hugged me. When he finnaly let go he grabbed my wrist. I hissed in pain. “Oh sorry! I didn’t know!” He said quickly and I just nodded. The blood was seeping through my shirt where he re injured the scar. “Uh…Let me help you clean them.” He said lightly pushing me into the bathroom. He pulled up my sleeves and gasped. There were at least 30 scars on each arm. I hissed in pain every time he had pushed to hard. “How old are you?” I asked and he slightly smiled at me starting a conversation. “I’m 24” He said and wiped the rest of the blood off my arm. He lightly pulled the sleeves down. “You?” He asked with hope in his eyes. “17. almost 18. I’ll be an adult in 13 days.” I said and he smiled. He then walked out of the bathroom and told me to follow him to the living room. The house was quiet. We sat on the couch facing each other. “Why am I here anyway. The last thing I remember was walking into your concert.” Gerard’s smile disappeared. “Well you were beyond wasted. Frank noticed and asked why you would do it. You said-“ I suddenly remembered. “Oh god!” I said putting my head in my hands sobbing. Gerard pulled me close and kept saying for me to shhh. “It’ll be ok” He kept saying and I fell asleep in his arms.

When I woke up I was in bed with him. He did have his shirt off but that was it. I lightly got out of the bed and walked to the kitchen. I made him coffee and was about to leave when frank said “Oh no you don’t!” And grabbed my shoulder. I turned around. “Your not leaving! You need friends like us and I don’t trust you enough to go alone.” He said. It wasn’t harsh. It was pleading. I nodded and hugged him “Without you I probably wouldn’t be alive. I thank you Iero!” I said and he chuckled. “Victoria I’ll be there for you.” He said still in my arms. Then I remembered something. “My dad is going to be so mad. He said if I didn’t start coming home he would kick me out.” I said to myself looking for my jacket. I grabbed it and put it on. Or I thought it was my jacket. “What are you doing in my jacket?” Gerard asked behind me. “Oh I thought it was myne. I have one like it.” I said about to take it off. “Leave it, You look good in it.” He stated and I blushed. Frank turned. “So we better go get your stuff.” I was confused. “Your moving in if your dad kicks you out.” He said and I smiled. “Of course, but isn’t this friendship going fast?” I said and he smiled. “The three of us already love you! Once Mikes and Bob see you, you’ll be family.” He said and grabbed his keys. Life is awesome!
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