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Finding out

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"that's none of your business" Frank stands up against mr linney causing Katie to sigh in relief, he knew we both know, I just dont know how Frank hasn't noticed the foul smell emitting from the fellow vampire sat under a meter from him, maybe he just never knew why he could smell that, or never even knew where the smell was coming from, I only turned him 8 months ago, how would he even know what it was. I watch as Frank grabs his bag and heads for the door past the teacher and straight outside, I have to follow him. I grab my black tattered bag and follow the direction that Frank ran, hes not hard to find. He is sat in a large willow tree by a empty class room hut, from where he is sat he could easily jump down onto the roof of the hut or climb higher way above the school looking out towaRds the empty fields beyond.
"hey" I shout at Frank he just stares towards at the huts roof below him. Emotionless. I take to climbing the tree towards the thick branch he is sat on.
"I've always wondered if the roof could take my weight or if I would just fall straight through onto the tables and chairs bellow." I look at him with a smirk on my face once I reach the branch, in such a strange time he came out with a almost completely random thing, I guess the mind works like that sometimes.
"how did you know" he looks into my eyes with almost desperation, "about Katie, I've never noticed, she sits on the same table as me and I've never noticed"
"the smell, she has the stench of a vampire," he looks up and smiles slightly almost with a look that says I knew it!
"what about me? I never wrote the words vampire in my black book, how did you know?" Im not ready to answer, I don't want him to hate me for ruining his life, how do you tell someone you were the one that bit them and turned them into a vampire, took away his life, his soul, at you made them immortal. I can't do it. Then the smell comes back. Katie. Thank god.
"hey... Um Frank right? Thanks for shutting up mr linney back there... I appreciate it." she smiles nervously at us her eyes glow green in the sun light.
"it's cool... I had to stand up for a fellow vampire... It's probably in the code or something? I don't know I'm fairly new to this" he let's out a little nervous giggle, it's obvious he's never spoken of this before, never trusted anyone, I guess it's a lot easier to trust someone that has gone through the same, that is the same souless person as you.
"Katie do you wanna get on the tree?" I ask her as she stands awkwardly on the grass pulling at her slightly over sized jumper sleeves so they cover her hands.
"yeah okay.. I don't know if I can get up though" that's one thing people get wrong about vampires they all think we are like the beloved Edward cullens from twig light, all super hot With monkey like powers, super quick, super strong. We aren't, all of them, we all have a developed sense, ,like me. Smell. I can sniff out a vampire a mile out. I see katies head appear above the branch as she pulls herself up.
"made it" she smiles at her acheivemt, it's a long way up when you think about it.
It's you and me and all of the people...with nothing to do, nothing to prove... My phone let's out the soft tune of life house, I slide it out of my jeans and look at the lit up screen. Mikey.
"hey what's up mikes?" my voice shakes slightly, I get nervous on the phone to my brother, I feel so bad for leaving him out there, I miss him so much, but I had to help frank.
"not much, I was just calling with some news actually?" I hear a giggle of a girl in the back ground, he hasn't has he?
"well spill!?" I ask eagerly as Frank and Katie look at me confused on who I am talking to.
"I have a girlfriend! Her name is Eva, I really wish you could meet her she stopped me putting a spoork in the toaster the other day" I giggle at the memory of the fork in the toaster incident, oh mikey, how much I miss you.
"well at least she is protecting you!" I hear some movement and another giggle.
"hey Gerard" this time it's a girls voice, what I guess is evas, but the voice, why do I remember it? Then it hits me, as she whispers the word "ivenganzer" revenge.

Heyy I said it would be longer and it is :) Wales was fun 3 fires, one on the hill by the road, one right behind the house we stayed in, then one on another hill but u still kept writing when ever I had the chance, I hope you like it ^^ katt x
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