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Day One again tomorrow

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Mikey's seeing the women more and more, and now he found a way to be happy. A bad way.

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Yay! New Chapter =] whoop whoop!
That last line for those confused was Gerard pointing out that Mikey had a hard on, boner, wood, stiffy. Basically being a bit of a ass

I could of killed him. Right here in the hospital. But that would frighten Frank. Instead I just ignored him and started to walk away.
“How is she?” Gerard asked actually sounding curious.
“She?” I asked turning a little to face him again.
“Lillian, the cause of you teepee?” He asked making me turn red again.
“Actually she’s pissed at me right now, I’ve been avoiding her calls.” I said and felt that I was okay now to turn fully around. Frank was now facing the ceiling on his bed.
“Oh? and why are you ignoring her?” Gerard asked sitting up a little more.
“Well I had to change our dinner plans last night and stay late here. So she wants this big apology from me with roses and dinner and everything and I just don’t feel like saying sorry for nothing, So I’m avoiding the situation all together.” I said scratching my head.
“Thats not attractive at all...” Gerard said confused.
“I know...What?” I asked confused at Gerard’s confusion.
“Why’d that make you all hot and bothered?” He asked pointing to my groin. I turned red.
“It didn’t Gerard...” I said and tried to think of something to change the subject. “So what did you paint?” I finally decided to ask. Gerard didn’t seem like he wanted to change topics but he pointed to the painting of a monkey stealing a banana from what looked like a zombie.
“Uhm... Gerard what does it mean?” I asked not getting it.
“It means zombies have no business with banana’s and it belongs to the monkey.” He said and smiled. “Don’t think too much into everything Mikes, sometimes a painting is just a painting.”
“And sometimes a crush is just a crush.” A women’s voice said from next to Frankie. It was her. She had her hand playing with Frank’s hair.
“What?” I asked her.
“I said not to look into things so much...” Gerard repeated. I turned to him.
“No I was talking to-” I pointed over to where the women was, but she was gone and now Frank looked at me.
“I didn’t say anything.” Frank said confused. I felt myself turn red.
“I thought you did... I need to get some paperwork done. You guys behave now.” I said and practically ran to my office. I sat on my chair and started hyperventilating. I didn’t know what to do. I see her everywhere. But she’s never fully there. I really just don’t understand. I was feeling the walls close in and took a sip.
Wait a sip?
I looked down at my hand and saw a glass now empty in it. I looked at my desk and saw the opened bottle of whisky. Just like it was before. You would think after being completely sober for 2 years it wouldn't come so naturally for me to not have to think and have a shot. My body just knows the motions. I felt myself poor another glass of it and felt the liquid warm my soul again. Well it looks like its back to day one tomorrow. Back to day one. And I was doing so well. I pored myself another and another and slowly felt my problems decimate and my mood cheer. Things weren’t so bad. So an attractive women is teasing me. What guy doesn’t want that? A little game, maybe thats exactly what I need. A little chase. I pored another glass and laughed. Why did I ever think that this was a bad thing? Alcohol is not bad, it actually makes me like my life a little more. I’m a fucking Doctor. Me, “Dikey Mikey” as I was called in high school. I was a mother fucking doctor! And a fucking good one. I had respect. I had people working under me, I had patients under my care. I have one unbelievably gorgeous patient I wouldn't mind being under God Frank was one fine creature.
“No, not Frank. Frankieee” I said aloud and stretched the ‘ie’ part out as I pored another glass. I sat back in my important office chair, in my important doctor office, with my important name...plank... thing that declares this room as M.D Way’s. My fucking office. I was a big man. I was Mikey fucking Way. I drank the last glass I pored and tried my best to walk back to Gerard’s to tell him just how important I was. I made it almost to his room when the world changed its gravity on me and I fell over.
Gerard walked out, he must have heard my fall. I looked him straight in the eye. He looked scared, and he should be, you know why?
“Cause I’m a fucking Doctor Gee.” I said firmly too him. He looked down at me and slowly helped me up. “Look at you, Mr. Muscle, Picking the brilliant doctor off the ground. You know what I don’t understand? How did the gravity not bother you?” I asked him and laughed a little.
“Gravity don’t mean too much to me.” He replied and brought me into his room. I felt myself being laid down on a bed.
“Yeah well I’m who I’ve got to be, Gee. Lookat me now. Fucking doctor, man....Fuck Lillian. Stupid girl.” I felt myself fall back into sleep. “Here it comes Gee.” I said and passed out.
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