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And in this pool of blood

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gerard and Chelsea Finally talk

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English passed slower by the minute and the sound of the clock ticking grew louder and louder as well. My heart and mind were racing as I anticipated what Gerard might say to me.
Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see Frank standing behind me with a child-like look upon his face.
“Hey, Chelsea! How it goin? He said with a menacing grin.
Frank was Gerard’s best friend and has always been in one of my classes since freshman year. So we have become pretty good friends over the years.
“Just the usual. What’s going on?” I asked suspiciously while turning away from my book work to look up at him.
“What? I cant just sit and have a friendly conversation with my best bud, Chelsea?” He pulled out the seat across from me and sat down with a dumbfounded expression across his face. I knew he was up to something the second he started talking. Frank was such an easy person to read, because he never could hide a single thing. If he had a secret to hide or something to share he could never contain himself. He was such an open guy, which makes it even more sad that he hasn’t had the…best…luck with girls. He would always put his heart on the line, and end up getting hurt. He would always brush it off and say it didn’t matter, but deep down I knew it did.

“Frank….” I paused as I looked back down at my book. “I have know you for years, and know when you have to tell me something. So tell.” I continued on my work, but he knew I was serious.
“Fine.” He said. “me and Becca were hanging out over the weekend…” I stopped him.
“Wait. You and Becca? My Becca?” I asked curiously but somewhat confused.
“Uh, yeah. She’s really cool and smart and…” he began to trail off.
“Whoa, Frank! Bring it back. What were you saying?” I asked him.
“Oh right! Well, me and Becca were hanging out. We got on the topic of how Gee has such bad luck with relationships. Ha, I’m the one to talk right?” He chuckled. “but he had been kinda bummed lately. So Becca mentioned about you and your bad past with guys and relationships too.” he said with a frown, but it was all true.

My track record wasn’t the greatest. Just two years ago, I had come from an abusive relationship from a guy I was dating. He seemed sweet and genuine at first. But after just a year had passed, he would call me names, throw things, and sometimes grab or shove me too hard. I could stand it to a point. But soon things had gotten worse. One night while I was over at his house, we got into a fight and he got carried away. So carried away that he ‘accidentally’ flung me down the stairs in his house. An ‘accident’ is just what he told the paramedics. I woke up in the hospital three weeks later with stitches on my head and a cast on my arm. Only few people know that story, because my abusive boyfriend, well ex-boyfriend now, had threatened me if I said anything. I didn’t press charges, and I only spoke to few people about it like Becca, Frank, and Gerard. Everyone else was told it was an ‘accident’.
I slightly looked away, but Frank smiled sympathetically.
“Well Becca and I thought about how much you like Gerard…” he said quietly. I was stunned that he knew.
“She told me. But don’t be mad at her. I had my suspicions.” He said with a smile.
“Really? Is it that obvious?” I asked worried.
“No, not really. I’m just good at picking up things like that. But Gerard on the other hand…he’s clueless.”
My smile returned with a good sigh of relief. “I planned on telling him. Do you think that’s stupid?” I asked.
“I don’t think so. I would like to think Gerard likes you too. I mean, you two have known each other most of your lives. He would be a idiot not to like you back.” Frank stood up with a grin on his face. “Go for it.” he said as he headed back to his seat.
The smile on my face was beginning to freak some kids out around me. I shock it off and prepared myself for the bell to finally ring.

Once the bell had gone off, I was the first one out the door and on my way to finally tell Gerard how I felt. I saw him standing by our lockers waiting for me.
“There she is.” He said with an innocent expression and smile. I figured that maybe I should let him tell me what he had to say first.
“So now that the guys aren’t around…” I hesitated for a second. “what did you have to tell me?” I opened my locker and took out my sketch pad.
“Oh right!” he said, sounding like it wasn’t a big deal. “you know Sarah Clemens?”
“Uh…yeah…” I was horribly confused. “what about her?”
“Well…she asked me out on a date. Can you believe it?! I have always had a thing for her.” He told me.
I could scream and smash my head in my locker that stands propped open in front of me.
“I have to go.” I said quickly as I slammed my locker loud enough to seem uneasy, but not loud enough for him to notice.
“Wait, what? But Chelsea….” he started to say a little worried.
“I’m sorry.” I turned away quickly so he couldn’t see me wipe the tears that started to roll down my face, and headed straight out of the building to my car. I got in my car and lit a cigarette as I was still crying. I felt like an idiot.
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