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Maybe they'll leave you alone

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Becca Helps

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I sat in my car all of my free period, lunch and part of my art class. I knew that it seemed so dumb and childish to cry and be this upset over one guy, but I had liked Gerard for so long.
We had been through practically everything together. He had seen me in pain from my parents divorce, feel alone from never seeing my dad, and was the first person I saw when I woke up in the hospital. He was one of the most important things to me and was my only family when I had no one else. How could I not like, if not, love him.
I slowly took a deep breath in and let it out. I then opened the car door, stepped outside into the shadow of the school. And flicked my cigarette to the side. I knew I couldn’t skip the rest of art class.
I headed back into the building and into my classroom. Mr. Mayhew just looked at me, smiled, and nodded. I had been in his class every single day since I was a freshman. He knew me like I was his own daughter and would let me come in late because he knew I would have a valid reason.
I took my usual seat that I have had since day one in his class three years ago. Right by the window. This light was great when the sun was shining, the breeze was calming, and it was a seat with a view. I pulled my sketchpad out and started on the assignment on the board. I heard Becca call to me from across the classroom. I looked over to her as she made her way through the other students in the room. She showed her teeth n a faint ‘oh-no’ kind of expression. “I heard what happened” she said, “I really can’t believe that he is going on a date with, ugh, Sarah Clemens. She is such a…bi”
“Becca!” I yelled, and slightly chuckled. She was right about Sarah, anyway. She was beautiful with long blonde hair and dark green eyes. However, she was never nice to other kids at school that weren’t in the same ‘clique’ as her and I hated that. Gerard and I never have really mentioned her to each other before, so to hear he was going on a date with her just crushed me.
“Sorry. I got carried away.” she said. “Chelsea, I really thought that he liked you, too. I can’t believe he would go on a date with such a blonde-headed demon! Ugh!” she shrieked in anger.
“I know, Becca, I Know.” I replied. “I really thought that he would have had the same feelings, but I guess I’m not as good as…” I sighed.
“That blonde-headed demon!” she creamed in the middle of class. We both laughed as everyone turned their heads to see why we were screaming. She was always good at cheering me up.
“Thanks.” I said with a sincere smile. “I needed that.”
“Ah, screw ‘em.” she laughed. “You’re so much better than her. Hands down.”
Becca headed back to her seat just as the bell rang. I would meet back up with her at my car once school lets out.
I headed out of the classroom and on my way to my final class of the day. As soon as I reached the entrance to my hallway I saw Gerard waiting around the corner. As I turned to avoid him and head in a different direction he stopped me.
“Chelsea, wait!” he said as he grabbed my arm to swing me around to face him.
Tears had already started swelling up in my eyes again because I just couldn’t handle looking at him. He had betrayed me.
“No Gerard.” I said as I fought back the tears attempting to be strong. “I’m going to be late to class.”
I tried to tug my arm away, but he held on to it.
“I don’t care.” he said. “You are not going to avoid me again. Remember you told me that you would always talk to me if something was wrong. Well something’s wrong, so stop running away!” he wasn’t mad. Just worried.
I still didn’t say anything. I didn’t know what to say.
“Fine. If you don’t want to talk here, we can talk after school.” he replied. “In West Hudson Park, at the usual spot. And I wont take no for an answer.” he looked me in the eyes one more time and walked away.
I just stood there for a minute and resisted from turning around to watch as he left. Suddenly for the first time, I didn’t want school to end.
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