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i walked into his room, to find my brother on his band, with his hand on his pants. eyes closed, maonning. i cleared my thoght. his eyes poped open, his hands shot out of his pants and put it behinde his head, to try and cover it up.
"ever hear of knocking?" mikey said looking flushed.
"shouldnt i be saying the same thing to you?" i asked sitting down on his bed, seeing he still had a boner.
"yeah sorry, i was just worryed because you wasnt in today, and nor was frank." mikey said getting up to sit next to me.
mikeys brown hair swept across his face, he eyes looked up at me, to see if i was going to talk. i looked into his amazing eyes and got lost for words. one second did i just check out my brother? no... i'm sure its a brother thing.
"i just wanted to be with frank" i said looking down.
"yeah i saw" mikey said laughing.
i couldnt help smile, he always made me feel happy, its why mikey is such a good brother.
"sorry about that i didnt know when you would be home" i said still looking down.
"its fine .... i kind of liked it " he said the last part in a whisper, hoppin i didnt hear but i did.
"i know you are gay mikey but still, its wrong to think of me in that way" i said with a harsh tone in my voice.
"i know you were just standing there, naked, in the arms of another hot guy. how is a person not ment to be turned on?" he said looking at me
i looked into his eyes, trying to fight this feeling.
"well not wank to it might help" i said winking at him
"how do you know it was about you?" mikey said trying to cover up.
"because i heard you say my name" i said with a smile.
"oh ...." he said looking down then he remembered my smile" but yo liked me saying your name?"
"maybe?" i said getting up.
"dont go" he said like a little kid.
"i have to get my phone to tell frank you are okay. Or he will worry. and we dont want that do we ?" i said to mikey, knowing he liked frank just as much as i did.
"fine, i'll come with you. maybe finnish what frank did" mikey said getting up with a wicked smile on his face.
we run down stairs, to find mum standing in the hall way drunk like normal.
"HEEEEY, there they are" mum said pointing to us.
"heeeeey mum, race you to your room" i said.
this was a trick i learnt from a younge age, to get mum to go to her room, forget why she was in there, and fall alseep.
"okay.." she said running to her room.
i luaghed and so did mikey, we went to my room, i turned on the light to smile ikey with an amazing smile on his face. i got my phone a text frank
Hey Frankiee, mikey is fine see you tomorrow, you should come by and wake me up again;) love Gee xoxo
"well i text frank" i said backing away from mikey trying to get some distuterbing thought out of my head.
"oh good"mikey sai walking up to me, so close i could smell the coffey on his breath, and the feel the heat coming off his body.
he hand sliped to where my bulge was. i moaned, then then backed away in shame. i turned so he couldnt see how many shades of red i was going.
"whats wrong bro?" mikey said walking behind me and wrapping his arms around me.
"nothing, i am just tried, thats all need so sleep, so maybe you should go?" i said in a whisper.
"or i could stay and we could have some fun" he said turing me around. "now i want to stay, so should i?"
".....yes" the words came out of my mouth, i didnt know what i was saying. i looked down in shame.
mikey pulled down my jeans and boxers. my cock was rock hard.
mikey got on his knees and started to suck the tip,and with every lick i moaned a little more and a little louder. he stoped and looked me in the eye and asked
"do you like this?"
i nooded, not sure i could use words anymore, i started to trust my hip, to signal him to carry on and he did. slowerly taking more of me. he deep throthed me and took my balls in hs hand playing with them before chocking. i could feel that i would be coming sooon cum. he started to suck the tip again and more his hand up my cock, which was all wet. "fuckkk" i yelled as i released my cum into my brothers mouth.
mikey took it all, and even after i had finnished shooting he sucked every last drop. he got up and licked lips and smiled.
" now you have gotten yous let me get mine" he said pushing me onto my bed, so my arse was sticking up in the air.
i hear mikeys pants hit the floor. i wondered what he was going to do with me. i felt something touch my but checks, it was warm a wet. it was mikeys tounge, me was making me wet so it wouldnt hurt as much.
i hear he slurps and felt his tounge slip into me, i moaned constantly, i felt he tunge leave me, i sighed and mikey just luaged.
i felt his warm cock enter me.
"i lke it rough" he warned.
he trusted his hips, and his whole cock went into me. tears where in my eyes, i never knew he was this big. he is bigger then frank. and he hurt.
but i loved the pain, it turned me on. he starting moving in and out fast.
"you whore. you like have your own brother in you2 he yelled. spanking me.
"do you like your brothers cock you whore?" he asked.
"YESS!" i yelled.
i hit me hard, "Yes what"
"yes i love my brother fucking me hard, i love his cock in me"i yelled, tears streaming down my face.
"i'm going to cum." mikey yelled, thrusting even harder into me, push hiss cock deeper in me.
"no take it out" i yelled, not wanting any sperm to be left in there for frank to see.
"fucking whore dont tell me what to do." and with that he thrusted really hard, the slapping skin really hurt, and then i felt his cumming being short deep into me.
i felt so turned on. but too tried to do anything.
mikey collapsed ontop of me
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