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a kiss lead to more.

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Me and Mikey talked for ages. I said I was tried and when to my room in the basement. I jumped on my bed and fell asleep, thinking of everything that happened today.


"Huh?" I said. I looked at my clock which was making that buzzing sound.


I hit the off button and got up. It’s so early. 7:00 am. Mikey knocked on my door. I was about to say come in, when I opened the door with frank. I looked a mess so I laid down and put the pillow on my face, so frank wouldn’t see how bad I looked.
"get up" Mikey yelled, I hear a person come down, it was frank because he was so little he made little noise unlike Mikey normally did.
"I’m up, I just look a mess" I yelled from under the pillow.
I hear the door close, and then someone sat on my bed. I pecked up from under my pillow so see an angle sitting on my bed. Frank looked so dam sexy. He was wearing a black top, with black jeans and some red trainers, with a pink belt. He had red eye liner on which framed his eyes perfectly.
I looked back down, and then I felt someone pull at the pillow. I let it go, and then Frank hit me with it.
"Get up" he said with a smile on his face.
I sat on my bed and frank kissed me. I wish I could be woken up like this everyday. Franks tongue found the bottom of my lip. I let him in. his tongue was so soft; ours tongues explored each others mouths. This was all so new to me. I was so turned on. I felt him push me down. For a small guy he was really strong.
When the head hit the pillow, Frank broke the kiss.
"Are you okay with this?" he asked. Climbing on top of me.
I looked at the time it read 7:30, I didn’t want to go to school today, and I just wanted to be with frank today.
"I am ready for you" I said pulling his top off.
I froze in shock. There were so many marks on his body, each one looked deeper then the next.
"wh...What happened?" I asked not being able to take my eyes off his body.
"Ermm ... I did them" he said looking down at me, he started to get off me.
I pulled him down for another kiss, this one harder. He started to moan into my mouth. I broke the kiss.
"Will you stop?" I asked look up at him.
"Yeah, you have given me a reason to live." he said smiling at me, pulling at my top.
I leaned up and let him take my top off.
I flipped him so I was on top, I kissed each scare that I could see, and I then kissed his neck I could see him getting a little excited, he moaned with ever kiss. I bit his neck and that drove him mad. He pulled me into a passionate kiss. His tongue when into my mouth. I knew where this was leading to.
I broke it off he, signed.
"Calm down, I’m sure you will like what I am about to do more" I said winking.
I unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down.
I kissed the top of where his boxers were sitting on his waist. He was groaning.
I pulled down his boxers. And saw it. It was amazing. I stroked it, and it grew in my hands. I stroked faster. Frank smiled.
"How am I doing?" I asked.
"Fucking amazing" he said with a smile on his face.
I put the tip on my mouth and started to lick the head. Frank was getting more into it and started to moan louder. I put the head in my mouth and started to suck, slow a first, then frank thrusted his hips forward, which put it all in my mouth. I held it there for a few seconds before I started gagging. I pulled it out. It was all wet and rock hard.
"I’m sorry I got to into it. I didn’t mean to put it all in your mouth." frank said looking at me.
I went up to him and kissed him. The taste of him still on my lips.
That’s when his hand went to my jeans, and he ripped them off.
He started kissing down my body. Ever kiss send sparks flying.
He reached my boxers, and I felt my whole body tingle when he got there. He wiped them off me, and went to his jeans which were on the floor. He pulled out a condom. I looked at him confused. He just smiled, and walked over to me. He ripped opened the packet and put it on his cock.
"Bend over" frank said.
I got up and bend over my bed.
"This might hurt, but you will like it" frank said putting the tip of his cock on my but checks.
"Go slo..." I could finish because he put the head in me.
I yelped in pain. I felt a tear run down my face.
Frank started to put more in, he and I but moan, but for different reasons. Then he kept on putting more in. I started to like it, moaning in pleasure and pain now. Frank put all of it in.
"Babe you okay?" frank said to me.
"Yeah ... don’t stop” I hear myself say.
He started to pull it out, and in again, he was getting into a rhyme.
I was moaning loud, he started to get rougher.
"Fuck" I yelled.
Every time he put his cock all the way in me, I felt my walls stretch. I yelled every time. I swear I hear frank laugh once.
He started to get faster; I could feel he was getting to the end. I pushed my hips back onto him. He grunted.
He pulled his cock out of my and I moaned. He pulled of the condom, and flipped on hard I landed on the bed.
"Get on your knees!" frank yelled.
He was being so commanding. It turned me on even more. I didn’t think this was possible.
I got on my knees, and yeah stood over me and force his whole cock in my mouth. He didn’t let me take it out. I was gagging. After a few seconds he let me. I started to suck the head of his cock I felt his tense up.
"I’m going to cum" he said.
He started to pull away but I kept his cock in my mouth and he got the message. I pumped his cock for about 3 seconds until he came in my mouth. The cum hit the back of my mouth. It tasted salty and oh so yummy, I wanted more. I sucked him clean. When I was done I got up and kissed him.
"How was I?" I asked hugging him.
"Amazing, sorry if I was too rough" frank said looking down.
"its fine I really liked it" I said” I wasn’t your first was I?" I said looking down.
Before he could answer I heard the door open and in a flash Mikey was in my room. I looked at him, his eyes froze in shock. He was staring at a naked brother and his naked brother’s boyfriend. With a used condom on the floor. Clothes around the room. Me and frank grabbed some clothes to cover up.
"WHAT DO YOU WANT?" I yelled at him.
Mikey turned and ran out the rom.
"Shit" I said to myself.
"You didn’t have to yell at him" frank said.
"Sorry I didn’t know how to react. God I totally fucked up." I said. "I going to talk to him" I said putting on a top.
"Okay I’m going to go home. Give you guys some space. Text me soon okay?" Frank said hugging me.
He bit my neck hard, I yelled and smiled.
"Is it strange I like that" I said with a smile.
I kissed him bye then walked up to Mikey's room. I was at his door and I could hear moaning.

its long, hope you uys like it ;) it took me most of today to write this
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