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Awake Again, Part 3

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A.J. decides to finally take his stand.

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I walked into the kitchen, wanting a little more time with my girlfriend. She smiled at me, and I just hoped she wouldn't talk more about the Killjoys.
“So,” she started. “I also wanted to tell you I'm going to be shopping for food this evening after the housework, if you come home and find me gone for a while, that's what it is.”
I nodded. “Reasonable.” I stated. “Just make sure you have your city pass to get to the store and back.” I really wanted to kiss her, and tell her I loved her, but ever since the pills came out, she wouldn't let me barely hold her hand. Not since the pills came out.
“Thanks!” She handed me a plate and we both ate.

The next morning she was up again, right before me, making a delicious breakfast. She seemed pleasant, but nervous.
“ Everything alright, sweet?” I look at her, concerned.
“Yes, everything's fine.” She smiled up at me.
“Are the Killjoys making you nervous?”
“You caught me!” She said, raising her hands to the air. She gave me a half-smile.
“Don't worry about it. We have plenty of workers on the case, hundreds of them, in fact. All in the zones, looking for the killjoys.”
“Wow,” she looked at me almost shocked, “ That's quite a lot.”
“Everything that can keep the people safe.”
“You workers make this company what it is, after all.”
I smiled, took my hat, and started to go out the door. “Just doin' my job, ma'am” I teased. When I shut the door behind me, I felt new hope that things would work out again. I headed to work, ready to work on those pills. When I got into the building, I was greeted my my secretary.
“Why, hello Mr. Baker.” She giggled. She had a kind of soft, high pitched voice.
“Hello, Raylee. How is my paperwork going?”
“All fine Mr. Baker,” She gave me a shy smile, “I faxed all the papers from Brandon and Lucious to you.”
“Thank you, Raylee.” I started to go into my office.
“Oh, and Mr. Baker?” She looked at me through batted eyelashes, “Did I do a good job?”
“Well, I will have to see when I get in my office, won't I?”
She looked a little disappointed. “Oh.”
I walked into my office, a little ruffled. My flirtatious secretary always made me uncomfortable. I sat down in my office chair, and looked at the faxes. None of them were to me, they were just between each other. Brandon and Lucious were having a conversation about the pills. I stared at them, and intercomed my secretary.
“Yes, Mr. Baker?”
“Raylee, You...” Then I saw the words “eternal” and “Forever” in the papers. “...did a very good job.”
I could almost hear her blush over the intercom. “Thank you, Mr. Baker.”
I riffled through the papers, and read every last word, the hours went by as I tried to understand their meaning. Then, just before it was time for me to come home, I realized everything. I sat back in my chair stunned. They were trying to have us make pills that would make them immortal. Not only that, but safe against any violence, such as rayguns, and such. Of course, they would share it with their closest of me... At first, I wanted to be immortal right away, but then I realized that I would be working for Brandon for eternity. Not only that, but they would never let Trinity have some. She caused too much trouble. Eternity without Trinity, that would be something unbearable. Not only that, but I didn't agree with everything Brandon said or chose to do, and if I had to deal with that forever....I made up my mind then and there, I would not be subject to that. I was just about to call him when I realized, that I would probably be kicked out, and memory wiped before I could stop them. I had to do it secretly, but how? Trinity. Trinity was the best of tricksters and we both knew that. As kids, we both played tricks on my cousin, and his co-workers all the time. She would help me. She knew how to keep her non-pill-taking a secret, and this would be our secret together. It would be like old times again. I got up and walked home, whistling a chipper tune.
I walked inside, and was a bout to call for Trinity, when I realized she was still out on errands. I was about to grab some pills when I also realized that to gain Trinity's trust, I would have to stop taking these. I stared longingly at them for a while, and them put them back, remembering that together, Trinity and I would make a better adventure then the making of new pills. I waited on the couch a while, just listening to the silence, and trying to formulate a plan as to how we could start. Then I saw the computer posting an urgent message from this afternoon. Weird I thought, as I went to look what it said.
“Urgent: Woman about 24, dressed in blue pants and a red shirt, brown hair, escaped out of the city. Precautions taken. Regular procedure taken to stop convict. No avail. Mr. Brandon asks to see Mr. Baker ASAP.”
I stared in astonishment. Trinity escaped the city? This afternoon? How? How did she manage? She was the greatest trickster after all, but to trick me? I knew I didn't have her trust, so why should I? I sat there, stunned, sick. I ran to the bathroom, and threw up all over the floor, not even reaching the toilet. I lay there, blacking out.
When I woke up, I woke to a putrid smell. I wrinkled my nose, and wondered what and where I was. I blinked, I was in a white room, though I couldn't see which, definitely not one from my house. I tried to sit up, but was restrained with some tape. I looked up, and there was Korse, our exterminator looking at me. He gave me a crooked smile, grabbed the tape on me and yanked it off. The searing pain made me scream. I bent over in the pain and Korse gave me a crooked grin.
“Your appointment with Mr. Brandon awaits you.” He yanked me up and dragged me through the building. I recognized it as Brandon's office building as we got closer to his office. Korse dragged me in, pushed me in the chair in front of the desk. Brandon was faced away from me. All I could see was the back of his chair.
“So, your girlfriend, Trinity, escaped from the city this afternoon.”
“So I heard.” I said, confused at what was going on.
“Did someone knock you out?”
“No, sir. I got sick.”
“We smelled as much.” He turned around in his chair. His face was grim, almost unrecognizable.
“I see. What happened?”
“Well, Trinity went and broke through our barricades.” He turned toward a screen. He pulled out a remote and turned it on. A video started playing. It showed our old car racing through the gates and out into the desert. She drove a few miles when a bright white flash almost hit her car and she fell out, but the car exploded. Then there was a little blurriness and I saw shapes of a man and woman in a mask drive up in a trans-am and pick her up, shoot the cameraman, and the tape went black. I looked back at Brandon and glared. They shot a Death Blast at her! A standard nuclear ray that could incinerate three people at once if hit directly. He tried to kill her. Then I remembered “Regular procedure taken to stop convict.” And it was the regular procedure.
“YOU TRIED TO KILL HER!” I screamed.
“Calm down, Alex, you know it must be done.” Brandon looked down at me.
“I don't care! What, who do you think you are? Trying to kill the thing that I loved?”
He smirked. “You didn't love her.”
I glared, “You don't know that.”
He smirked wider, “Yes, I do actually.”
I stared, “How?”
He sighed. “With the pills. You don't think love is actually allowed to be felt? We need to keep the population controlled, and falling in love complicates things. You just can't have any children without our okay, and we don't want any accidents, do we?”
I stared, too amazed to speak.
“Of course, now she's out of your hair, and you can keep working on our new project perfectly. Without anymore distractions.”
I looked at him angrily, then suddenly realized what I had to do. “Of course, Mr. Brandon.” I said calmly and walked out. I kept walking till I got to the gates, the guard was sleeping and his bike was resting next to him. Perfect luck. I grabbed it, hopped on, and sped off. Five minutes out into the desert, and the alarms went off. You could hear them all in the distance. I sped up my bike, but the cars came out, Korse and his dracs followed and shot at me, I kept going, there were death blasts everywhere. After fifteen minutes, though, the chase stopped, there was nothing. I kept on going, hoping they called it off because they did not find me very important. I kept driving until what seemed like the afternoon of the next day. I laid the bike down and collapsed on the ground. After sleeping until night, I woke and checked my clothes. I realized I could be bugged, and I couldn't let watch everything, especially if I found the Killjoys and told them BLInd's plan. I saw I was, right on the edge of the outside of my shirt. I took it off and was about to throw it away, when I saw a desert lizard scurry by. I grabbed it, place the tracker in it, and then let it go. It would take them a while to find out, I was sure. I got back on the bike, and kept riding. I had no idea where I was going, but I knew I had to get somewhere. I kept on riding, I had no more time to afford sleeping, then, during the next day, during the afternoon, when I was almost mad with exhaustion, I saw a shelter. I saw people moving around in it. I kept riding toward it. As I got closer, I saw that Trinity, a nicely built, but very skinny man with blond hair, and dark jeans, a woman with a red and black jacket, a red and black mask wearing faded skinny jeans, and a short man with a yellow long sleeved shirt, green vest, and black pants. They were all crowded around Trinity who, I could see, was panicking about me, then, the man in the red coat embraced her a bit, for she was on the ground, and she seemed to melt in his arms. I revved up the engine in anger. Then the man pointed my gun at me. “let him shoot,” I thought. I could take him. But Trinity jumped in front of the gun, grabbed it, and he embraced her again. She watched me in horror as I got off the bike and stormed toward them. I would have justice. I searched her eyes. She searched mine. My eyes started tearing up, but I didn't care. I was so shocked and hurt.
“Are you happy, now?” I cried between sobs. “You've been gone only two months and already you've found....a criminal to be with.” I glared at the red man. I would have punched him if Trinity was not blocking his face.
“What? A.J., I...” She looked at me confused. She pulled herself out, seeming to realize she as still in his arms. “It's not like that. I was just.....You were.....What are you doing here?”
I ignored her. I had a clear shot. I walked up to the red man and shook his shoulders. “You took her! She was mine, you son.....I want her.....she's mine....I'm keeping her.....You can't love her.....I do....I love...She is.....” and then I felt the sleep deprecation catch up with me. I blacked out.
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