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Chapter Five

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Held captive like wild animals...

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I don’t know where we are. I only know that it’s dark, cold, and musty. My heart is pounding away at a thousand miles per minute. My brief communication with Jake is gone; it’s as if there’s a wall blocking me. That hasn’t happened to me with anyone that I’m so close to before. It scares me; what has Tania done? I hate knowing that Jake and Mira are out there with her, without a chance of escape, and we’re in here, hopelessly useless. I stand up and kick the wall, which is unfortunately made of stone. By the time Alex lights his handy-dandy ball of fire, I’m jumping around on one foot cursing profusely under my breath.
“Where the hell are we?” I demand, slamming my foot down. Alex looks at me with a barely contained panic. He increases the size of his fire and walks the perimeter of the room. It appears as though we’re in a dungeon-like cell, with no exits except for a four inch high and foot long slit of a window about a foot higher on the wall than Alex’s head. Even if it didn’t have bars over it, we’d never be able to squeeze through the gap. We’re trapped.
“What are we going to do?” I ask, breathe quickening. I was not going to be held captive here only to die later. No. We were going to escape. We had to.
He looks up at the window, the light giving him amber eyes a gold look to them. “Maybe you can manifest something to break the bars?”
Hope blossoms in me. “Okay, but what?”
“A saw of some sort?”
“Right,” I reply, already closing my eyes and picturing it in my head. I use a saw from this old horror movie as a reference, making sure it was extra strong so it could cut through the heavy metal of the bars. I waited for the tell-tale surge of energy through my body and the weight of the saw in my arms, but nothing happened. So I tried harder, even using a few tricks I had acquired to get over tough spots. But nothing happens. The small but of hope that had grown in my heart shrivels up and dies inside of me. “Damn it!”
Alex touches my arm. “What is it?”
I sit down in the floor hopelessly, hugging my knees. “This room must have enchantments to block my powers or something. I don’t understand why you can use your powers though.” Tears sting in my eyes, but I blink them back furiously. “We’ll never be able to get out of here. Tania’s probably doing some sort of torture to Jake and Mira by now, and we can’t do anything to help!”
His arms wrap around me, and again I lean into him. Maybe we’ve done a bit too much cuddling for just friends, but I don’t care. I’m terrified and he gives me comfort that I desperately need right now. “I’m not going to lie to you; I don’t like the way things look right now. But trust me, we will not go down without a fight. Besides, Mira and Jake are strong; they can take care of themselves.” He gives me a gentle squeeze. “I’m not leaving you.”


A screeching noise wakes me up. Yes, Alex and I fell asleep; and not only that, but in each other’s arms. I should be over the moon with joy right now, but all I feel right now is sheer panic. My grip on Alex tightens just as he wakes up. We sit up simultaneously, both tensed up and ready to fight.
Alex still has this big ball of fire swirling around in the center of the room, so I can clearly see what happens next. This plume of black smoke forms a column near the fire, shimmering and twisting itself inside out until finally it begins to gradually dissipate into the form of a woman; and not just any woman, but the old hag – to quote Mira – herself, Headmistress Tania Chambers. Her eyes are still the same piercing black, but now, they seem to have a light shining from within them. It doesn’t make her seem kinder though; it fills her irises with a cold hatred that I have a feeling will never go away, no matter how big of an epiphany she has.
And then I realize something; this woman wants us dead. Not only that, but she wants the human race dead over a stupid grudge. I don’t care how nice everyone thinks I am, and I don’t care how much self-control I have. I want this woman dead. This woman who just hours before I yearned acceptance from I now want dead. That’s how much my life has changed today. Unknowingly, I stand up and form fists with my hands. She has the nerve to cackle.
Teeth clenched as I try to regain self-control, I spit out, “What have you done with Mira and Jake?”
Her gaze travels slowly back and forth between Alex and me. “Are two of my captives, dare I say, lovebirds? How cute.” She takes a step towards me, leaving the simple distance of two feet between us; a space so small, I could close my hands around her throat with one simple leap. This idea appeals to me so much, that before I register it, I’m trying to take a step forward.
The key word in that sentence was trying. For as soon as that thought enters my head, Tania gets a wicked grin on her face and I can’t move. At all. My mouth is parted open slightly in horror and my eyes are wide in fear. My entire body is frozen with paralysis. Alex! I yell his name into his head because, as I’ve said, my body is frozen, and that includes my lips.
“What did you do to her?” Alex touches my shoulder, and then tries to shake me, but finds he can’t.
Tania just shrugs and sighs, clearly already bored with us. I have a brief image of Nadine in my head. “She was having some very cruel thoughts about me, so I froze her before she could attempt to proceed.” She begins to drum her fingers against her hips. Yup, that’s definitely a Nadine image right there. “Of course, if you’d rather, I could just remove her from the premises and talk to you two separately –”
“You are not separating us anymore than you already have. Now what did you do to Jake and Mira?”
After muttering a few words in Latin, Tania sits with a flourish on her newly produced chair. “They’re fine. Well, as fine as one can be when in the captivity of a very powerful Ancient One.” With her head, she motions to the left wall. “Rest assured, the two of them are just next door.”
“Where are we? What are you going to do with us? What happened to Ms. Clumpy, since you obviously possessed her or something,” Alex spitfires his questions in quick succession, keeping his hand on my shoulder.
Again, Tania sighs as if bored. Seeing an obviously very elderly woman act like a teenager is something you really have to see for yourself. “Your teacher is fine. She won’t recall a moment of my possession. As for the rest of the student body, they won’t have noticed a thing anyway – Mother Nature handles that whenever she shows up.”
Like me, Alex notices her neat dodge of our other two questions. “That’s real nice, Tania, but where are we and what the hell are you planning on doing with us?”
Her claps echoed in the quiet. “Good for you, you didn’t let me off the hook. For that, I will answer your questions.” Alex narrows his eyes, but she continues. “You are underneath the school. Bet you never knew the labyrinth of rooms underneath your lockers, hm? Your fate, however, will all depend on how well you behave. If you do as I say, you have an awfully long life ahead of you. However, if you fail to listen to my instructions, well…my prior threat – which I know you heard, Kara – will make itself true. Are we clear?”
He nods rigidly. A beat of silence goes by before he asks, “Are you going to release Kara, now?”
“Depends; will my life be in danger?”
Alex stands in front of me now, cutting of my view of Tania and asses me with his honey-colored eyes. “Kara?”
Just get her to let me go. My muscles were aching from their rigidity. I promise not to strangle her with all the rage in my body. His mouth twitches with the faintest glimmer of a smile. “She promises to behave, as I’m sure you already know.”
“Uh, duh; I am an Ancient One: I’m capable of something so miniscule as to read the thoughts of others. But fine, I’ll let the little troll go.” With a nonchalant wave of her hand, I collapse to the ground, groaning in relief. I exercise my ability to multitask by glaring at Tania while stretching.
Tania is unfazed. She stands up, snaps her chair away, and walks over to our left wall. She strokes it with a faint smile on her face. “To think, you’re friends are so close, and yet, you cannot see them to make sure I’m not lying. What agony that must be, hm?” Alex lets out a low snarl and I slap his leg, since it’s closest to me. He needs to keep his cool. But she doesn’t seem to hear him; she’s off in her own world. “Yes, so much pain…”
Suddenly, she steps back and slashes the stone wall with her nails, slicing through the solid rock as if it were water. The whole wall ripples for a moment, shimmering in between forms, until it finally settles into what I know is an invisible barrier. I look into the cell next door, breath held, praying to God that they’re okay and haven’t been tortured.
Because I would never be able to forgive myself if they were.

I'm so sorry that this chapter is so short and that I haven't been updating. I'm currently working on Chapter Six. Also, I'm sorry if the name change has confused any of you. This fiction, previously called Foretold, is now Resistance. If you have any questions or comments, please leave it under the reviews!
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