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I'm sorry its out of order, but yes, this is the first thing you should read.

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Here at Alternate High School, we teach a variety of classes, including, but not limited to:
~ Potions
~ Combat
~ Abnormality 101-104
~ History of Abnormalities
~ How to be Human
~ English
~ Algebra I – Statistics Honors
We provide a safe environment where you’re child can learn how to handle their new “alternative” lifestyle. This includes how to deal with their new powers and how to put them to their best use. It is our goal to help your fifteen year old transition easily into the world of Abnormalities.
Your kind – the humans – will be out of their reach, and vice versa. They are completely safe in their own separate community within a regular town that avoids our contact, providing a carefree learning environment. We have free student lodging, and it is enforced that your child live in it. Parent meetings will be once a month.
Our student body is compromised of a variety of Abnormalities, including:
~ Witches
~ Warlocks
~ Wizards
~ Ogres
~ Trolls
~ Faeries
~ Fairies
~ Pixies
~ Vampires
~ Were-animals (wolves, birds, cats, etc.)
~ Immortals
~ Elves
~ Wraiths
~ Halfers
~ Sorcerers
~ Sorceresses
Each student is provided with a schedule of best fit. The school day begins at 7 am sharp and ends precisely at 2:30 pm. If they are of age, students are welcome to drive to school.
We are located in Nona, Oregon, by the Umpqua National Forest, providing our students plenty or running or hunting ground if need be.
I hope your child has an enjoyable four years at Alternate High School. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

- Tania Chambers
1374 Main Street, Nona Oregon
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