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Chapter 8

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Revenge. Revenge. Revenge. Sorry for going away so long D':

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"Frankie?" I cried, running next to him and sitting beside him. I put both arms round him "Frankie, are you okay? What happened?"
"She... She..." He burst into hysterical tears and didn't say anything more.
The policeman looked rather awkward "So uhh... You got a description of this 'stalker'?"
"Yeah," I described her to him.
He nodded "Don't worry, I know what to do about it. I'm a professional." Then he just left.
Ray snorted "Professional. He wishes."
"Frank, what happened?" I asked again.
He shook his head and refused to tell me. I didn't know what to say or do so I just held him close. He sobbed into my chest desperatly.
Ray got slightly weirded out and walked out of the room, away from the both of us. I stayed by Frank's side until I heard a voice say "You should never underestimate my power."
I looked up and saw my stalker staring back at me. I sighed and snapped "Oh could you not just give us five minutes?"
"I've given you long enough," She replied "Now listen to me. If you just agree to come with me, I'll let you say goodbye to your friends and family. I've never promised that before. So just agree. Or I'll have to take you by force."
I shook my head "I will never agree to something as stupid as that."
She laughed her annoying laugh before saying "Fine. But it won't be you who suffers for your consequences. It'll be friends and family. What I did to Frank? I could do worse Gerard, so much worse..."
"I don't believe you!" I snapped. She had knocked Frank out. Maybe it had just startled him? Maybe... I knew I was being stupid, but I didn't want to agree to being killed.
"Fine," She smiled "I guess Ray will be next..."
Then she disappeared.
Frank kept shaking his head and he was muttering something. I couldn't hear it properly, but it sounded like "Revenge... Revenge... Revenge..." Being whispered over and over again.
Suddenly I heard a scream. "Frankie, I'm so sorry, I will come back!"
I let go of him and ran down the corridor. I gasped as I saw Ray lying on the floor, covered in blood "Revenge!" Ray screamed "Revenge!"
'Revenge?' I thought frantically 'Revenge for what!?'

[A/N] - Holy crap, sorry for keeping yew waiting for so long! D': I didn't know what to write. Now I know exactly what's going to happen for the ending of this story and the build-up and stuff :) Don't get too excited, it's probably gonna be crap.
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