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Boys Are Like Chocolate - The Sequel

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Frank promised he'd wait for Gerard. Did Gerard promise Frank...?

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[A/N] - Told in Franks point of view. No more boyfriends that are chocolate types though :) And told in Franks but no more italics, 'cos they're harder to read :') (Except for the first paragraph)

He promised.
I know he promised.
I wouldn't have dreamt something like that, wouldn't have made it all up in my head.
I didn't even guess.
Maybe I was the one to kiss him, but he never pushed me away. I wouldn't be able to make up the way I felt at that exact moment.
So how come, when I went to pay him a visit, was he snogging some random girl?

I sat down opposite Gerard at lunch. He looked up awkwardly at me "Oh. Hi Frank."
"Hi Gerard." I replied dryly.
There was silence before he broke it by commenting "I never wanted you to find out like that."
"Find out what exactly though?" I asked "That you have a girlfriend or that you lied to me?"
"What do you mean that I lied to you?"
"What you said, in your bedroom... What we did?"
He shook his head "Sorry, I don't know what you're talking about."
I lowered my voice, knowing he was sensitive about it "The kiss Gerard. You told me you were gay and that you loved me. You promised you'd wait til you were ready, then we'd be together."
He smiled, seeming amused "Frank. Are you sure that was me?"
"What do you mean do I think it was you?" I yelled "What about the sketch pad? Everything!"
"Sorry Frank, you must be thinking of somebody else."
"Gerard, I'm not in the mood for games." I told him "You know what's going on at home with my Dad and everything. And now you're trying to mess with me even more? What kind of friend is that?"
"I would never mess with you!" Gerard crid "I honestly, honestly don't know what you're talking about! So would you just shut up about it!"
"I hate you Gerard Way!" I yelled, dumping my lunch in the bin and then storming away.

I don't hate Gerard Way. That was the trouble. I loved him and I the only thing I hated was him pretending to not know what I was talking about.
I got really depressed. I couldn't talk to my Mum about it, she would only tell me that "Men are all the same." Which is such a lie. I couldn't talk to my Dad either, now-a-days he's always drunk. It's okay when he's happy drunk... But other times he's in the worse mood ever. And the only other friend I have is Mikey, who's Gerards younger brother. I couldn't tell him because Gerard was clearly upset about the gay thing and Mikey would only worry anyway.
I don't know what to do.
Well, there's one thing I could do... But it's bad. And I'll feel guilty about it forever... But I do really want to be with Gerard...
Because, I could do something...
I could break them up?

[A/N] - Not gonna write any other stories til I've finished this one... Unless I think of a REALLY good idea ;)
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