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Chapter 2

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Frank meets Gerards girlfriend.

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That night I cried myself to sleep. I was so confused. I even started to believe that I really had made it all up in my head.
I looked at that page in my diary and read it again and again and again. Near tears, I almost tore it out. But after sleeping, I realised I wasn't the one who should be feeling so ashamed. At least I admitted to what happened that night and my real feelings. At least I don't try to run from it like Gerard.
My phone rang and I raced to answer it, hoping it was Gerard to apologise and confess that he did actually know what I was going on about.
But it wasn't Gerard. It was Bert.
"Hey," He greeted "How are things Frank?"
"Where'd you get my number?"
"Friend of a friend." He said, not sounding too bothered "Anyway, how are things?"
"Fine." I lied "How are things for you?"
"Going great. Me and my girlfriend-"
"I'm gonna be late for school!" I yelled at him, shutting my mobile quickly, grabbing my schoolbag and running out the house. I wasn't late, there was loads of time left and Bert probably knew that too. I switched my phone off so that he couldn't try and phone again. I could just reject the call, but I'd feel bad.
I went to the library because I didn't know where either of my friends would be. "Then again," I thought "If Gerard keeps acting the way he is, I don't think I'll be his friend anymore. But then Mikey would take Gerard's side and I'd have no friends left."
I pulled out some random book. I pulled it open and began reading. Then suddenly I turned back and loved at the cover. Ironically, it was called 'Boy Meets Boy'.
I snapped the book shut and went outside. Mikey was there with Gerard... And her.

I walked over and Gerard quickly started introducing us "Oh, uh, hey Frank. This is my um girlfriend Jasmine. Jasmine, this is Frank."
I looked at her. She was quite pretty really, with darkish red hair that had been carefully combed and hairsprayed into place. She had tanned skin with freckles across her face and big brown eyes that made you want to like her. Jasmine smiled at me, seeming genuinely friendly. But I couldn't help hating her.
"Hi Frank," She grinned "I've heard so much about you. You and Gerard are best friends right?"
"I guess you could say that." I said sourly "But he recently lied to me."
Gerard looked at me, clearly not wanting me to blab his secret. Jasmine looked confused so I mumbled "Long story, you wouldn't get it."
Jasmine shrugged "Everyone lies from time to time I guess."
"Everybody has their reasons." Gerard said, shooting me a look that I guess said 'Forget about it.'
But I wasn't going to forget so easily. I looked Jasmine up and down. I felt sorry for her. I wasn't going to let her keep Gerard away from me so easily.
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