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Chapter 1

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I suck at summaries but here goes. Frank and Mikey are in rivaling mafia families, so naturally they hate each other. But one night, after Mikey saves Frank's life, romance ensues. [Frikey]

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Chapter 1

Frank's P.O.V

"Frank, you've got to start taking the family business more seriously! You're going to be the head of this family when I pass on, you can't be fooling around like this..." Blah, blah, blah. I wasn't listening anymore on account of I'd heard this too many times in the past.

So you're probably wondering what my father was going on about, right? Well, let me tell you straight up: we're a mafia family. We pretty much loan people money and kill them to death if they don't pay it back in time. We're one of the most prominent mafia families in all of New Jersey, right next to the fucking Way's Ugh! God, I hate them.

"... You're going to get yourself killed!" My father boomed, slicing through my thoughts.

I couldn't take this anymore! I turned my back on my father, stormed out the door, and started walking down the street. This is probably what my dad meant when he said I was going to get myself killed. I mean, you'd think that with me knowing full well who I was and who my enemies were, that I'd at least think to take one of my cars. But no, I insisted on walking around Jersey, all alone, in the dead of night. And I didn't even have my gun!

I was so busy marveling at my own stupidity that I didn't pay attention to where I was walking. I stopped where I was and looked around, only to find myself in an alley located right in the eye of the Way's side of town. Now, if I'd had my gun, I would've been fearless, but seeing as how I didn't, I was scared to death and wanted out of there ASAP. As I turned around to flee the area, I was pushed down, the wall of one of the buildings connecting with the back of my head, and cold metal connecting with my forehead. I recognized the metal instantly to be that of the barrel of a gun.

"Hmmm. I don't believe this is your side of town, Iero." A voice growled. I looked up and my eyes were met with those of a Mr. Gerard Way. Holy crap! How did I let this happen? How did I just wander out here and end up under the barrel of Gerard Way's gun!? Oh, my dad was gonna kill me.

I guess I actually voiced that last thought, because Gerard said, "no, you dad isn't gonna get the chance to kill you, 'cuz I'm about to do it myself!" I gulped. I knew Gerard wasn't going to show me any mercy on account of I kinda sorta gunned down his boyfriend a few months prior. I looked up at him with pleading eyes anyways, just for good measure, but it was no use. Gerard locked the bullets in place and set his finger on the trigger.

This is the end, I thought.
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