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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2:

Still Frank's P.O.V

Just as Gerard was about to end my life, a tall skinny boy who looked to be about my age of 17 came running up behind him. I immediately recognized the boy to be Michael Way, brother of Gerard. Extremely hot brother of Gerard! Well, not quite. I'm not gonna jump up and say he's sooo sexy, but he's really not that bad all. Of course I was aware that those feelings were forbidden, but that's all they were- feelings. Nothing would ever become of them.

"Gerard stop! Don't kill him, he's never done anything to us. It was all his father and uncles, not him. Let him go." Michael said. Why he was sticking up for me, I didn't know, but it's not like I wasn't grateful for it. Too bad Gerard wasn't listening. He just pressed the gun farther into my skull.

"No Mikey, I'm not letting this one get away from me. I've finally got an Iero and I'm not letting it go. AND WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE'S NEVER DONE ANYTHING TO US!? HE KILLED BERT!!" Gerard screamed.

"Yeah, but remember what we found out later? Bert was planning to kill you the whole time. The way I see it, Iero did us a favor." Michael shrugged.

"I wasn't trying to!" I piped up. Wow, I really wasn't helping my case here.

"Yeah, well you did, so for that Gerard is gonna back off, you are gonna go back to your side of town and stay there, and we're going to stay here on our side. Got it?" He asked. I nodded and so did he.

Gerard lowered the gun from my head, but before I could pick myself up, his foot collided with my face. I screamed in pain and held my aching jaw.

"Gerard! Leave now!" Michael screamed at his brother who reluctantly obliged.

Once Gerard was gone, Michael looked back at me, sighed, and walked over. He knelt down beside me and leaned over to inspect my face, but I pushed him away, not quite comfortable with the closeness of all this, but then again, not quite hating it either.

"Let me help you, Iero!" He said, whipping out a random cloth from his back pocket.

"Where the hell did that come from!?" I asked, regarding the cloth.

"Gerard gets in a lot of fights, so I always just keep one with me so he's not walking around with a bloody nose or lip or what have you." He explained.

"Oh. You're a good brother." I said. I hoped it didn't sound like I was flirting, because I wasn't, but then again, I kinda was.

"Yeah, I know that. You can shut up and stop flirting with me now so I can clean you up and get you out of here."

Dammit! "I'm not-"

"Shut up!" Michael demanded as he dabbed at my bloody, aching face with the cloth.

"Done!" He announced when he'd finished.

Thanks... for everything, Michael." I said, getting up and starting out of the alley.

"Hey, Iero" He called. I turned around to see what he wanted. "you can call me Mikey if you want. Everyone else does."

"And you can call me Frank, I guess, but what's that point? It's not like we're ever gonna have a civil conversation again." I said because I really didn't think we ever would.

"Oh, I wouldn't be so sure of that." Mich- Mikey said with a smile. I smiled back and started my trek home.

When I got home, I took a shower and hopped into bed immediately after. I may or may not have dreamt of a certain Mikey Way that night.
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