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drumroll please....

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please don't be sad if you didnt get what you wanted. everyone is going to be in the story, so if you arent selected, you will have a part (unless you dont want to. thats absolutely fine with me, i wont judge or hold it against you. contact me:3 and im taking character requests aswell)een if you arent what you wanted, i hope you will still read my story. THIS WAS REALLY HARD

i apologize, i had these up last night but they didnt go through so here they are again. sorry bout that:)

Best friend number 1: lolhai
Best friend number 2: (not what you wanted but i loveeeddd your character:D) xxKilljoysxx

Bobs fiance: CosmicCollision

Gees Gf: Ilovefrankieieroxx

Franks gf: Mcr_killjoy

Enemy: lolhai's other character xD you're too awesome kid.(:

Friend of band no. 1: Syphiel
Friend of band no. 2: sparkle_monster

Ray’s gf: missfunghoul57

franks sis (per request:D): mcr30stm

thanks so much!! i love my cast xD i have a story in mind for each of you.

if you aren't up here and still want to be in my story, tell me who you wanna be still or if you don't care. i would still love to have you in here(:

thanks again!!
second chappy hopefully up tonight if im up to it....i have bass tonight://

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