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Chapter 12

by GhostofHP

Harry continues his exploits @ Hogwarts.

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Sorry for the long delay between chapters, I’ve kind of hit a wall on this story, but hopefully working through it now. Thank you for all the reviews both good and bad, but a reminder to all; this is just smut with a bit of a plot behind it. I’ve read a lot of the stories on here and some were great and some were not, but hopefully people appreciate the characters not being as emotionally retarded as they appear in some of the fan-fiction. If I read another story where all the characters blush incessantly every time sex is mentioned yet they are part of a harem I’ll puke.
That being said- enjoy!

Chapter 12- Of Bones and the Amazing Light

Harry smiled and said, “Anything for a beautiful witch such as your Susan.”

“Could you tutor me in DADA?” she asked quickly.

“Isn’t Professor Wood giving you personal lessons?” asked Harry.

“She is, and she is a great teacher, but she said I could use more help and she actually recommended I come to you, that you could help me what I needed.” She said finishing the sentence with a wink.

“Well, I’d love to Susan, I’d actually missed teaching from the DA, when would you like to start?”

“As soon as possible if it’s alright with you, Harry” Susan replied.

“How about tonight in the room of requirement?” asked Harry.

“I can’t wait Harry, thank you so much!” squealed Susan and she kissed him on the lips and sauntered away, leaving Harry staring and her barely covered bum as the plaid mini-skirt did it’s best to keep her knickers out of sight.

Harry found the great hall only partially full of students. Most of the girls watched him with a look between awe and utter devotion; several male students clapped and whooped as he sat down next to Ginny.
“Hey Ginny, how’s it going?” asked Harry hoping that they might actually have a conversation.
“Hey Harry, listen I have to tell you something, I’m not sure how to tell you this, but I’ve been seeing someone,” Ginny paused and looked anxious, “I can’t tell you who though.”
“It’s alright Ginny, I’m happy for you, I hope you don’t think I’ve been waiting for you though, I mean I’ve had plenty of...” Ginny interrupted Harry quickly, “No Harry, I know about your exploits, there is plenty of talk about what you’ve been up to lately, it’s causing quite a stir in the girls dorms and bathrooms honestly.” She smiled at Harry, but her eyes were sad. “I just want you to know I’m with someone, I’m happy and I hope you are happy too.”

Harry smiled back at Ginny, knowing full well that her love was also the love of his life, Hermione. It tore him up to accept that Hermione might be slipping through his fingers to his ex-girlfriend, but if that was the case he was happy for them both. Harry kissed Ginny on the forehead.
“Ginny, I’m as happy as I can be, and I’m glad that you are with someone who cares about you.” Harry said as images of Hermione and Ginny with a giant double ended dildo fucked them both flashed through his brain.

Harry finished his eggs and bacon and went off to the library to study for the afternoon. While looking through the restricted section for a book on surprise attacking spells, he stumbled upon a very small section marked sexual charms and potions. Looking through the collection of books he grabbed one called “The Wizard Sutra- An exploration of sexual enhancements and delights” He quickly made his way to his obscured study table and leafed through the volume. It he found spells that increased his potency, his size, the amount of fluid he produced during orgasm. He also found some interesting positions to put a witch in while using levitating charms and anti gravity potions. These of course were shown in great detail by pictures that allowed the reader to watch from all angles.

The long haired blonde witch and muscled dark haired wizard in the book seemed to be enjoying themselves greatly, her buxom breasts shaking while the wizard was pounding her from behind, but they both were feet off the ground and rotating slowly in the powers of the charm. He then pulled out and shot what seemed like a pint or two all over the blonde witches face and tits. They both smiled to the camera and began going at it like rabbits again. Reading through the spell again, Harry mimicked the wand movements and figuring why not, said the incantation aloud and cast the spell at his scrotum and felt the slightest tingle.
Harry spent the rest of the afternoon leafing through The Wizard Sutra; he was amazed at the vast number of positions that could be obtained through magic. He was already wondering what the nights training session with Susan Bones would have in store with him. He hoped she didn’t mind a bit of a mess.

After dinner Harry walked to the room of requirement with his cloak tucked away in his robes if he needed it. After passing the blank wall 3 times he entered and found a large training area with padded mats on the floor, walls of mirrors, and Susan bones in tight Lycra black shorts with a thin yellow stripe down the outside thigh. They ended just below her hip, her bare midriff showed a toned tummy. Just above that was a yellow sport bra with a black badger in between her quite large and well supported breasts. Her glowing tan continued over exposed midriff and into her cleavage. Her hair was now pulled back into a ponytail and she was stretching her legs doing some lunges.

Susan smiled at Harry who pulled off his robes to reveal Maroon mesh shorts and a Gold tank top, fitted with a Lion in the center.

“Hiya Harry, just getting warmed up for you,” Susan said as she bent over with her legs spread and grabbed her ankles, looking at Harry now from between her legs and giving him a great view of her round ass.

Harry smiled back and began stretching himself, but found that looking at Susan stretch was much more enjoyable.
“Alright Susan, from what I remember you had Expelliarmus down quite well, but why don’t we start there, I would like to you to disarm me if you could,” said Harry.

Harry and Susan stood at opposite ends of the room wands at the ready, Susan began firing Expelliarmus spells at Harry and Harry began to dodge them and occasionally block them with shielding spells. Susan was getting the hang of casting the spell faster as she went, but she never came close to actually hitting Harry. Harry played with Susan for several minutes; he wanted her to have to focus her magic on him for an extended period of time to see how she could withstand the drain on her magical core. He also enjoyed seeing her move about trying to get him with her spells.

For 15 minutes the two parried about the room. Any spells hitting the mirrors were absorbed into the walls to assist with training. Harry was flipping about, jumping and dodging his way. Susan finally screamed in frustration and quickly lifted the top of her bra, causing her Double D breasts to bound out and point their hard nipples toward Harry, who in his amazement stopped moving and was finally hit by the spell.
His wand flying out of his hand and into Susan’s she stuffed her breasts back into her bra and beamed at him.

“Gotcha!” she yelled and did a little jig that caused much bouncing to occur.

Harry smiled, “Good methodology, know your opponents weakness.”

Harry allowed Susan to gloat and catch her breath, and then they discussed how he was defending her attacks. Harry stood next to Susan and showed her the wand techniques, and followed them with a practical demonstration. He showed her proper body stance needed for the kind of physical moves used to dodge spells when shielding wouldn’t work. He enjoyed every second he was able to grip her firm flesh and guide it along through the drills.
Susan surely loved the feeling of Harry’s hands on her as well, her face flushed red the first time he stood behind her with his hands on her hips and she leaned back into him feeling his hard body among other hard things right against her flesh. Once Susan had gone through a run through of different moves and techniques, Harry had Susan face him so he would be trying to disarm her.

Harry started slowly shooting spells at Susan; he easily blocked or evaded them. He then began to decrease his time between spells making Susan to start blocking and flipping out of the way. Susan fought valiantly but soon Harry disarmed her. They tried again after Harry gave Susan the go-ahead to attack back, and soon they were dueling using only minor curses and spells.
Susan had learned quickly, she attacked and moved quickly to avoid counter-attacks. Harry was still able to defend anything she sent, but he felt if this was a real attack situation she could be holding her own, particularly if she was a part of a group. It was good progress for a few hours of work. Sweating and breathing hard, they two finally collapsed on the mats next to each other.

“Great Job Susan, you showed some amazing improvement tonight!” Harry panted.

“Oh Harry, thank you so much for being my tutor, how can I ever repay your generosity?” Susan purred. She ran her hand over the bulge in Harry’s shorts and gripped his cock through the thin fabric.

“Want another workout Harry?” Susan asked pulling his shorts down to allow his cock to spring forth.

“Oh my freaking gods Harry, when did you grow another arm?” Susan whispered her mouth agape.

Susan took Harry’s swollen member in her hands and licked it slowly, her eyes wide. She got to his tip and kissed it, then parted her plump lips and swallowed his cock several inches. Harry was impressed at her ability to take so much of him so quickly. Harry slipped his hands under Susan’s arms and pulled her Sport Bra right over her head, revealing the magnificently large breasts from within. Susan quickly did what she considered her signature move among the boys she had been with; she squeezed her mammoth mammarys around Harry’s manhood and pumped up and down. Because Harry was so large she was also able to suck the tip of his cock the entire time.

Harry laid back and enjoyed a most sensual blowjob/ tittyfuck, Susan was very good at what she was doing and in no time Harry felt his balls begin to ache in their desire to release. Remembering his spell from earlier in the day Harry finally grunted his release and the most amazing thing happened. A huge flash of light filled the room and Harry felt a massive orgasm leave his body as he shot a stream of cum out of his cock. Susan was soon had cum all over her tan face and filling her open mouth. It splashed all over her gigantic breasts with white cum. It ran down her cleavage in a stream down to her navel and all over her shorts. She almost choked at first taking a few seconds to swallow all the liquid that had been deposited.

Harry was shocked at what had just happened, it seemed the spell had down a bit more than he had figured on from the books visual depiction, he couldn’t believe the orgasm he had felt, and what was that brilliant light flash? Susan finally gasped as she had finished swallowing.

“Harry, what the fuck was that!?” Susan spluttered, Harry thought she would be cross, but then she began rubbing his cum all over her breasts and stomach and quickly rubbing the thick liquid into her pants and from the sounds she began to make into her pussy. Harry watched in dumbstruck amazement as Susan shucked off her shorts to reveal her trimmed pussy now glistening with Harry’s juices and her own.

“Harry, your orgasm made me come so hard, your man-juice makes my skin feel amazing! It’s like a liquid orgasm in itself. Please take that beast of a cock and fuck me silly you stud!” Susan moaned.

Harry didn’t have to be asked twice, he was already growing hard again and got on top of Susan and in one swift motion drove his cock deep inside her. Susan came again and another blinding white flash pulsed into the room. Harry ignored the phenomenon and began pumping into the panting redhead slowly, he leaned down and suck on each nipple, savoring Susan’s sweat and his own coating he had given her. Harry leaned back on his knees and watched his slick cock sliding back and forth in Susan’s tight box.

“Oooh Harry, Gods yes, you make me cum so hard with your big cock!” Susan whimpered.
Susan rubbed her clit while Harry’s meat squeezed itself inside her. Her glistening breasts shook with every thrust from Harry and she grabbed one and licked the sweat and seamen off of it. Harry fucked her through several more orgasms this way before she asked “Please stop Harry, I can’t take it anymore!” as another white flash filled the room.

Harry pulled out of her and jerked his load all over her body, shooting another pint of seamen all over Susan’s belly, breasts, neck, face, and hair. She just lay their moaning in a daze, Harry was sweat soaked as well and as he began to think about his sticky state, he noticed a nice size shower appear against one wall. He then scooped Susan’s limp body and walked over to the showers and sat her down on a built in tile seat and began to wash her lip body. The warm water seemed to wake her from her comatose state and she smiled at Harry.

“Harry, no one has ever fucked me like that, if I wasn’t so exhausted I’d jump you again, how did you make that light burst from me? It was amazing, I must have had 20 orgasms, most of them medium and several large ones.”

“Glad you feel so good, I forgot to tell you that I had done a spell earlier today to increase my output, so to speak,” Harry said.

“Increase your output like hell, you fucking bathed me in your spunk! You had better be sure you do that all the time Harry, it felt amazing. If we could bottle that we’d make a fortune from the girls here at Hogwarts. I bet I can make a potion from it, call it Potter Sauce or something,” Susan giggled.

Susan finally stood under her own power and Harry watched her wash herself off thoroughly. It was a good sight, her breasts dripping with warm sudsy water and her hair clinging to her body. They both dried off and got redressed. Susan gave Harry a fantastic kiss to end the evening, and they both parted to their separate dormitories.

Harry spent the next day going to Charms and Transfiguration; he tried to get the attention of Headmistress McGonagall, but with no luck. He was swamped with homework that night and spent the night in the common room working like a house elf. He even had to pass up Demelza whispering a particularly enticing offer to have Harry defile her in several rather delicious ways because he was so busy. It was well past midnight before he collapsed into his four poster and everything went black.

Harry stood in a small clearing in a dark forest; a roaring bon fire burned in the center of the clearing, the ground was hard dirt, pale white stones made circles around the fire pit, as well as some triangles forming a star. The air was cold, and any heat from the fire didn’t reach Harry standing at the edge of the clearing. Around the circle stood thirteen women, they were dressed in white robes and chanted incantations while all doing identical slow wand movements. Harry couldn’t make out the words anyone was saying, just the guttural noises as the chanting continued.
Harry looked at each woman, they were all beautiful, but his mind couldn’t place them, they seemed familiar but more terrible and awesome than anything he had seen before. The chanting increased its rhythm and the wand movements increased their speed until a white flash pulsed out from one of the witches closest to the fire. She threw her head back and her robes fell from her shoulders and left her naked, her skin glowed hot white and her head was thrown back.

Harry squinted at the radiant light pulsing from her when another witch standing near the first did the same thing. The light from both witches was powerful and made Harry shade his eyes with his hands. Another witch burst with light followed by another, the light warmed Harry to his bones, and it felt wonderful on his skin. As witch after witch began pulsating white light the chanting got louder and louder, the heat emanating from the clearing grew white hot but felt amazing to Harry, every hair on his body stood on end and his skin tingled with each pulse of light.
Soon the entire clearing was white with light, Harry’s eyes were closed but the power of the light was still blinding. He soon felt what could only be described as an incredibly powerful orgasm that filled his entire body up.

Harry woke up feeling amazing, but wondering if the dream he just had wasn’t more than just a dream.
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