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Party Poison

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Fun Ghoul runs into an old friend

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A/N Seriously sorry if this isn't any good but this is my first fic so please be nice.Other people who auditioned will be in the next few chapters.

Fun Ghoul was in a crappy diner, he could tell it was crappy for one it was nearly empty and the coffee tasted like hot water with dirt in it, in fact he wouldn’t be surprised if that was what it was. He was alone but that was nothing new, he hadn’t had any company since Twisted Poison had left to find the killjoys. She had asked Ghoul to go with her but he didn’t see the point, in his eyes BLi/nd had already won, he’d lost everything. It was weird really he’d become quite attached to her, she had been the person he’d stayed with for the longest, usually he’d only stick with someone for a week or two, but they’d stuck together for a few months. He didn’t even know her real name, mind you he’d never asked and he’d never told her his real name either.

Ghoul was pondering this as a man with unnaturally red hair walked into the diner. Ghoul stared at him he looked remarkably familiar, but he shook his head it couldn’t be Gerard he’d been dead for years. He looked at him harder he had pale skin and that eye catching red hair; it couldn’t be him could it? Currently the man had his back to him; he had to check if it was him “Gee?” he said uncertainly.

The man immediately turned round at the sound of the nickname he hadn’t heard in years, he scowled at the man who had said it. He was very short with long black hair hanging in front of his face; he rushed forward and grabbed him by the throat. “What did you call me?” snarled Gerard, “Gee that is your name isn’t it?” spluttered Fun Ghoul who was struggling to get out of his grip, “Who are you?” pressed Gerard, he needed to know how this low life knew his name, “Fun Ghoul “ gasped Ghoul forgetting that this name would mean nothing to Gerard. Gerard was just getting angrier who the hell was this guy and why did that name sound familiar. His eyes flickered to the tattoo on his neck, a scorpion his eyes widened “Frankie?” he gasped letting him go. Frank flinched at the use of his real name but was relieved that he could breathe again, the diner had gone quiet and the few people in there were watching the spectacle the two men had caused. This made Frank uneasy if he’d learnt anything over the last few years it was that you shouldn’t attract unwanted attention, you never know when there’s a BLi/nd spy around. He was happy to see Gerard but they needed to get out of there now “Gee we need to leave now” said Frank, Gerard who was still standing in shock staring at his long lost best friend, shook himself “yeah we can go in the Trans Am” said Gerard walking towards the door.

As they left the diner Franks nerves were on edge, he trusted that Gerard knew what he was doing but he also knew that the Dracs or worse Korse would be on their way. Gerard seemed completely calm as they got into the Trans Am, driving lazily almost as if he wanted to get caught. “Gerard I think you need to go a little faster if you don’t want the Dracs catching up to us” said Frank who was being worried by Gerards sluggish pace, “who says I don’t want to get caught, you’ve got a gun right Frankie-boy?” sneered Gerard, “yeah, can you not call me Frank, call me Fun Ghoul” sighed Frank, Gerard nodded solemnly “ok Ghoul, you can call me” he was interrupted as the car was surrounded by Dracs. Gerard cackled as he pulled on a yellow mask and jumped out of the car, Frank gasped Gerard was a killjoy and clearly a skilled one at that, he was holding his own when he was clearly outnumbered. “Um Ghoul, little help” yelled Gerard. Frank sprang into action, pulling out his green ray gun and shooting the nearest Drac, he hated combat and was quite good at avoiding it but here he was after ten minutes with Gerard and he was in the thick of it. Gerard was relishing this he hadn’t been able to kill any Dracs in a while so this felt good. Gerard shot three more Dracs with deadly accuracy he smiled seeing Frank holding his own against the Dracs. He grinned as he finished off the last of them, casually climbing back into the Trans Am as if nothing had happened. Frank who was quite exasperated climbed in after him; he didn’t understand why Gerard was in such a good mood even if he was a killjoy,

“You can call me Party Poison” laughed Gerard.
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