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This is only Part One - YOU decide what happens next. PLEASE REVIEW and let me know what you think should happen next.

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Me and the supervisor, K (he told me to call him) walked into the room. It was my first day of working in the shop and I'd be here for three weeks. K put his paperwork on the desk and told me to take a seat. I filled out the forms, only two of them, and he said we needed to do something before we began with the tour of the workplace.
He took me into a room which lead off the training room. It was slightly smaller than the previous room and had less furniture. There was one small table in the far corner though, which just had papers on. I stood by the door and waited as K sorted out some of the files that were on the table. Then he came over to me.
“Listen, something all recruits have to do. It might be slightly odd but believe it or not it's part of the medical forms.”
“Right...” I was getting unsure, slightly nervous. I couldn't be too nervous otherwise they'd sack me on the spot.
“Strip.” K said simply. I hesitated for a moment and then asked what he'd said. He explained. “I need you to strip naked.” He then added please and repeated that it was only for the medical forms. I took my tie off and placed it on the floor. I then unbuttoned my shirt slowly, and then pulled it off my arms and placed it on the floor. I undid my shoelaces and then took off my socks as well. I stopped there and K said I had to keep going. I undid my belt and then unzipped the flies on my trousers. I took them off and that left me in my boxers.
I took my boxers off slowly and then threw them on top of my other clothes. K looked at me for a few seconds. I was standing stark naked in a room with a fully clothed man, probably around 25. He then asked me to fill out a form and then he took a camera out of a small satchel. He took a few pictures. One of my whole body at the front, one at the back. He took a close up of my chest, and then of my feet. He then took one of my privates. After this, he handed me a pair of scissors. I had quite a lot of pubic hair, and he told me to cut some off. Not all, just some.
I sat on the stall he placed next to me and did as he'd asked. I still had a bit left, but not enough to cover anything or even really be noticeable.
I didn't know what K would ask me to do next.
He took two more pictures of my cock now it was slightly more visible. Then he told me to stand up and he took the stall away. We then chatted for a bit and I told him about my hobbies and stuff. Then he opened the door and told me to go back into the training room. I looked around for my clothes in hope he'd realise – but he said he knew and to walk in anyway.
I slowly went back inside the training room, still naked. I took a seat.
“Well,” K said. “I have to tell you something now. You'll have to stay like that for the rest of the day.”
“What... why?” I asked, beginning to panic.
“If you're going to be confident enough to work here we need to see it. Go and grab a drink.” K said, indicating the exit of the training room. I slowly got up and walked out. Outside the training room was a table with some seats for people to have a mini break. There was one solitary vending machine. I found the code I wanted and typed it in. As the machine got my drink, I looked around. I hoped no one would see me like this. I grabbed my drink and walked back into the training room.
We went through health and safety and then K got up and shut the door to the training room (as it had been open all that time, I was just thankful no one saw me).
“What now?”
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