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While We Sleep part 3

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'cause we are all a buncha animals
That never paid attention in school!
So tell me all about your problems
I was killin' before killin' was cool!

Frank sat in his art lecture, drawing absently on his folder. The lecturer, Mr. Jones, was droning on about some long forgotten artist and his brush strokes and pointless things like that. When Frank picked art, he thought it would be more about self expression then how to swish a paint brush. The door creaked open slowly, making a loud noise, causing the whole class to turn to the door, including me, to see who was coming to the lecture so late.

“Michael Way!” Mr Jones exploded angrily “This is the third time you’ve been late this week!” Frank felt a stir of reconisation at Mikeys last name but Frank couldn’t place it. Frank looked at the poor boy who just stood there, taking the humiliation Mr Jones was dishing out.

“Sir, I’m sorry. There was somewhere I needed to be and it was more important then your stupid fucking lecture” Mikey growled. A shocked snigger ran through the class. Frank stared at this boy, sure Frank knew he was in his class, but he didn’t speak to anyone, ever and he always seemed kind of upset.

“WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME?!” Mr Jones screamed. A cold expression passed over Mikeys Face.

“There are more important things in life then stupid fucking lectures. Now if you don’t mind, I want to sit down” Mikey said, keeping his voice emotionless, he looked around the class for an empty seat, the only free one was on Franks desk. Mr Jones just stared at him in anger as he walked to the empty seat next to me. It looked like Mr Jones decided had decided to take this up with Mikey after class.

“Hello…” Frank said quietly. Feeling quite intimidated by this boy, who had never spoken in this class and then all of a sudden told Mr Jones to fuck his lesson.

“Hi.” Mikey smiled weakly at Frank “sorry about that. Its just, I was sick of all his shit—I mean, I got shit going on at home…you know how it is” He continued. He looked at me properly and I noticed how tired he looked, with huge bags under his pretty, strangely familiar eyes, making him look older then he was. Frank smiled sympathetically. He had taken a liking to Mikey despite still feeling a tad intimidated by him.

“Its okay man” Frank grinned at him. Making Mikey notice the obvious strain and tiredness that showed in Franks eyes. Mikey grinned at him and they both turned to watch the lecturer.

Gerard sat in his hospital bed, his knees up drawing a comic book version of Mikey and Belle holding hands. He was going to give it to Mikey when he came to see him after Uni. Even if Mikey didn’t admit it, he had a thing for Belle, who was a year older then Gerard and four years older then Mikey. Not long ago, she had admitted she had a little crush on Mikey but was to shy to ask him for a drink, despite Gerards attempts to push them together, it hadn’t happened, but it would, Gerard could feel it.

I got something to say
I killed your baby today
And it doesn't matter much to me
As long as it's dead

Well I got something to say
I raped your mother today
And it doesn't matter much to me
As long as she spread

Sweet lovely death
I am waiting for your breath
Come sweet death, one last caress

Gerards ring tone blasted out making all the nurses glare at him. Technically, he wasn’t supposed to have his phone, but he needed it incase Mikey needed help. Or incase Mikeys Uni ever need to contact him.

“Hello?” Gerard answered.

“Hello. Is this Gerard Way?” An unfamiliar voice asked.

“Indeed it is. Who’s this” Gerard let out a harrowing cough at the end of his sentence.

“This is Mr Jones, I am sorry Mr Way, but you’re the only contact we had down. I’m Mikeys lecturer in art” Gerard felt a stir of worry in his stomach.

“Whats wrong with him? Is he okay? I mean, he’s not ill is he?”

“No, I just wanted to make sure everythings okay at home, He’s started coming late to lessons and today he was rather foul mouthed to me, and he’s normally such a nice young man” Mr Jones explained. Gerard sighed.

“I’m sorry, blame me for that, you see, Mikey lives alone. Our mother and father died in a car crash a few years back, we had no other family, and I’m in hospital. But Mikeys been staying at the hospital with me because a few months back, we found out my cancer was terminal. I am so sorry, I’ll try to make sure he gets in on time.” Gerard explained. There was a shocked silence as Mr Jones took in that soon, Mikey would be alone in the world.

“Oh, no Mr Way, I’m sorry, you tell him I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I have to go now.” Mr Jones scrambled for the right words and slammed the phone down before Gerard could say good bye. Gerard sighed. People never feel comfortable when you explain your dying. Gerard no longer felt like drawing and just wanted to sleep.

Frank had a free period, and since his sleep wasn’t that good last night, he’d decided to take a nap. As he drifted off the sleep, he realised where he’d heard the last name “Way” before. Gerard Way.

”I thought I’d find you here” I called over to Gerard.

“I’ve been waiting for you!” Gerard swung round and looked at me. I stopped in my tracks and stared at Gerard, open mouthed. “What?” Gerard asked. Confused.

“Your face” I whispered “I can see your face” I stroked Gerard cheek and Gerard gasped “You beautiful” I whispered.

“Not as beautiful as you” Gerard whispered before he could stop himself. We both looked away and blushed.

“Who are you?” I whispered “tell me who you are…”

“I’m Gerard Way, I’m 23, and I’m dying” Gerard whispered back.

“Your dying?” I asked confused. Gerard nodded. I felt tears on my cheeks, and brushed them away roughly.

“Its okay to cry” Gerard said. I held out his arms, desperately wanting to embrace Gerard. We collapsed into each others arms. We stayed there for the longest time and I let the tears flow freely. When we pulled away, Gerard held me at arms lenth, staring in to my eyes, then as if he could stoppep himself, He pressed his lips on to mine, he wiped his tongue against my bottom lip, asking for entrance, which I immediately allowed. I closed my eyes as our tongues danced together, when Gerard deepend the kiss, I moaned into his mouth. He chuckled lightly. Then my lips felt cold, I heard a high pitched noise and Gerard shouting my name, I screamed for him stay, but he was already gone…

For the first time in months, Frank woke up with out screaming, He felt alone and wanted to feel Gerard kissing him again. Frank knew at that moment, he’d find Gerard if it was the last thing he did.

Gerard woke up with a start, Remembering more this time, He remembered kissing someone, Frank, He kissed Frank. But for the life of him, he still couldn’t remember his face. Gerard decided he’d meet Frank, he need to know who he was…
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