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While We Sleep pt4

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Now come one, come all to this tragic affair.
Wipe of that make-up, what sin is despair?
So throw on the black dress, mix in with the lot.
You might wake up an notice your something your not.

Frank walked into his lecture tired, grumpy but most of all confused. It wasn’t long before he saw Mikey, sitting alone at a desk. He decided to sit next to him. He looked lonely.

“Hi!” Frank said, throwing his bag on the floor and cracking his knuckles. Mikey looked at him and smiled weakly.

“Hi, Its Frank right?” Mikey asked.

“Yep, Michael Yeah?” Frank asked, Mikey chuckled in return and shook his head at Frank.

“Just Mikey, Mikey Way” that’s when franks remembered. Way, he had to ask if Mikey had a brother or cousin or any relation to Gerard, if he was even real.

“That reminds me, Mikey, do you know anyone called Gerard Way?” Mikey flinched. Sadness crossed his features and he sniffed loudly.

“Why?” he asked, sounding suddenly defencesive, glaring at me liked I’d done or said something absolutely terrible.

“Oh…no reason, it doesn’t matter” I said, putting my head down, feeling bad I’d upset Mikey. He sighed loudly.

“Gerard my brother.” He whispered. Sadness crossing his voice.

“I-is he okay?” Frank touched Mikeys hand.

“DON’T FUCKIN’ TOUCH ME! DON’T COME NEAR ME! STAY AWAY FROM ME! STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!” Mikey screamed. “I DON’T TALK ABOUT HIM! LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE” Frank jumped out of his skin, he had no idea why Mikey had just exploded like that. Frank felt terrified. Mikey stormed out the lecture and when the lecturer called him back, he flipped him off. All the class turned round and stared at Frank, who in return, blushed and put his head down.

Gerard tried to remember Franks face, but for the love of him, he couldn’t. He felt like he was grasping at a faint memory when the hospital ward doors burst open and Mikey stormed in. Gerard was confused, Mikey didn’t finish Uni for another hour.

“Mikey? What are you doing here?” He asked tilting his head, inviting Mikey to answer.

“Fucking fine way to greet me. Thanks Gerard. Make me feel welcome” Mikey mumbled
“Mikey? What wrong?” Gerard asked, feeling a nervous squeezing in his stomach. He hated it when Mikey was sad. Mikey sighed loudly and shook his head at Gerard.

“Its nothing, I just exploded against this dude, I flipped a shit and went mad, ‘cause he asked about you.” Mikey said, feeling upset he had shouted at Frank. He knew in his heart Frank didn’t deserve that. Gerard had started to feel faint.

“What was his name” Gerard gasped, feeling ill and weak. Mikey looked worried and grabbed Gerards hand.

“Gerard are you okay?” He asked.

“I’m fine” Gerard gasped. “So what was his name?” Gerard tried desperately to keep his voice level and normal, but the room was spinning around him.

“His name? His name was Frank” Mikey said, a worry nagging in his stomach. Gerard tried to speak, but then he passed out.


I wondered around searching for Gerard, wanting to talk to him. Ask him all the unanswered questions that were floating in my mind.

“Frank!” Gerard called. I spun round smiled, I held out his arms and Gerard crashed in to me, knocking him to the ground. I laughed and pecked his lips lightly. Gerard kissed me back, harder with more passion. He pulled away and looked at me, his eyes lingering on my lips. Jumping up, he looked around and pulled me up.


“No! we don’t have long, you have to find me! I’m slipping away, you have to find me. Come! Come with me, I’ll show you where you can find me” Gerard grabbed my hand a pulled my down a winding path. Before I could feel anything we were floating. I looked down and saw Gerard lay in a hospital bed, One nurse pumping at his chest, another pumping drugs into him and one stood watching and crying. Then I saw Mikey with his arm round the crying nurse, trying to hold back his own tears, but every now and then, a single tear slid down his face. Then I stared at Gerard lifeless body, the nurses had backed away now, his chest was barely moving. One of the nurses took Mikey in to a small room. The nurse started to talk to Mikey.

“He’s not got long” She whispered “he’ll be lucky if he makes it through the night, prepare yourself Mikey, get ready to say goodbye” the nurse hugged him and left him alone. Mikey collapsed to the ground and started to sob, the crying nurse from before came in and hugged him, they cried into each others arms. Gerard and I watch then for what seemed like only minutes, but in reality was properly hours. Mikey and the girl looked at each other, and kissed tenderly. I saw Gerard grin.

“Oh Belle, I told you, you and Mikey were made for each other” I turned to him. He smiled. I felt a burning love for him in my stomach “Frank, I’m slipping away, Come and find me, I’m at New Jersey Hospital, on the cancer ward, come and find me Frank. I’ll be there, I’ll be waiting” then for the first time ever, Gerard left the dream peacefully…

Gerard started to stir. Mikey ran over to Gerard and grabbed his hand. Belle grabbed his other one and they both willed him to wake up. His eyes flickered open, Belle grinned at Mikey.

“I’ll go get a doctor” she ran away. Mikey looked at Gerard who was staring at him, He went to say something but Mikey shushed him.

“No, Gerard, rest” He said, squeezing his hand.

“No, I’ve been resting to fucking much. I need to talk” Gerard rasped “I’m dying” Mikey open but Gerard shushed him “No, Mikey, I’m dying, You know it, I know, everyone know its, But I want you to be happy, be happy for me Mikey. Live for me. And be a gentleman and take Belle out for dinner she’s been waiting for a long time” they both chucked lightly “But Mikey, seriously, when I’m go, you live for me, Have children, start a band, be in love and hold on to it with all you heart Mikey, and I know you won’t forget me, but at least try to remember that your life has to go on even though I’m not there” Mikey nodded as tear fell down his face and hugged Gerard fiercely.

Frank shoved his boots on and washed his hair in the sink. He ran to the door pulling on a jacket, with only one thing going through his mind. Gerard. He checked his watch. 6:28AM. He ran to his car and began to make his way to New Jersey Hospital...


A/N all dreams are in frank POV
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