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While We Sleep pt 5 (the end)

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We’ll carry on, We’ll carry on
And though you dead and gone, believe me,
Your memory will carry on!

Frank ran into the hospital, out of breath, looking left and right frantically. Looking for a nurse, His breathing was shallow despite his lack of breath.

“Are you okay son?” A nurse of about 46 asked.

“Gerard.” Frank gasped at the nurse “Gerard Way, cancer ward, where-“ Frank gulp loudly “-Where is he?” a dark look came across the nurse, she looked at Frank with and emotion that could only be called pity.

“I’ll take you to him” she whispered solomly. She turned on here heal and began to lead Frank up some stair and round some corners “You coming to say good bye?” the nurse whispered quietly. Frank gulped again and tried to hold back the tears.

“I really hope not” His voice cracked.

Mikey sat holding Gerards hand, they had been talking for over an hour, Remenising. Gerard was telling Mikey about the time when Mikey was 5 and had fallen over in the park and cracked his head open on a rock.

“I was so scared Mikey, Mum and Dad weren’t there, and you wouldn’t wake up. There was so much blood. I remember picking you up and running to the nearest house, and asking the old woman to phone an ambulance. I was so sure you were going to leave me, because by the time we got to the hospital, you were barely breathing. You didn’t wake up until the next day.” Gerard chuckled “the first thing you said when you woke up was “This place smells like old people and poo!” needless to say, the nurses were not impressed.”

“It still does smell like that” Mikey pouted, smiling slightly. “Hey Gee, you want some Coffee?” Gerard nodded euthusiastically, Mikey chuckled and got up and walked out to get the coffee.

The nurse stopped outside the door of the cancer ward and nodded at the doors.

“Last bed on the left. I’m so sorry” she walked away quietly, Frank waited till she was gone, then ran through the double doors looking around frantically.

“Gerard! GERARD” Frank screamed loudly, all the other patience who were awake (or had been woken by Frank) looked at him, curiously. Gerard lifted his head to see who was calling him, the voice sounding strangely familiar.

“Yes?” He called, his voice cracking slightly. Frank turned and saw Gerard sat on a hospital bed, looking tired and weak, but to Frank, Gerard still looked beautiful. He began to run to him, tears rolling down his face.

“Gerard! I found you! I finally found you” Frank grabbed his hand, while Gerard just looked at him in confusion. Frank so his expression and pulled away his hand. Blushing. “D-do you not remember me?”

“I’m sorry. I can’t say I do” Gerard muttered. “What your name? maybe I’ll remember then” Gerard offered helpfully, but Frank felt like there was no hope.

“Frank. Frank Iero” Then if hit Gerard. It was as it a video was playing in his head, slowing at all the important parts. Spending the longest time on their kiss. He was dragged bag to earth by Frank touching his shoulder lightly.

“Frank” He rasped out, his voice unreconisable “I remember.” Frank smiled grew wide as he hugged him as hard as he could. Frank pulled away slightly, looking into Gerards eyes. He was even more beautiful in person. Without thinking about it, he forced his lips against Gerards, kissing him. Their lips moved together, Frank parted his mouth slightly.

“Frank?! What are you doing?!” Mikey walked up to them as quick as he could with burning coffee in his hands. Frank pulled away from Gerard and looked at Mikey, not sure of what he was going to say. He parted his mouth to speak. But Gerard beat him to it.

“Mikey! Its him! He’s the one in my dream Mikey, I remember, He’s Frank!” Mikey pulled his glare from Frank and set it on Gerard.

“And how do you know its him? How do you know he’s not jerking you about?!” Mikey said to Gerard.

“I know.” Gerard said firmly. “I can feel it. Mikey.” Gerard grabbed his hand “Mikey, Trust me.” Mikey saw a determination in Gerard and nodded. Gerard felt a sharp pain, but didn’t let it show. He started to feel himself slipping away.

“Mikey! Listen to me, I love you. You’re my best friend and I’ll even though I’ll be gone, I’ll never leave you. I’ll watch over you. Mikey, after I’m gone, I write a letter, read it when I’m gone. Theres one for Belle too.” Mikey nodded, Gerard didn’t let on that he was dying right before their eyes. “Mikey, can you leave me with Frank for a minute?” Mikey looked hesitant “I’ll still be here when you get back” Gerard grinned, even though he knew it was a lie. Mikey nodded quickly and walked down the ward.

“Frank, I know we’ve only seen each other in our dreams, and I don’t know if you feel it too, but I love you, I can feel it in my stomach. When I realised who you were, I felt butterflies, and I don’t want to leave you because I’ve only just found you. Your so beautiful” Gerard lifted his shaking hand and wiped it across Franks cheeks.

“I feel it too. I love you Gerard. I’ve felt it ever since I first saw your face. Even in my dream. You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I love you. Please Gerard” Frank sobbed “Don’t leave me! Please, please don’t leave me.” Frank begged him.

“I wish I didn’t have to Frank” Gerard wiped his tears away. His voice growing weaker, he didn’t have long, he could feel it. Minutes. “Frank” Gerard said urgently “Frank, y-you tell Mi-Mikey, I l-love him. You tell him I-I l-love h-im, m-more then I c-c-could ever say. Tell h-him tha-thank you” Gerards voice had gone so weak you could barely hear him “Fran-Frank, I-I lo-love you…” He held on to Franks hand and drifted away, He heaved his last breath and died. Frank was oblivious to all noise around him, He was oblivious the erratic bleeping of the heart moniter, he didn’t see Mikey grabbing Gerards other hand. All he saw was Gerard cold dead hand in his. He looked at the person who he love and leaned down and kissed his still warm lips then walked in silence down the ward…


The ghost of Gerard stood over Franks sleeping body, he smiled, he could feel that Frank would find someone, a nice young girl.

“I know I’m dead” He whispered “but I hope you don’t mind if I still visit your dreams every now and then”

The End
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