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American Girl Chapter 12

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I wonder who's came all the way to Jersey to see Zar?

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I'm still a bit ill, but I wanted to give you something to read; I felt bad for not posting anything for you guys. Oh there a new character in this update, Kalista Rozen and it's written in her point of view. Enjoy ;]

Kalista's point of view:3

"Jodie!" I yelled.

"Yus, Kalista?" Jodie replied.

"You do realise what day it is today?" I grinned.

"Uhh... Tuesday?"

"Yes, but no." I laughed.

"No, enlighten me." Jodie smirked.

"It was on this day, so many years ago that we met Zaria."

"Oh yeah... Anyway, you packed?" Jodie said dismissively.

"Yeah, gonna tell me where we're going yet?" I snapped.

"Jodie, you ain't told her yet?" Laughed Jay, wrapping his arms around me.

"No, she hasn't." I snapped.

"Kalista Rozen, stop being so mean to Jodie," Jay laughed, playing with my hair. "We're going back home."

"Home?" I asked.

"We're going to visit Zaria." Jodie grinned. "And we need to get to the airport now." She laughed, grabbing the bags as I picked up the car keys. Within 45 minutes we were at Dublin airport, and boarding our flight to America.

"How do you know where she's living?" I asked, laying my head on Jay's shoulder once we were seated on the plane.

"She's been adopted by Gerard Way. She's still in Jersey." Jodie shrugged, pulling out her iPod.

"Seriously?!" I exclaimed.

"Yep." Jay nodded.

"Does she know we're coming?" I asked.

"No. Well... She knew Jodie would be visiting her at some point but she doesn't know we're all on our way now." Jay replied. I snuggled closer into his shoulder.

"I'm gonna sleep, is that okay?" I mumbled.

"It's fine sugar," Jay laughed. After what felt like only minutes, but must of been hours Jay woke me.

"We're here." Jodie exclaimed, grabbing our hand luggage from the over head compartment, handing them too us before rushing off the plane to get the other bags.

"Honestly, you wouldn't think that she's 16 would you?" I laughed,

"Wouldn't think that about you either sweetie, you're small and cute." Jay replied as we climbed off the plane.

"I am not!" I protested.

"You are short Kalista, you are. Now come on, we have to get to Zaria's house." Jodie interrupted, leading us through security and out of the airport into the night air. As we pulled up out side Zaria's house, the lights were just being turned on. We ran up the steps and knocked on the door.

"Who the fuck is that?" a voice mumbled from behind the door before unlocking it.

"ZARIA!" We screamed, Zaria looked up and grinned.

"Guys! Oh my god! It really is you!" She exclaimed.

"Zaria, for fucks sake close the door would- who is this?" Asked a guy about my height and covered in tattoos who could only be Frank motherfucking Iero!

"Ohmygod! You'reFrankIero!" Jodie gasped.

"Um, yeah... Who are you?"

"I'm Kalista, this is Jay and Jodie. We grew up with Zaria in the orphanage and have come to visit her... If thats okay?" I answered.

"Come in, we'll talk to Gerard about it." Frank shrugged as Zaria opened the door wider to let
us in.

"You guys flew all the way from Ireland?!" She laughed, as we walked into the living room.

"Yup, we even drove from Clare to Dublin! Just to feckin' see ya!" Jodie laughed.

"You say 'we', Kalista is the only one with a license." Jay laughed.

"True shit..." Jodie giggled.

"Oh, hey Dad." Zaria smiled as Gerard walked in.

"Hey sugar," He drawled in a thick Jersey accent. "Who're you lot?" He asked, sitting down beside our Zar.

"I'm Kalista," I smiled, "Nice to meet you, Mr. Way." I smiled.

"Call me Gerard, and it's nice to meet you too Kalista."

"And I'm Jodie," Jodie laughed,

"Oh! You're the girl who taught Zar how to do that amazing accent." Gerard laughed,

"Ah, grand! She still has it!" Jodie laughed,

"I'm Jay," Jay smiled.

"Nice to meet you all, can I ask what you're doing here?" Gerard asked, as Ray walked in.

"Ray!" Zaria grinned, reaching up to play with his 'fro.

"Zar! Pack it in," Ray laughed. "I'll tickle you." Zaria giggled and stopped instantly.

"We've not seen Zaria since we were adopted about.. 3 years ago. We always stayed in touch, and we decided now we would have to come see her." Jodie shrugged.

"Can they stay Dad? Please?" Zaria pleaded. It's weird hearing her say the word 'Dad'.

"I suppose, the girls can stay in your room and Jay can take the last bedroom on the third floor with us." Gerard laughed.

"Yaay! Thanks Dad!" Zaria grinned.

"Remember, we're leaving on Monday honey." He sighed, as she was leading us out of the room.

"Oh... Yeah... Okay, I'll keep that in mind. Hey Ray?"


"Would you make us some hot chocolate?" Zaria grinned.

"With marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles and whipped cream?" Ray asked.

"Yes!" Zaria giggled. "Thank you, Ray!" And with that she lead us upstairs.

"Jayzus! How far up is your room?!" Jay laughed.

"I've got the attic." Zaria shrugged.

"Girl thats so cool!" I smiled.

"I know, oh; Jay your room is that one straight down the hall." Zaria smiled as we reached the third floor. She lead us up another small flight of stairs. "And this is my room,"

"Woah..." Jodie and I gasped.

"We just finished it today," Zaria grinned.

"And you still have your baby," I laughed, looking at the beautiful guitar standing in the corner.

"But of course, Frankie wanted me too put it in the basement with their instuments but I was having none of it." Zaria laughed,

"I don't blame you," Jodie agreed. There was a knock at the door.

"Come in," Zaria called, and in walked Ray, Frank and Mikey.

"Hey, I brought you that hot chocolate." Ray smiled.

"And I brought some more junk food," Mikey offered,

"I've got movies for yah," Frank smiled.

"Yummy! And thank you!" I smiled.

"No problem sugar," Mikey laughed, dumping the large pile of junk food onto Zaria's bed.

"Zaria, can I talk to you?" Ray asked.

"Um, sure..." Zaria frowned following Ray out of the room.

"So, how old are you two?" Frank asked, laying down on Zar's bed.

"I'm 18," I grinned,

"I'm 16." Jodie laughed,

"And you all got adopted by the same people?" Mikey asked, sitting on a beanbag.

"No, there were these two Irish couples. One of them wanted two kids, the other just wanted one. So, I ended up with the couple who wanted one, while Jo and Jay ended up with the couple who wanted two. Lucky for us, they lived in the same town."

"But what about Zaria, didn't they want to take her too? After all, they were taking away her friends."

"They didn't take that much of a shine to her, poor girl.." Jodie sighed.

"So, Kalista; you're going out with Jay?" Mikey asked.

"Yeah, and no." I replied.

"What'd you mean?" Frank asked.

"Well; he says he likes me and acts like it sometimes; but other times he's horrible. We're not actually in a relationship... We're more like... Friend with benifits." I shrugged.

"Ah, and how are you and Jay related?" Mikey asked Jodie.

"He's my step-brother." Jodie smiled.

"What movie you gonna watch then?" Frank asked, changing the subject.

"Finding Nemo!" I squeeled.

"No way, Kalista! We've seen it a million times, let's watch... Pirates Of The Caribbean."

"No way! Only cause you're in love with Johnny Depp!" I retorted. "Harry Potter?"

"No. 127 hours?"

"No. Day after tomorrow?"

"No, 2012?"

"Yeah, why not." I smiled, as Zaria walked in. "You okay honey?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine." She smiled weakly. I don't believe her, but I'll leave it for now...
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