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American Girl Chapter 13

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I say jam session... It's more Zaria and Jay showing off;D

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Okay, this is my very long post to make up for being ill and not managing to post lately :] and thank you all very much for your characters! I can promise they will all show up at some point; but I dunno how soon but they will show up!:D Now, I'm gonna let you read this cause I've spent like 2 hours working on it:') enjoy m'dears

"Zaria, can I talk to you?" Asked Ray.

"Um... Sure?" Zaria replied, following him out of the room. Once they got to the first floor he lead her into his office.

"What's going on with you and Frank?" He asked.

"What are you talking about?" Zaria replied nervously.

"Cut the bullshit, what's happening between you and Frank?" Ray asked again.


"Liar, just tell me. I won't be mad, just tell me Zar? Please?"

"Okay, we kissed."


"Last night."

"Anything else?"

"No, he's married; and has two kids. It couldn't go any further even if we wanted it to." Zaria snapped. "I'm not a whore. And I do have some fucking morals."

"So, that's why you go round kissing married men?" Ray smirked.

"I was crying, I was upset and confused. And actually he kissed me. You know what it is? I think you're jealous." Zaria laughed.

"Jealous? Of Frank?" Ray laughed.

"Yeah, 'cause he can get some from a girl my age and even your own wife ain't interested in you." Zaria replied.

"Oh really?" Ray said, taking a step closer to her.

"Yeah. Really," Zaria answered, taking a step closer to Ray. Before she could add anything else to that, Ray closed the gap between them and kissed her softly. Zaria took a step back and shook her head.

"No, Ray. I can't. You're married," Zaria sighed.

"But I don't have to be..." He suggested.

"No, you love Christa. I just put the idea of jealousy into your head Ray. You love her, and you know it. You just think you're jealous of Frank, but he's married too. There's nothing happening between me and Frank and there is nothing going to happen between me and you."

"What the hell is going on in here?" Asked Alicia.

"Shit." Ray groaned.

"Zaria, honey what's happening?" Alicia pressed.

"Can I talk to you in private Alicia?" Zaria begged, looking between her Aunt and Ray.

"Yeah, come on; we'll go hide in Lyn-Z's quiet room." Alicia smiled, leading Zaria back up the stairs to the third floor. "So, what's happened honey?"

"I... Last night, with Frankie; when he found out about the self harm and not eating and all that, I was crying. I mean, who wouldn't cry? And he kissed me. Nothing else has happened, and nothing else will happen between us. He's married and has two kids, and I don't want to cause any trouble. Besides that was a mistake."

Alicia just nodded, she could tell Zaria was lying. To the young girl, it hadn't been a mistake. It had been perfect, but of course he's an older, married man with kids. He'd told her it was a mistake and nothing could come from it. But Alicia knew that had killed Zaria inside.

"And then... He must of told Ray, or Ray worked it out or something. 'Cause, R-Ray as-sked me, if we cou-uld ta-alk. An-nd then he..." Zaria choked out through her tears.

"He what? What did he do honey?" Alicia asked. Zaria was confused, why was this woman being so nice to her? After all, Zaria had kissed one of her best friend's husbands, yet Alicia was still hugging her and being nice.

"He ki-isse-dd me."

"And you told him it was wrong?" Alicia asked. Zaria nodded. "And you told him that because he's married?" Zaria nodded again.

"I'm s-sor-ry." Zaria sobbed,

"Hey, you did nothing wrong. You did the right thing, but now we need to work out what to do," Alicia sighed.

"B-but I d-did."

"No, you didn't. Honestly, Zaria; for now, we'll say nothing and then when I stay with you we can talk about this more yeah?" Alicia smiled.

"Yeah, thanks." Zaria smiled, she had calmed down now.

"No problem, now come on. Your friends are waiting upstairs! Want me to send Jay up in a few minutes?"

"Please, he'll feel left out otherwise." Zaria laughed,

"I doubt it, he's downstairs with Jamia playing with the guitars." Alicia laughed,

"What's he playing?"

"It was Trouble by Nevershoutnever when I came up." Alicia laughed.

"That's my favourite Nevershoutnever song," Zaria grinned. "He remembered," She smiled to herself.

"Why don't you get the girls and we'll have a jam session?" Alicia suggested.

"Yeah!" Zaria grinned,

"I'll go get Gee and Ray, my boy and Frankie are upstairs with the girls."

"Okay," Zaria sighed, her smile disappearing as she walked out the room.

"You okay honey?" Kalista asked as she walked into the room.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Zaria smiled weakly, "Alicia says we're gonna have a jam session first."

"Awesome!" Grinned Frank, "Lets go!" When they got downstairs Jay was playing Trouble by Nevershoutnever again.

"I'm in trouble
I'm an addict
I'm addicted to this girl
She's got my heart tied in a knot
And my stomach in a whirl
But even worse
I can't stop calling her
She's all I want and more

I mean damn
What's not to adore?
I've been playing too much guitar
I've been listening to jazz
I called so many times
I swear she's going mad
And that cellular will be the death of us
I swear, I swear

And oh
O-oh, o-oh, o-ooh

I'm running my mouth
Just like I got her
But I surely don't
Because she's so
O-oh, o-oh, o-ooh
Rock 'n roll
And out of my league

Is she out of my league?
Let's hope not

I'm in trouble
I'm so cliché
See that word just wears me out
Makes me feel like just another boy
To laugh and joke about
But even worse
I can't stop calling her
I love to hear that voice

And honestly
I'm left with no choice
I've been playing too much guitar
I, I've been listening to jazz
I called so many times
I swear she's going mad
And that cellular will be the death of us
I swear, I swear

And oh
O-oh, o-oh, o-ooh

I'm running my mouth
Just like I got her
But I surely don't
Because she's so
O-oh, o-oh, o-ooh
Rock 'n roll
And out of my league

Is she out of my league?
Let's hope not

And oh
O-oh, o-oh, o-ooh
Ooooh, oooh..." Jay and Zaria sang.

"I've missed singer, girl." Smiled Jay.

"And I've missed you too guitar player." Zaria smiled, kissing his forehead.

"What other songs can you play?" Ray asked, whilst Frank was glaring at Zaria and Jay. Zaria whispered something to Jay, and he laughed.

"Go get your baby, and let me play on her and I'll play that for you." Jay winked.

"No way! You know what I'm like about my baby!" Zaria protested.

"Well then, looks like you're not getting your song..." Jay teased.

"I hate you."

"I love you too."

"I'll go get her, but I swear if anything is wrong with her when you're finished I'll kill you." Zaria threatened as she left the room. Jay was just laughing.

"How can you laugh? She sounded deadly serious!" Gerard asked.

"That's my girl, she's always been like that." Jay shrugged, "She finds me irrestistable anyway, so she wouldn't be to hurt me."

"Keep dreaming Jay." Zaria grinned handing over her guitar.

"You'd fuck me, and you know it," Jay winked.

"How dare you! I'm a good girl! Stop poisioning my innocent mind with your filthy thoughts." Zaria giggled.

"Will you two shut up and play your damn song?" Jodie snapped.

"Sorry..." They mumbled.

"It's grand," Kalista laughed.

"Come on then!" Mikey grinned. Zaria whispered to Jay and he nodded.

"Sure thing singer girl."

"Thank you very much guitar player." Zaria smiled, as he started to play.

"Well when you go
Don't ever think I'll make you try to stay
And maybe when you get back
I'll be off to find another way
When after all this time that you still owe
You're still, a good-for-nothing I don't know
So take your gloves and get out
Better get out
While you can

When you go
Would you even turn to say
"I don't love you
Like I did

Sometimes I cry so hard from pleading
So sick and tired of all the needless beating
But baby when they knock you
Down and out
Is where you oughta stay
And after all the blood that you still owe
Another dollar's just another blow
So fix your eyes and get up
Better get up
While you can

Whoa, whooa

When you go
Would you even turn to say
"I don't love you
Like I did

Well come on, come on

When you go
Would you have the guts to say
"I don't love you
Like I loved you
I don't love you
Like I loved you

I don't love you
Like I loved you
Yesterday..." Zaria sang. While she had been singing that particular song, she had looked at the floor; refusing to make eye contact with anyone.

"Zar..." Frank breathed. Zaria's head snapped up,


"That was beautiful," He smiled.

"Thanks Frankie,"

"No problem honey,"

"Frankie is right, you were amazing babe." Smiled Jodie.

"You would say that," Zaria laughed.

"Well she's telling the truth babygirl," Jay smiled.

"Yup, you really were brilliant." Kalista smiled, glaring at Jay. That was something she'd always hated about Jay, he would flirt and mess around with her but then as soon as Zaria was on the scene he wasn't interested. She didn't hate Zaria for that, it wasn't her fault; but sometimes she did envy the girl.

"Zaria?" Gerard smiled, after finishing up a hushed converstion with his band mates.

"Yeah Dad?"

"If we were to get some studio time, how would you feel about singing that song with me?"

"Are you kidding?!"


"Hell fucking yeah! Thank you Daddy!" She grinned jumping up and hugging him tight.

"Thank your Uncle Ray, it was his idea." Gerard laughed. No one else but Alicia saw the slight slip in Zaria's smile.

"Well, thank you RayRay!" Zaria smiled, petting his fro before rushing back across the room to sit on Jay's lap.

"Watch your baby!" Jay practically screamed as Zaria nearly kicked her guitar.

"Shit! I'm sorry min engel," She whispered to the guitar before putting it back in its case.

"That was close baby," Jay laughed, wrapping his arms around her; not noticing the glares he was getting from Frank, Ray and Gerard.

"Mhm, I know." Zaria mumbled, cuddling into Jay's chest. "You smell nice, like cigarrettes and new books."

"New books?" Kalista giggled.

"I know what she means," Mikey smiled, "When you open a new book, it has a strange smell about it..."

"If you say so Mikes," Jamia laughed,

"I didn't! Zaria did, but she's right." Mikey replied, sticking his tounge out at Jamia.

"You're so immature, Mikey." Jamia said rolling her eyes.

"And you're now banned from my tree house, what's your point?" Mikey winked.

"Sing another song Zar," Lyn-Z smiled.

"Okay, one more and then I'm going to bed."

"But what about the movie and all the junk food?!" Jodie and Kalista yelled.

"I'm sure Frankie will help you out with that, and you can watch the movie downstairs." Zaria smiled.

"Fine then," Jodie laughed.

"Well then baby, what song we doing?" Jay asked, pushing Zaria out of his lap.

"You'll need an acoustic," Zaria grinned.

"Oh singer girl, you still in love with that song?" Jay laughed.

"Only when you're singing it guitar player." Zaria shrugged, "It's not as good when I sing it but fuck it."

"Aw, that's very flattering baby," Jay laughed as Mikey handed him an acoustic guitar. "Thanks Mikey," Jay grinned and started to play.

"Hey there Delilah
What's it like in New York City?
I'm a thousand miles away
But girl, tonight you look so pretty
Yes you do
Times Square can't shine as bright as you
I swear it's true

Hey there Delilah
Don't you worry about the distance
I'm right there if you get lonely
Give this song another listen
Close your eyes
Listen to my voice, it's my disguise
I'm by your side

Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
What you do to me

Hey there Delilah
I know times are getting hard
But just believe me, girl
Someday I'll pay the bills with this guitar
We'll have it good
We'll have the life we knew we would
My word is good

Hey there Delilah
I've got so much left to say
If every simple song I wrote to you
Would take your breath away
I'd write it all
Even more in love with me you'd fall
We'd have it all

Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me

A thousand miles seems pretty far
But they've got planes and trains and cars
I'd walk to you if I had no other way
Our friends would all make fun of us
and we'll just laugh along because we know
That none of them have felt this way
Delilah I can promise you
That by the time we get through
The world will never ever be the same
And you're to blame

Hey there Delilah
You be good and don't you miss me
Two more years and you'll be done with school
And I'll be making history like I do
You'll know it's all because of you
We can do whatever we want to
Hey there Delilah here's to you
This one's for you

Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
What you do to me..." Zaria sang not taking her eyes off Jay the whole time.

"I dunno babygirl, you're giving me a run for my money." Jay smiled. Zaria blushed and smiled at Jodie.

"Get some girl," Jodie winked.

"Jo!" Zaria yelled.

"You know you want to," Jodie winked.

"I hate you."

"I love you too."

"I mean it."

"I know. I mean it as well."



"I'm going to bed now," Zaria smiled.

"Yeah, me too; I'll walk you up to your room." Jay laughed.

"Why, thank you guitar player!" Zaria laughed as they stood up.

"Hey Jay?" Called Frank.


"Can I have a word?"

"Yup, here Zar; take your baby upstairs, I'll come up in a bit yeah?" Jay smiled, handing Zaria her guitar.

"Um sure... Play nice guitar players," She smiled, and ran off upstairs.

"Come with me." Frank said, leading Jay up to his room. "What the fuck are you doing?"

"What you talking about?"

"The way you're going on with Zaria,"

"She's my friend."

"You seem to want to be more than that with her," Frank snapped.

"We've always had that sort of relationship," Jay shrugged.

"Well back the fuck off." Frank snapped.

"What's it to you? You're married and have two kids; Zaria can date who she likes. You're not her Dad, you're not even her adoptive Dad. Tell me Frankie boy, what's wrong? Got yourself a crush on Gerard's little girl?" Jay smirked. It took every ounce of strength Frank had, not to hit Jay.

"Listen you little fucker, back the fuck off or I'll have you on the next flight out of this country and you won't be coming back. Ever. I've got people who can make that shit happen."

"Fuck you Iero." Jay laughed, and walked out the room and up to Zaria's room. "Hey baby,"

"Hey Jay," She mumbled, as he climbed onto the bed beside her and she lay her head on his chest. "What did Frankie want?"

"Oh, nothing. He was just saying he thought I was good at guitar," Jay lied with ease.

"Awh, that's nice of him. Jay?"


"Will you stay with me tonight, please? Just stay here, like this. Just for tonight, and it doesn't have to mean anything, I just need someone to hug me." Zaria mumbled.

"Of course I will sweetie, but you might wanna stick your pjs on first yeah? I'll go put my sweats on and come back." Jay smiled.

"Alright, hurry though." Zaria smiled as he left. She pulled out her pjs and threw them on. Jay returned a few minutes later.

"You decent?" He called through the door.

"Yup, come in." Zaria smiled. As he soon as he got into bed beside her she cuddled close and was asleep within minutes. Jay kissed her forehead, turned out the lamp and fell asleep holding her close.
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