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American Girl Chapter 14

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Not as long this time, but fuck it:') Hope you enjoy:]

"Look alive sunshi-" Gerard sang walking into Zaria's room to see her cuddled into Jay's chest, his chin resting on her head. Gerard turned around and went straight to get Lyn-Z. "You need to get Zaria up, I can't."

"Um... Alright..." Lyn-Z frowned walking into Zaria's room. "Oh shit..." She mumbled, walking back out to Gerard. "I can't either."

"You don't think they?"

"No, I know they didn't." Lyn-Z answered.

"How do you know?"

"I can just tell," Lyn-Z smiled, "Trust me," She winked placing a kiss on her husbands cheek.

"Shall I get Alicia to get them up?"

"Please." Gerard smiled, following his wife to the kitchen.

"Alicia, can you get Zaria up?" Lyn-z smiled.

"Yeah, sure." Alicia smiled walking up to Zaria's room. "Look alive kiddo," She called walking in. Jay groaned, and Zaria snuggled closer into his chest. "Come on, I'll take you both to Starbucks."

"Morning Alicia," Zaria grinned, looking up at her.

"God morgen Zaria, fikk du sove godt med kjæresten din?" Alicia smiled.

"You learnt Norwegian? And han er ikke kjæresten min!" Zaria replied

"Yeah, I figured it's best for when situations like we discussed last night happen. At least we can be sure to be talking in private. Plus it'll annoy the guys to make them think we're talking about them." Alicia shrugged. "And he so fancies you then!"

"Morning beautiful," Groaned Jay, kissing Zaria's forehead.

"Morning Jay, Alicia is gonna take us to Starbucks!"

"Awesome, can I go like this?" Jay laughed,

"I would suggest putting a top and a hoodie on, it is Jersey after all. But yeah you can go like that." Alicia laughed.

"Cool, we'll be down in five yeah?" Zaria smiled.

"Of course," Alicia winked, walking out of the room.

"Did you sleep okay?" Zaria asked, climbing out of bed.

"Well, seeings as the girl in my arms was wearing short shorts and a tank top and looks like an
angel in her sleep; yes I slept amazingly well thank you. Did you?" Jay replied.

"Aww, you're such a sweet talking git," Zaria giggled, pulling out a pair of purple skinny jeans. "But yes, I slept okay. It was nice to feel safe." Zaria quickly pulled on her jeans and brushed her hair.

"Mmm, you know; I could keep you safe the entire time I'm here." Jay offered, snaking his arms around her waist and kissing her neck.

"Stop it! But yeah, I'd like that." Zaria giggled.

"Do you really want me to stop?" Jay whispered, kissing her neck more.

"Mhm, you have too. I want my fucking Starbucks." Zaria laughed, grabbing his hand and running out the room.

"Zar, I've gotta get dressed." Jay laughed, coming to a stand still on the third floor and wrapping his arms around her waist again, as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

"Urgh, well hurry up!" Zaria groaned. Jay saw Frank walking up the stairs, glaring at them.

"I will baby, don't worry." He smiled, and kissed Zaria softly before walking off to get dressed.

"Zar?" Frank called, when she was half way down the stairs.

"Yes, guitar player?" Zaria laughed,

"Is everything okay? I thought Jay was Kalista's boyfriend?" Frank lied, he knew this wasn't true, but did Zaria?

"Everything is amazing Frankie, and no, they're more like friends with benifits. Why?"

"Oh, no reason." Frank shrugged,

"Well... We're off to Starbucks. Want anything?" Zaria smiled,

"Tell Alicia to get my usual," Frank smiled.

"Alight, see yah Frankie."

"See you Zar," Frank waved, as she continued down the stairs to the kitchen.

"Good morning famiy," She sang,

"Morning Zar," Mikey smiled,

"Good morning Uncle Mikey," Zaria grinned, kissing him on the cheek. "Good morning Daddy," She grinned kissing her adoptive Dad on the cheek as well.

"Someone got laid last night!" Mikey joked.

"Ha! I wish," Jay laughed walking into the kitchen. "Your little niece is as innocent as she was the last time I visited her."

"That's good." Lyn-Z laughed, "You can relax now Geebear," She grinned kissing Gerard.

"Alicia, can we go to Starbucks now?"

"Yup, lets go," Alicia grinned reaching her hand into the back pocket of Mikey's jeans and grabbing the car keys.

"Ooof! Careful babe," Mikey winked.

"Michael James Way! Are you being dirty in front of my daughter?" Gerard yelled jokingly as Alicia, Zaria and Jay ran out to the car.

"Good Charlotte?" Zaria asked. Alicia smiled as Zaria put the CD on. "I love this song.." She grinned as Life Styles Of The Rich And Famous came on. Within 10 minutes they had pulled up outside Starbucks.

"Sarah my girl, hows it going?" Alicia grinned to a bored looking teenager behind the counter.

"Alright Alicia? It's going slow, as per. You?"

"It's all good, this is my new niece; Zaria." Alicia smiled.

"Alright Zaria, I'm Sarah." Sarah grinned, suddenly looking less bored.

"Nice to meet you Sarah. Oh and this is Jay; my best mate." Zaria smiled, introducing Jay. Sarah was a pretty girl, she looked to be about Kalista's height and her eyes were the same hazel-green colour as Gerard's. Her hair was dark, but not quite black with bright purple streaks. She was wearing yellow skinny jeans and a Green Day shirt.

"Nice to meet you," Jay smiled,

"You too," Sarah laughed, "We having the usual Alicia?"

"Yep, with-"

"Two extras?"

"No, four extras. There's another two at home."

"Ah, cool. What they having then?"

"Kalista and Jodie only drink mocha frappuccino," Jay grinned, "I'll have caramel frappuccino and whats my baby want?" Jay asked Zaria wrapping his arms around her.

"You forgotten already? Damn boy, I'll have a caramel frappuccino too," Zaria smiled to Sarah.

"Sure thing," Sarah laughed, "Jenna! Get out here! We've got a big order from Mrs. Way."

"Don't call me that Sarah," Alicia groaned, "Makes me feel like my sister-in-law."

"Haha! Not my fault you two fell in love with the Way brothers. Lucky you guys," Sarah laughed as Jenna joined them.

"Alright, Alicia?" Jenna smiled,

"You do the usual, Sarah's got the others covered." Alicia grinned.

"Awesome," Jenna laughed turning to the coffee machines. 20 minutes later they left Starbucks armed with the coffee. In another 10 minutes they were back at the house and handing out the cups of steaming hot coffee.

"How's Sarah?" Mikey asked.

"She's great, she was saying she's gonna dye her hair again." Alicia laughed, "That girls had more hair dyes than I've had hot dinners I'm convinced!"

"And Jenna?" Lyn-Z asked,

"Jenna is just Jenna. She was telling us about this horse she's got and how awesome it is. But then Sarah struck up an argument about if her dog was better than Jenna's horse and we took that as our que to leave." Alicia grinned,

"Yeah, that and the fact Jay wouldn't keep his bloody hands off me." Zaria laughed, pushing Jay's hands away from her waist again.

"Ah come on baby," Jay groaned, "Don't make me beg..."

"Mmm, but what if I like hearing you beg?" Zaria winked.

"Behave Zaria!" Gerard snapped.

"Sorry daddy," Zaria giggled, "Come on Jay, I wanna play my guitar." She grinned grabbing her coffee,

"Nope, not happening!" Gerard protested.

"Urgh, Dad you're a spoil sport; I'm off for a tab." Zaria snapped, walking out coffee in hand.

"Well done Gee," Lyn-Z snapped,


"She was just joking! She wouldn't do anything like that!" Jay snapped, "She's not that type of girl."

"Um... sorry."

"It's not me you should apologise to." Jay said coldly. Gerard nodded and walked out of the house to find Zaria.

"Zar? I'm sorry," He sighed,

"Why would you think that about me, Dad?"

"I dunno, I don't know you that well and you were implying things and..."

"Oh... Okay... Sorry," Zaria mumbled,

"It's okay honey, I'm sorry too." Gerard smiled, wrapping his arm around her.



"Can I take Bandit to the park?" Zaria asked.

"Why don't we all go?" Gerard grinned.

"Yeah! I'll take the camera, and I can get photos. Oh and Dad?"

"Yeah sweetie?"

"Jay is just my friend, I won't do anything stupid with him."

"I know you won't honey, I trust you." Gerard smiled.
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