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Gerard isn't coping too well. Awaking because of a bad nightmare he soon wanders downstairs. (part 5)

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Part 4

Gerard had been told by a doctor that Mikey had been put into a coma, but he was sure he'd recover soon enough. It wasn't enough to reassure Gerard as he sat anxiously in the waiting room.

The others had dispersed, eager to find Gerard a coffee, hoping to calm his nerves. Donna sat by him, a frown painted on her face. She was just as worried as her son, perhaps more than him. She'd been silent since she had arrived, a weary and weak look held in her eyes. Now Gerard said nothing as he simply rested his arm around her.

Ray and Christa had arrived soon after Gerard and the others had, they quickly checked up on Mikey, both giving Gerard a comforting smile. They sat with him, though they kept their distance not sure how much space he had wanted.

Soon Alicia had arrived, She'd explained hoarsely how she couldn't have came earlier as she was too upset to drive. She dabbed at her eyes with a damp tissue that had obviously been overused, her eyeliner streaming down her cheeks. Quietly she sat in the corner hoping for the best.


Hours had passed, though it'd felt like a lifetime, still they sat waiting on good news. Several empty cups of coffee had been set by Gerard, his eyes darker and his face a ghostly White.

"You need sleep," Lyn-z indicated as she rose from her seat. "We all need sleep. We should go back home. We can come back in the morning."

Gerard had been too tired to protest, with a weak nod he forced himself up from the chair, his mum awaking with a sharp, yet short gasp.

"Is he okay?" she asked frantically. "Any news?" she added looking helplessy up at Gerard.

Gerard shook his head, allowing Lyn-z to explain. "We're going home," she implied with a soft and suttle smile. "We need sleep, I'll take you home Donna."

Donna protested with a frown, "No. It's fine, I'll get a cab. I wouldn't want to be a fuss."

Lyn-z decided it was best not to argue as she shrugged pathetically. Saying goodbye to the others she took Gerard's hand in her's as she dragged him away with little effort.

She helped a drowsy Gerard into the pasenger seat, then she climbed into the driver's seat. Gerard stared blankly out the window screen, the car engine a distant rumble as Lyn-z reversed out of the parking space.

His head lolled to one side, his eyes a pale colour as his bottom jaw hung open. He'd gone into a world of his own, but this wasn't like the one he'd imagine when drawing his comic strips. His own little world had turned grey, the dark clouds moving slowly across the sky which had lost its life. Gerard strolled down the cracked sidewalk, strangers trudging by, their eyes grey and their skin a pasty colour. Each stranger had greasy black hair that hung over their dreary eyes, their arms hanging limply by their sides. Gerard continued on, the buildings loomed over him, dull lights coming from within.

With a sharp gasp Gerard was drawn back to reality, Lyn-z's voice causing the image to fade from his head. Having not heard what she had said, Gerard stared at her cluelessy.

"Gee," she started up again, her hand resting on his shoulder. "He's gonna be fine, even the doctor said it."

It took him awhile to process the words, his lips parting but nothing coming out. Finally he conjured the single word- well it wasn't exactly a word- he needed. "Uhuh."

Weakly he pushed the car door open, staggering out he then walked to the front door, unsteady on his feet. Rummaging through his pockets it wasn't long before he was succesful in his findings as a group of keys clattered in his hand. His hand shook as he pushed the ragged metal into the key hole of the door, Lyn-z waited patiently behind him as she chewed on the inside of her cheek anxiously.

Finally he stepped in, dropping the keys onto the small wooden table by the door he then climbed up the stairs.

A few beeps were to be heard as Lyn-z put on the alarm, not bothering to clean up as she, too, was exhausted. Following Gerard up the stairs she let her black hair fall onto her shoulders as she wiped away her eyeliner with her hand. Black marks had been smudged onto her palms, but she didn't care.

Gerard stumbled into the bedroom, falling onto the bed he curled up on the covers as he let his eyelids drop. Perhaps sleep would make him feel better.

Gerard had dreamt of a better place, a place where Mikey was well. They laughed together, Gerard patting his younger brother's back in admiration. They strolled along a lonely and abondoned sidewalk, Gerard turned to his brother ready to tell a joke but he was gone? His eyes skimmed the area as he frantically searched for Mikey, a confused frown tugging at his lips. That's when he saw him; he stood in the middle of the road a car heading towards him.

"No/]!" Gerard cried, his eyes growing misty. "[/Mikey. Move[//]!"

But Mikey didn't listen, he'd gone blank, almost as if he were a statue. Gerard stepped onto the road ready to leap if he had to, but it was too late the car had collided with the frozen Mikey, his body smashing into a thousand pieces. Gerard fell to his knees as he took the rubble in his hands, the headlights blinding hi-

Gerard awoke gasping for breath as beads of sweat seeped through his sickly coloured skin.
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