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Chapter 3: She looked like me.

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"Who-" Gerard cut me off, taking my hand and pulling me away from the drawing, I was instantly speechless.

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Chapter Three

I entered the house, still on Franks back and looked around. It was so dark- every surface was covered in candles, each slowly melting onto the already wax covered surface. Little trinkets were scattered everywhere, such as animal skulls, comic book hero figures and drawings pinned all over the walls. I felt strangely at home. It was so warm in here. Frank put me down as the others entered and I could soon feel Gerards presence near me. I turned around to see him standing just behind me, smiling his beautiful crooked smile, I couldn't help but smile back.
"You feeling okay?" Gerard said suddenly, reaching out to wipe something from under my eye. My eyes were watering, I hoped I hadn't started crying at the beauty of Gerards face.
"Yeah. My eyes always do this" I lied, reaching up to catch the next falling tear, but Gerard was too fast for me. Automatically I took a step forward at his touch, he suddenly looked awkward and looked past me, at something behind me. His face looked almost pained. I tilted my head in confusion, I wanted to reach out to him, but he was already pulling me towards the kitchen after his friends. Even though he was holding the sleeve of his jacket, I could still feel his powerful touch.
"What do you fancy eating?" Mikey asked me, grinning his cheeky grin. I could see myself becoming good friends with Mikey.
"Um, what do you have?" I asked, suddenly able to speak now Gerard was across the room. I moved over to stand by Frank. He smiled at me brightly and then turned his attention to Mikey who was looking through the dark wood cupboards.
"I want waffles!!" Frank moaned impatiently.
"Oh yeah that sounds good" I agreed, nudging him in the arm. He began to bounce up and down.
"You heard the woman! Get waffleing!!" Frank beamed.
"Is everyone cool with waffles?" Mikey asked everyone. Everyone didn't dare mess with Frank who was glaring at each one of them and nodded their heads in unison.
"So who's house are we at?" I said leaning over to Ray.
"Oh sorry! This is Gerards place, Mikey only just moved in with him so it's a bit of a mess."
"I think its homey. I like it." I looked up to see Gerard smiling in my direction.
"Want a tour?" He called to me, over everyones sudden outburst- Frank had knocked a jar of jam on the floor and Bob was trying to beat him up by the looks of it.
"Yeah sure!" I replied, maybe a little too happily. For fucksake. Stay cool Tess. I breathed to myself, then giggled at the fact I was talking to myself. I followed Gerard out of the kitchen back into the main room.
"Well this room I use to draw in. The lightings great." He smiled down at me, he was standing beside me and I could hardly breath.
"You did these?" I asked in awe, walking towards the covered walls with my arms reaching out towards the beautiful drawn pictures.
"Yeah, I dropped out of school to pursue my art."
"That's really great" I told him, staring at the one drawing that really caught my eye. It was of a girl with the same colour hair and style as mine- a cherry pink with a tint of purple in long flowing light waves down to her chest, she even had a full fringe like me. She had a blank face and was in a dark room, her legs curled up to her chest. Gerard was soon beside me, looking at the same picture. He shifted uneasily. I looked up at him confused, his eyebrows were pulled together and he was biting his bottom lip uncomfortably.
"Who-" Gerard cut me off, taking my hand and pulling me away from the drawing, I was instantly speechless. I was suddenly climbing the narrow staircase up to the upper floor. We stopped at the top and Gerard dropped my hand, breaking the trance.
"Mikeys room" Gerard said pointing towards a door the words MIKEY'S ROOM etched into the wood. I smiled and ran my hand across it. Gerard made a low chuckle and reached out to touch it too. "He did this when I first moved out of Mums place. This was a empty room and Mikey insisted that I had to keep it for him, I told him I would, but he didn't believe me. So he carved this into the fucking door." He breathed out loudly and then turned around to point at the door opposite Mikeys. "And this is mine." I wanted so badly to see his room all of a sudden.
"Can I have a look?" I asked, feeling my cheeks burn red. I don't think I had ever blushed or have been embarrassed by anything I've said or done in a long time. I just stopped caring. Gerard has seemed to have awoken me..
"Well of course! I have a feeling you'll be around here a lot of the time anyway." I stood there confused at what he could mean. Gerard seemed to pick up on it. "I mean, we're friends now. You're not just going to disappear and never talk to us lot again, right?"
"Friends?" I said, looking up at him. His hand was on the door handle ready to open it.
"Well of cour-" Gerard stopped mid sentance at me stepping forward. I reached up on my tip toes so my lips were in line with his, he tilted his head to the left and mine to the right. We were almost touching, I tried to control my breathing but my heart was suddenly beating so fast. Gerard leaned further in and pressed his lips to mine ever so lightly and then quickly pulled back. It wasn't even a kiss, just a touch of the lips.
"Oh sorry, am I interrupting?" Bob said leaning on the stair banisters, grinning darkly. I felt myself becoming very hot again.
"Just showing Tess around." Gerard replied bluntly, scowling at Bob.
"Cool it, Gee! I was just up here to tell you that the grub is ready."
"We'll be down in a minute" I replied for Gerard who looked like he was going to hit Bob. He smiled at me and then jumped down the stairs loudly. I cleared my throat, trying to break the tension filling the hall way. Gerard cleared his throat too and then seemed to return back to his usual self. He opened the door to his room and stepped in. His room was as cluttered as the main room. Candles everywhere, skulls, drawings, trinkets. His bed was pushed against the back wall and covered in black sheets. I fell in love.
"Your room is fucking awesome" I said, stepping further in behind him.
"Thanks, it took me so long to get it how it is now. Y'know, the whole gothic feeling to it. It makes me feel, I dunno.. at home." I nodded my head in response, totally agreeing. I was surprised that the house hadn't triggered another claustrophobic attack in me, I mean the house was so cluttered and full. "Lets get you fed" Gerard said lifting me up in his arms like he had when I almost fainted earlier this evening. I took a deep breath, breathing in his sweet smell. He grinned down at me and carried me down the stairs, through the living room and into the kitchen. He plopped me down at a counter chair around the cluttered counter table which had a embroided black satin cloth over laying ontop, with yet more candles pouring onto in below. He pulled a chair up beside me and handed me a plate of waffles. I looked over to Ray sitting beside me and laughed at the state he was in. Chocolate was all over his face. He frowned and looked up at Frank who was chuckling evily.
"What the fuck have you done this time, Frankie?" Gerard asked, picking up on Franks behaviour without even seeing Ray.
"I accidently got some chocolate sauce on Ray.." He said stepping round to Gerards side. I laughed and took a bite of my waffle.
"You didn't fucking do it by accident, you lying little shit!" Ray shouted at him, wiping his face with his sleeve. Mikey and Bob found Rays anger hilarious.
"I slipped!" Frank exclaimed.
"Dude, uncool." Gerard said to Frank. I noticed Gerard was holding the tube of chocolate sauce by his side. Frank turned around to grin at Bob and when he did Gerard reached up and squirted the sauce all over Franks back. I jumped up quickly to get out of the way incase some might get me. All the boys jumped up at once and threw their waffles at Frank, Ray jumped at him like a lion catching its prey. I soon realised there was no point in cowering from the mess and threw a waffle in Franks face. Gerard turned around and splatted chocolate in my face. The room was filled with screams- girlish screams from Frank.
"HOW THE FUCK DO YOU LIKE YOUR WAFFLES NOW?!" Mikey screamed at Frank dumping the plate on him. Frank was waving his hands infront of him like a little girl. Ray took Frank down on the floor and they rolled about in the mess.
"Oops!" Ray exclaimed. "That was a accident!"
I laughed at scraped the chocolate from my face and rubbed it in Gerards. He pulled me close to him while Mikey and Bob joined in on the fight and licked my cheek.
"You taste sweet" Gerard laughed. I reached up and licked his chin.
"You do too." I laughed, suddenly slipping on something under me and falling ontop of Frank, pulling Gerard down with me. Frank was now laying alone at the side of the kitchen, hiding from the play fight. I burst into a fit of laughter with everyone else and licked the chocolate off of my fingers.

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