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A Bulletproof Heart With A Hollow Point Smile

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Anya moves into a new school trying to be as low key as possible, but instead crosses paths with Gerard Way the school badass.

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Anya's P.O.V.

"Say goodbye to the old house sweetheart." Anya's mother said.

"Bye house." Anya mumbled as her mother pulled out of the driveway and drove down the street. Anya watched as the house got smaller and smaller until she could no longer see it. She sighed.

"Honey don't be so down, think of it as a new beginning." Her mother said.

"Mom it's been a new beginning every year since the 2nd grade." Anya said bitterly.

"I'm sorry honey." Her mother said.

"Whatever, wake me up when we get there." Anya said before plugging into her iPod.


"Sweetheart we're here." Anya's mother said waking her up. Anya looked at the house, it wasn't to bad to be honest. Anya got out of the car, she got the bigger room it had a full bathroom so it wasn't too bad. Anya unpacked enough to have a set of clothes for tomorrow and to have her bed to sleep on for the night.


"Just be invisible and you'll get through." Anya sighed to herself looking in the mirror at her skirt and top she put her jacket on to cover up her DD size breasts. She hated having those, so she always wore her jacket. Always.

"Anya hurry up or you'll be late for your first day of school." Her mother called from the kitchen. Anya sighed before going downstairs, to start at another school...yet again.

Gerard's P.O.V.

"GERARD! This is the last time I'm going to tell you to get out of bed and get ready for school!" Donna yelled.

"Fine, fine don't have an orgasm." Gerard mumbled sleepily.

"What did you say?" His mother demanded.

"I'm up!" Gerard snapped getting out of bed.

"Hurry up or you'll be late, and Frank needs a ride to school his mother isn't feeling well."

"Alright! Jesus do you ever stop talking." Gerard asked covering his ears. He managed to find a clean pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirt through the mass of clothes scattered across his room. He looked in the mirror his red hair looked a tragic mess. He shook his head ran his fingers through his hair a couple times and decided that it was good enough. He put on his combat boots grabbed his bag and went downstairs. "I have detention after school today so I'll be home late."

"For what now?" His mother demanded. Gerard chuckled then smirked.

"You really don't want to know." He said smugly as he walked out the door. He managed to pick up Frank and make it into school before the late bell rang. He got to homeroom and there was a girl sitting in his seat, clearly someone has forgotten there place. "I don't know if your brain has turned to mush or if you're just stupid and you're trying to test my patience, but if I were you, I get out of my seat."

"You don't have to be so mean." The girl said getting up.

"Actually I do because that's the only way girls like you listen Sugar." Gerard said. The girls ocean blue eyes started to well up with tears and she just nodded and went to the back and sat in another seat and tried not to cry, but was failing miserably. Usually Gerard liked seeing girls cry over him or somethings he's done, but seeing this girl cry didn't really sit with him. Gerard waved it off.

"Okay today we have a new student. Her name is Ann-yay Wellington." The teacher said.

"It's Anya. Anya Wellington." The girl stood up and went to the front of the room. Gerard felt bad. She didn't know b/c she's new. Oops.

"Well welcome to Belleville High Ms. Wellington." The teacher said. Anya went back to her seat.

Anya's P.O.V.

That boy was mean, and over a seat. Anya was looking down at the desk but she could see the boy staring at her. So not only was he mean he was a creep. Great so much for being invisible. Anya thought to herself. The bell rang and Anya waited until the boy left before she left.

She had the map literally in front of her face trying to find her was to American History. She finally found it after being lost for a good solid ten minutes.

"I'm Anya Wellington, I'm new here sorry I'm late." Anya apologized.

"Well you can sit next to Mr. Way in the back." The teacher pointed to the red headed boy that was being mean to her in homeroom. "Gerard can you raise your hand so Ms. Wellington can know where to sit?" Gerard held up his middle finger without looking up from his paper. Some of the kids in the class giggled. "Detention Gerard."

"Yes Mr. Kocks." Gerard said with a bored tone. Anya went to the back and sat down without a word and without looking at anyone although she could feel everyone looking at her.

"Where were you in history at your last school?" Mr. Kocks asked.

"We had just finished with WWII." Anya said.

"O....kay, well ummm we are on the Boston Tea Party right now." Mr. Kocks said uncomfortably. Anya just nodded. Anya got out her notebook and started taking notes.

"Why the fuck are you taking notes if you already know this shit? Are you daddy's little bookworm?" Gerard asked rudely.

"I guess you could say that, he'd want me to be taking notes if he were still alive." Anya said without looking up because she felt like she was going to cry again. Why was he being so mean to her she didn't do anything to him. This is why she hated moving, because things like this happened to her and all she could do was go home and cry.

"I wish you were here daddy." She whispered to herself.
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