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Chapter 2 - New Neighbor

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Gerard's smile appeared once again.

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It's been a month since no one's living at Amanda's house. Gerard have been impatient.

"Dad, are you sure someone will live there?" He asked as he points at the house.
His dad noticed him being impatient.

"Uh.. yes." He answered unsure. He doesn't want his son be mad at him, so he thought what he just said is right.

"Then why does it took me long to wait?" Gerard frowned and looking down at his robot standing at the carpeted floor.

"Dear, it's not that easy to choose a nice house." his mom said quickly.

Neither of his dad nor him answered back, when suddenly, someone's crying.

"I should check Mikey, mom."
"Sure dear."


"Do you like it here, honey?"
"Yes mommy! it's really nice!"

A little girl roamed around the house with a wide smile plastered in her face.

"From now on, we'll live here honey."


Gerard was playing with his little brother Mikey at the living room when he heard a car door shut outside their house.

He ran towards the window to take a look. He saw a lady and a little girl going inside Amanda's house.

"Mom! Dad! There's a big fat lady and a little girl in that house!" He shrieked.

"Really? You should offer cookies to them as a welcome gift." His mom smiled.

"Yes! Can I bring Mikey with me?" he asked childishly.

"Sure, but be careful."

Gerard smiled widely and he danced around, as if he won on a contest.

His mom put a gel on his hair and made his hair pointy while his dad prepared the cookies.

"Hey Mikey. Guess what? We have new neighbors, and that means we will have new great friends!" He told Mikey, though he knew that Mikey don't understand that much what he's saying.

But Mikey just responded with a small giggle.

"Be nice darling." his mom smiled.

"I AM nice!" he answered back and his mom and dad just laughed.

Gerard's carrying a basket full of newly-made cookies on his left hand while he's holding Mikey's hand on the right.

"Mikey, remember what mom said, be nice."

They're few steps away from the door way. Gerard showed his oh-so-famous smile before he push the door bell.
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