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The Love I haven't told

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Gerard Way is a boy who lost his great friends/neighbors at an early age.

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Uhh.. so I'm new here and this is my first story. I hope you'll like it. Comments are much appreciated. :)

"Gerard! Your orange juice and sandwich are now prepared."
"Yes mom! I'll be there." A six-year old boy shouted back.

Gerard Arthur Way. A young boy with a pointy black hair rises in the air. His mom have been so good in putting gel on his hair and making a hair style.

He was in his tree house his dad built. He secretly made a small opening in their fence so that his neighbors, as well as his friends, Joey and Amanda Sanders, can sneak in there anytime.

"So... are you sure you'll leave?" Gerard asked Amanda.
Amanda and Joey told him earlier that they'll leave New Jersey and start a new life there at London.

"My mommy said yes." Gerard frowned a little bit.
"Is London near here?"
Amanda's 12-year old brother quickly answered "Are you crazy? You can't even walk to that place from here."

"Gerard! Where are you?" His mom shouted for the second time, but he didn't mind.
"When are you going to leave?"
"Next Week." The siblings answered in unison.
"Okay.." was all he could say. He's kinda sad because in his early age, he'll lose great friends.

"Joey, Amanda, bye bye." and he hugged them tight.
"Don't worry dude, I'm sure we will be here again next time." Joey said patting him on the back.

Without any word, Gerard climbed down his tree house and leave them there.
He told his mom the whole thing and feel so sad for him.


"Bye Gerard! I will miss you." Amanda hugged Gerard so tight. Both of them are just 6 yrs.old, so there's nothing to be asked.
"I will miss you too." he replied.

Their car honked signaling they're leaving.
Joey just patted Gerard's head and went in to the car.

"Bye Mr. and Mrs. Sanders!"
"So long Gerard. Be a good boy." Mrs.Sanders replied.

Gerard smiled a little bit. The car door closed and the car left at a low speed.
Gerard stared at Amanda's house so deeply. He's been thinking that he wouldn't have great neighbors anymore. Their neighbors on the right are whores as fuck.

"Don't worry son. I'm sure somebody will live there soon." His dad said while staring at the house.
"Really?!" He asked childishly with wide eyes.
"Of course son!" his dad smiled and pulled Gerard beside him.

He's wondering who will live there. He's hoping that their new neighbor will be awesome as Joey and Amanda.
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