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Social Worker Talk

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Sitting on a hospital bed with a suicidal roommate.

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I guess they must have put me out in the ambulance because the last thing I heard or saw was Ryan screaming at one of the attendants that he was my only family. I guess it was so he could stay with me, which I do appreciate. The first time I woke up I had a burning sensation on my stomach and noticed that I had new stitches on the large gash made from the knife wound. My back hurt like a bitch, and it felt like someone had hit me on the head. I had a lump in my throat, and all I wanted to do was go back to sleep. It took all my strength to keep my eyes open and at least try to examine the room I was in.
It was a pristine white, everything looking like it was constantly cleaned with bleach and disinfectant. It smelled like piss vomit and a mix of pills. There was a window on the far wall, and next to that was another bed, a person asleep with a large bandage on their head, hooked up to a variety of machines. I knew I was to, but I didn't want to focus on the needles sticking out of my arms. It looked like Spencer was sleeping in a chair not to far away, his light brown hair in a mop on his head, as he slumped in the chair to sleep. I tried to talk, to ask for a glass of water, to ask what happened, but I couldn't speak. I tried to move to get him to wake up, that still didn't work. I frowned. I was utterly useless. I felt my eyes grow even heavier at the thought and just gave up on doing anything, closing them and letting myself go back to sleep.
The second time I woke up I felt less tired, but even weaker than before. I groaned a little, my throat hurting like crazy. I opened my eyes, the light attacking my pupils as soon as my eyelids fluttered open. It hurt and I gave another groan, closing my eyes once more before opening them a little bit more slowly. I looked up to see that Spencer had been replaced with my social worker who gave a small smile when he noticed I was awake.
"Good you're up. The nurse said you would probably wake today." He said rubbing his face a little. I tried to clear my throat to talk but I found it was to hard to do say anything so I just nodded. He seemed to notice my problems and handed me a glass of water while he talked. "You've been out for about three days, but the first two was because they wanted to keep you under. The good news is you can leave the hospital in two days, the other good news is that you don't have to go home. Of course, that doubles as bad news." I drank some of the water, holding the glass with two hands as I tried not to drop it. "I visited you Saturday and when I found you weren't there I took a look around the house. You're aunt and uncle had no idea where you were and there was blood stains on the carpet in your room. We found the knife in the house, and one of the maids said that it was your uncle tried to kill you." I handed him the glass and he set it down on the table by my bed. I closed my eyes as what he had said sunk in. "You're uncle's currently in custody." I opened my eyes again, staring at him. He was looking out the window as he talked to me, and I couldn't help but feel slightly offended by it. "We just need you to tell a cop the truth, you don't have to testify, we just want to know the truth." I nodded and he continued to talk.
"They also found a bag of pot on your body." Fuck. "So now you get to go live in a juvenile detention center." I stared at him wide eyed and he looked over at me, a small frown on his lips. "At least it's only for a month, after that we're going to place you in foster care. We have a home lined up for you already. And hey, maybe if you're a good kid they'll let you out early." I nodded, looking down at my hands. It was, after all, my fault. He stood, and started to walk over to the door.
"Just so you know, that Spencer kid saved your life. You should really thank him when you see him next. Him and that Ryan boy." And with that he left, the door closing softly behind him. I breathed out slowly, wondering how long I would stay in the hospital before going to a place that could only be described as hell on earth. There was a sound from the bed next to me, and I looked over at the boy.
He was laughing.
At me.
He looked over at me with an impish grin, going from ear to ear.
"Sorry mate, but you're screwed." He said with a laugh. I nodded, closing my eyes again. I heard him get up and carry the IV that was attached to him over as he walked to my bed. "What's your name kid?" I looked at him and he gave me a toothy smile. I couldn't help but notice his large canine teeth, they were bigger than most people's, and they looked like they had been sharpened too.
"Brendon."My voice sounded scratchy and unused. He sat down on the edge of my bed, and I wondered why he wasn't wearing a hospital gown like everyone else had to. Instead he was just wearing a tight fitting pair of green pants, and a purple headband that was tied around his head. There was a tattoo on the left side of his chest, it was an outline of a heart and inside of the outline there was one simple word in cursive. 'Nitroglycerin.' I smiled a little at the joke, knowing that most people probably didn't understand it. His pale thin lips had a stud on the right side of the bottom one, right next to it was a black loop. His ears were gauged to what I'm guessing was a double zero. His natural blond hair was long and shaggy, and I couldn't help but wonder how often he got mistaken for a girl. He looked at me with his bright green eyes and grinned.
"So you got in here because your uncle stabbed you?" I nodded and the hand that belonged to his arm that didn't have a needle sticking out of it went to pull out two small boxes from his pocket. He lit a match, bringing it up to a cigarette that he had placed between his pierced lips just a moment before. He took a long drag before tapping off the ash and offering it to me. "Want a drag?" I shook my head and he shrugged. "You know, that really sucks. Family's these days are just fucked up."
"Yeah." I said somewhat slowly. Talking hurt like a bitch, but hey, the kid was being friendly with me. The very least I could do was say one or two words. He gave a small sigh, taking another drag of his cigarette.
"I heard some of the nurses talking, they were all talking about what a horrible situation you were in. I thought it was kind of sickening, but that could just be because I'm jealous." I looked at him, his moss green eyes taking in the wall that had the window. He sounded slightly frustrated, and yet calm. "They also said that you're going to be stuck here for another week, sounds exciting doesn't it?"
"When do you get out?" He looked at me and shrugged.
"I'm leaving tomorrow, but I'll probably just get put back in here in a day or two." I looked at him curiously, trying to read his facial expression. He shrugged, putting out his cancer stick and tossing it on the ground. It was silent for a moment and I decided to speak.
"Why?" He stayed still for a moment before standing up and walking back over to his bed.
"I have a disease." He said simply, lying back on his bed with his eyes closed and his arms behind his head. I stared at him for a moment, and he opened one of his eyes, smiling at me. "It's depression by the way. I'm going to take a nap." He rolled over, facing away from me as he drifted off into sleep. I just looked at my hands, unable to think of anything else to do.


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