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Chapter 16

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Don't worry nobody here ever really dies

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Gerard Way's POV

I gripped the cell bars with until I felt sure that either they or I would break. The very person I'd just worked so hard to get, had just been ripped from me. A tight pain began thumping in my chest. Then, I noticed someone was screaming. They were screaming at the top of their lungs, then noise was a sharp cry of rage and agony. As the screaming began to cause my ears to send me pain signals, someone slapped me in the face.

"Jesus Christ! SHUT THE HELL UP!" It was the girl who looked extremely scared who Beckett had left me in here with along with the other girl. I touched my cheek where she slapped me.
"Why did you-"

"You were screaming at a pitch that would make fat opera singers jealous." She said, cutting me off. I gaped at her. I had been the one screaming? The pain in my chest became a duller but still consistent burden.

"Man that was loud, you ever considered joining a band?" She asked suddenly. Momentarily, I felt my mind race back to what seemed like some faded memory from someone else’s mind.
"Yeah, I did actually." I smiled grimly at the dream that had just barely escaped me. The girl watched my face, she knew that there something more to that.

"Ooookayy then. Well, could you do me a favor?" She asked while grinning. I raised an eyebrow, I hardly know this chick.

"What do you want?" I asked suspiciously. She gave me a surprised and quite particularly ticked off look.

"Dude, she’s like bleeding all over the fucking floor. What the hell do you think I want?! Help me out here!" She shouted and pointed to the giant gash in the girls shoulder. There was blood pretty much oozing out at a rate that should have me on her like a fat kid on cake. I hadn't even noticed until she'd mentioned it now.

"Umm, what do you want me to do?" I asked. I don't know how to take care of major medical wounds, and how the hell is she not unconscious from blood loss yet?
"Lets could try, I dunno, STOPPING THE FUCKING BLEEDING IN HER SHOULDER!" She shouted and then cringed.

"Right, sorry." I nodded. Then I looked around, there was nothing in here that we could use as a bandage. Immediately, I took off my coat and ripped large strips out of it. Then, I hesitated. If I were to get near her, my desire for blood could take over and I could kill her. Hell, the way she's bleeding, I should have already drained her dry by now. I threw the strips of my former jacket at her. She made a face at me.

"Thank you, but you could be more helpful by helping me to hold them on her shoulder." She suggested with an annoyed tone. I shook my head and turned away from her.

"Fine, be that way. Won't even help me help a girl in need." She sighed and I heard her mutter a few not so nice things about men under her breath. I spun back around to face her, the dull pain in my chest gaining momentum.

"Look, I'm trying to do you a favor. I could very likely hurt you both more than help you if I were to get near her." I explained feeling exasperated.

"Are you, like that guy was." She suddenly whispered and her eyes got tinged with fear. I looked her over a moment. As a human, she had watched her friend being beaten severely and was probably tortured. Beckett has successfully ruined one more person. She glanced around quickly, obviously looking for a way to get the injured girl further away from me.

"No, don't worry. I'm not Beckett. Well I'm the same creature as him but...I'm not the type to viciously torment or murder." I assured and then shut my mouth. It was a lie. I'd killed an innocent man not a week ago and carved a question mark into his forehead. The thought hit me with full force, I'm just like Beckett. The pain in my chest intensified for a moment and the girl eyed me suspiciously, my silence was probably driving her mad.

"What's your name?" I asked suddenly. She looked taken aback for a moment but answered.
"Sarah." She replied, still looking unsure. I glanced out the cell bars.
“And what’s her name?”


"Well, Sarah, I'm Gerard Way and I would like to be the first person to welcome you to the rest of your hell." I announced. Sarah scooted away from me.
"I'm not kidding," I laughed grimly. "You've just been sucked into the world of vampires, congrats. It's filled misery, death, paranoia, and if you're lucky revenge." I walked over to the wall opposite of her and sat down. She gave me a glance suggesting that I might be crazy.

"Look, Gerard, you may have been locked up in here for awhile but there are no such things as vampires. I'm sorry to burst your asylum based bubble but they just don't exist." She denied while gripping her pant leg tightly. I shrugged in response.

"Fine, believe what you like but Beckett wasn't human was he?" I asked letting an evil smile creep up just past my fangs. What has gotten into me?

"H-He's just a maniac, there's nothing completely abnormal about that." She stuttered back. My smile went away but I still shook my head at her denial.

"Whatever, it doesn't matter. In any case, if we don't get out of here, vampire or not, he's bonkers and wants to kill us." I responded and cringed inwardly at what he might be doing to Lily. She could be dead now, or even a vampiress. If Beckett is her sire I'll....
Suddenly, Lea screamed and shook violently then fainted.

"Fuck!" I swore and ran over to her. She reeked of blood but I found myself not feeling anything. It's because the only person who ever made you want to continue on living even as someone undead, is gone. You've lost your reason, my conscience whispered in the back of my mind. I shook myself of the thoughts. I don’t have time to be messed up over her right now. Sarah looked at me through half closed eyes.

"My left pocket." She whispered to herself. She reached into the pocket of a pair of checkered print jeans that clung to her skin. She tugged on something and a key revealed itself. I looked at her incredulously.

"How did you-"
"I'm a ninja." She grinned and winced in pain from the gash on her cheek. Then she grabbed my arm.

"She needs a doctor, if we don't get one in about two hours then most definitely she will be quite dead." She muttered with a bit of fear lacing her words. I nodded in understanding.
“Wait, what about you?” I asked

“I’m fine just, a few scratches is all. I’m not going to die”
"Don't worry nobody here ever really dies," I said and picked up the injured girl swiftly.


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