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Chapter 17

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HOLD THE PHONE. I'm cofuzzled

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Alisha's POV

Beckett. It wouldn't surprise me if that was the name on everyone's tongues right now. What could he be talking to Bob about? Maybe Bob knows something important that nobody else knows. That would make sense I suppose, or I could just be creating conspiracies in my head...

"HEY!" Kat suddenly shouted right in my face. I jumped about half a foot in the air.
"Woah! Hey, why with the waving of hands in my face?" I queried and shrunk back causing me to successfully bonk my head against the wall I was sitting against.

"Ow, that looks painful." Kat giggled while I grabbed my head in pain. Ray shifted uncomfortably next to me. I looked over at his fangliness.

"So Torosaurus, what's in your mind and eating away at your thoughts?" I asked with a silly grin. Ray's eyes shifted to look at me from the side but he remained facing forward.
"I'm just wondering what is happening." He muttered quietly. I nodded. Kat sat back down next to him. She gave him a worried look..

"So Ray, are hoping that Beckett is tearing him to shreds right now?" I said while placing my chin in my hand.

"I don't know." He sighed. I gasped suddenly and he looked over at me weirdly.
"Is it possible that Ray Toro doesn't want Bob Bryar dead?!" I exclaimed with mock surprise. Ray turned and glared at me. I smiled back sweetly.

"I just always thought he ditched because he totally hated me just because I became a vampire. I didn't even consider how all of the other things could have given him too much shock and caused an extreme negative reaction." He thought aloud. HOLD THE PHONE, I'm confuzzled.

"What....other things exactly are we talking about here? Hrmm?" I asked while raising an eyebrow. Ray looked away from me again, as though he felt guilty.

"Gerard's only lost control of himself on a few occasions, he's not like Frank or I, he keeps himself together. The first time he lost it was on Bob. We had decided to go to Bob's place to make sure he was alright because we knew it would be a lot to take in, and we'd already figured out who in the group had the best self-control, which was Gerard. Well since these were our earlier days he still didn't have amazing control, just the best out of all of us, so he was sort of there to make sure I didn't do something. Things were going generally well and Bob seemed a little freaked out but not over the edge over the whole thing yet. However, the entire plan backfired when he accidentally fell out of a chair and cut his arm on a sharp table corner. Gerard was managing at first but immediately lost it and was restrained. Bob freaked and started to run out of his apartment, but he got too close to Gerard and well....yeah." Ray finished and hung his head. I blinked.

" BOTH just happened to leave that entire little incident out of this fight for the last like five years?" I strained to get the words out. Ray nodded absent mindedly. I turned and smacked him in the face. Kat giggled. "I get it now. I finally get why Ray acted the way he did. You have to be careful when you let people in on this Ray! You and Gerard were doing fine until you both attacked him! How on earth can you ridicule him and find a reason to be angry?!" I argued. Seriously, what the fuck?

"You don't understand! When we got better we tried to find him and calm him down, but he wouldn't listen. He almost killed me!" Ray responded with anger seeping into his words. I rolled my eyes.

"I wonder if that had anything to do with the fact that you almost had him for a midnight snack?!" I shouted and Ray hissed. I was on my feet in a second.

"I think you should keep to your own business!" He roared. I shrugged in response and then slugged him in the face. He took a few steps back and grabbed his jaw. Kat and Mikey both stood at the same time.

"That's enough."

"Quit it now."

I ignored their comments and waited to see what Ray would do next. He walked back over to me and I could tell we were about to have another showdown. However, it would have to wait, as just as we were about to start the fight, William Beckett burst through the doors. He just loves to interfere with major moments doesn't he?

"I just thought I'd inform you that your friend has chosen to come with me." He announced with a wicked grin that showed off his own set of fangs. Ray and I both hissed at him.
"Foolish Alisha, you don't honestly think that I would keep him around if he didn't come with me, do you?" He chided and gave him the finger.

"Are you going to kill him?" Ray broke in suddenly. Beckett licked his lips and broke into a smile.

"No Raymond, I don't think I am. However if you take as such Lily will be dead too. It all depends on your definition of kill." He chuckled. We all knew what he was getting at. Then Kat did another unexpected thing today, she suddenly threw a stake right at Beckett's face. He caught it...with his teeth. I made a face. He took the stake from his mouth and looked over at Kat.

"Now, now, I wouldn't try that if I were you. Trying to kill a vampire much more powerful than yourself can only result in pain." He warned and turned to go out the door.

"By the way, we're leaving New Jersey as part of an agreement I made so ta-ta for now." He waved goodbye. However, just as he was about to exit he turned and swiftly threw the stake back at Kat. I cringed and waited to hear the sound of a scream or to hear the sound of dust hitting the floor but neither came. Instead I heard the snapping of wood as Ray let out an enraged roar. I glanced back and saw that he'd caught the stake just before it could pierce Kat's heart. Then, I looked back at the door, Beckett had already left.

"Bastard," I heard Mikey mutter from a corner in the separate cell. I nodded in agreement.
"Great, so now our friends have been kidnapped by a vampire." I complained, trying to keep how worried I was for Bob out of my tone.

"Is it just me or does the whole kidnapping our friends thing feel like deja vu?" Kat said with a half smile.

"I haven't the slightest clue what you're talking about." Mikey grinned back. I sat back down against the wall.

"So what're we going to do now?" I wondered aloud.

"We'll have to find a way out or go insane." Kat answered and walked over to the cell bars.
"The question is, how can we get out? These bars are even stronger than our vampire strength." Mikey said looking perplexed. The question remained a problem for only five seconds though because just as we all began brainstorming, Gerard Way opened the dungeon door while carrying a bleeding girl and an very mildly injured girl ran up behind him.
"Gerard -WOAH, who is she?" Mikey asked while standing and making his way over to the cell bars in less than a second.

Gerard Way's POV

"This would be Sarah, and Lea, Mikey." I answered as I set Lea down on the floor. Then I pulled out the key Sarah stole and opened both cell doors before anyone could blink. I turned back to Lea and Ray was by her side looking her over.

"Is she going to be okay?" He asked looking concerned. I sighed.

"Sarah must know a thing or two about medicine because she gave Lea a time limit. She said she has about two hours before Lea will be dead." Ray gaped at me. Why is he so worried? I’ve never seen him like this.

"Can we not put the bleeding girl near me?" Mikey asked from a distance.
"Sorry, let’s all go get Frank Brenda and Brandy before we decide what to do about Lea. Sarah doesn’t want her to die so it's best we get a move on." I explained and picked her up. Ray watched me as I did so and I gave him a look.

"Keep your knickers on Ray, eye raping a dying girl make you look like a bit of a creeper." Ray's face went a deep shade of red. I made a mental note of this for blackmail later and then lead us all out of the dungeon.

I kicked Frank’s and the two lovebirds dungeon door open to find Brandy looking embarrassed which no doubt means Frank just did something, and Brenda was giggling like a school girl.
"Geetard!" He squealed like a little girl and ran over to his cell bars. Brandy smiled and a look of relief came over her. I walked over to their cell.

"Where are Brent and Lily?" Brenda squeaked and she looked a little panicked. The dull pain in my heart thudded loud and washed over me, I unlocked the cell doors.
"They've chosen to go with Beckett." I whispered.


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Hint: Where Fall Out Boy is from

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