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Kiss Me You Animal.

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Drunken teens playing spin the bottle. FRERARD style..;D

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___GERARD'S POV_____

"See you at eight." I say down the phone. I'd just rang Amber, Lydia, Ray, Mikey, Bob, Nolee, Charlie, Epsilon, Alex and Jayde. They were coming over to Frank's at eight and they were bringing drinks.
"FRANK! THEY'LL BE HERE AT EIGHT!" I shouted, banging on the bathroom door.
"OKAY! LEMME GET CHANGED!" Came his muffled response.
"Kay." I say softly.
Today was great. Art was amazing. Only one thing was concerning me. Gee Gee. I may be gay but I'm not that gay! I s'pose Frank uses it in a cute way. Ah, I'll let it slide...
Just as I checked my watch that was constantly stuck on 3.16 the bathroom door swung open and there stood Frank, black eyeliner pencil around his lovely hazel eyes made to form an X over each one. He had red eyeshadow below and wore a black button up shirt, collar up, black skinny jeans, black and white Vanns and a stud belt. I grinned.
"Likin' it." I say, looking him up and down.
We went and got the drinks from the fridge downstairs. Mom and dad were in Chicago for their Anniversary or some shit like that.
We had beer, wine, whiskey, vodka and 4 special bottles of champagne we'd bought on the way back from school. The others were going to bring snacks and more drinks too.
We sat down on the bed and organised a tray of glasses and bottles and cans.
In no more than fifteen minutes the doorbell rang. I tripped down the stairs and opened the door to Amber, Ray, Mikey and Lydia.
"Hey guys!" I say, Frank appearing behind me from down the stairs.
"Hi! The others are on there way in Alex's car." Mikey explained, gripping Amber's arm tightly.
"Great! C'mon in!" I reply, stepping back to let them walk through the hall and up the stairs.
I ran up the stairs and opened everyone a can of beer. I took two sips and then the doorbell rang again.
"I'LL GET IT!" I yelled, running back down the stairs and welcoming, Epsilon, Alex, Jayde, Charlie, Bob and Nolee. Once more, we went upstairs. The took a can of beer too and then we began to sort out the other drinks and snacks. There were beers, ciders, tiquela, gin, tonic water, pina colada ingredients and margerita ingredients also, mini pizza, microwave popcorn, chips, chocolate, strawberries, crackers, cheese puffs, salt crackers, cheese and more.
I sipped on my beer and munched a salt cracker.
An hour or so later we were pretty tipsy to say the least. The wine bottle had been drained so I decided to play a game.
"Get into a circle everybody! We're gonna play spin the bottle! You have to have tongues and it has to last over one minute!" I call to the room. Everybody gathered round and I placed the empty bottle on the tray so that it would spin properly.
"Right... Alex, you spin first!" I say, pointing in his general direction.
He reached forward and spun it quickly. I giggled when it landed on me and leaned forward to kiss him soflty. His tongue slipped into my mouth and mine into his. It was so weird. The only guy I'd ever kissed was Dave, Brendon and of course Frank.
"Times up!" Frank called roughly from behind me. I sat back on my heels, reluctant to end the kiss. Alex was blushing as he sat back on Charlie.
"Baby, no need to get all jealous on me now." I say, winking.
"I'm not!" He replied, exhasperated.
"My turn to spin, I think!" I say, changing the subject and spinning the bottle with as much force as I could muster without it smashing against the side of the tray.
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