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2nd part, read part 1 so it makes sence

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" hey emo freak!" came the first shout of the morning coming from Ryan.
Leila kept her head low and pretended not to hear the taunts which were torturing her head enough already. Even though she longed to shout back " shut the fuck up Ryan!", she couldnt as she would get another bruise added to her collection she had collected over the years. she shook her black hair back off her shoulder and carried on walking to her class. Leila still heard Ryan shouting " emo freak" behind her. She scrunched her eyes up and tried her best not to cry. She pulled out a dark blue Ipod and blasted out Highway to Hell - AC-DC and couldnt hear the shouts no more.

She threw her bag under her desk, dropped into her chair and rested her head in her hands.As people could choose where they sat in class No one sat next to her and she had a whole row to herself. She was okay with that because she could work a lot harder by herself. The teacher called for silence and started doing the register, Ryan still whispering about Leila so the teacher wouldnt hear. "Leila?" called the teacher " yeah Miss" she repiled in a slow, tired voice. She had barely slept last night and she just wanted to fall asleep on the desk infront of her, but as she would get a detention, she decided against it.

There was a sharp rap on the wooden door to their classroom. Every head turned towards it and the headmaster appered, smiling, standing next to a boy no of them had seen before. He had quite long raven black hair and hazel eyes. He was quite tall too and Leila also noticed he had earphones hanging out of his pocket "excuse me Miss" said the headmaster, Mr Sprintal " may i have a word with you class?" " of course Sir" said Miss Yates.

Mr Sprintal walked forward and the unknown kid followed him to the front " ok everyone, this is Mr Way" he indicated the boy next to him " i want you to make him confortable and be friendly to him as its his first day here. Would anyone like to look after Mr Way for the day?" There was a silence, then " Leila, you can look after him cant you?" said Miss Yates. Leila was surprized that she of all people would be chosen to look after this new kid, but said " yeah sure Miss" " very good" said Mr Sprintal " well, Mr Way, go and sit down next to Leila and i will let you carry on miss", he ushered the boy forward, walked to the door and left. The boy slung his shoulder bag off his shoulder and sat down. Leila stayed quiet as she wasnt very good as socialising.

Everyone began talking as the bell for the first lesson hadnt rung. Leila was still sitting quietly, deep in thought. This new kids gonna hate me too she thought he's gonna be like Ryan and Lucy and then things will get worse, then.. " hey". The voice made her jump. The new boy was looking at her with a quisical look on his face " you ok?" he asked. " yeah im fine" Leila repiled, turning to face him, " i was just thinking of stuff". He smiled " Im Gerard Way" he said, holding out his hand " Leila Brook" she repiled and they shook. " so, how long have you been living round here?" asked Leila. " not too long" said Gerard, laying back on his seat " moved here a few days ago, down Church Close" Realisation dawned on Leila's face " I live down that road" she said " You live at number 6" " thats right!" said Gerard and he grinned at her " what about you?" " Number 9" Leila repiled. At that moment, the bell rang out. They had science first lesson " Im going to the headmaster office" said Gerard " he said i should after i get to know someone" "ok" Leila repiled and for the first time in ages, she smiled. " see you soon Gerard" " you too Leila" he repiled, as they went their seperate ways.
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