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Chapter 1

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3 mysterious and strange boys from a different school exchange to the same school best friends Heather Smith and Jenna Shaw attend. Heather finds herself drawn to 'adorkable', sweet Mikey whilst Je...

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Heathers p.o.v
it was her average school day. Heather stared out of the window behind her as the teacher droned on a metre away from her. Why did nothing matter? Why did she feel like this? like no-one cared. She couldn't even talk to Jenna about it. sigh. Jenna had James, they were the perfect couple. They had been dating for a year and everything was still as sweet and perfect as it had been when they first started dating. Heather envied them, she would never tell Jenna that but they were always there for eachother and there was nothing they didn't know about eachother. I guess thats what best friends are supposed to be like, she thought. She didn't talk to Jenna about her own worries, she let Jenna go into lala land as she talked about cute things her dog had done yesterday or what bands she listened to or sweet things that had happened between her and James.
Heather jumped and started listening to what the teacher had been saying
'take this note to the main office ,please if you aren't too busy having a daydream...'
'oh um sorry miss mcnally'

Mikeys p.o.v
he slouched against the chair taking in his asylum like surroundings. This place was better than the only other public school him and his brother had attended when he was 5. Mikey remembered only too well the putrid green colour of the nursery's walls and also the vivid red colour of the blood 7 year old Gerard had coughed up. He only hoped the pupils in this school weren't too violent... then again you may as well ask god to bring back Dinosaurs. He stared at his Brother Gerard and their closest friend they had Frank they all were doing the same thing Mikey had been doing previously.Serveying their surroundings. Frankie's parents had let him move schools with Gerard and Mikey.Thank God.
Thats when he saw her. She had straight black hair tinted blue in the light and bright piercing blue eyes with a dark smoky blue outline of her iris. She nervously bit her bottom lip as she walked up to the office window waiting patiently in a small line. She was wearing the standard uniform he had been forced to wear, white shirt,black shoes,black pants ,blue and yellow striped tie. She handed the note to the secretary sitting behind the glass window. The secretary looked from her to Mikey and cleared her throat before reading out his name in an earnest manor. 'Michael James Way? and...Frank Anthony Iero?'
'yes m'aam?'
'This is...?' she motioned towards Heather.
'umm.. Heather, Heather Smith'
'yes. She is going to show you two round. Your lockers are all next to eachother, she has an average grade and you three have all classes together.Here are your timetables and i hope you have the stationary you need. As you can see from your newly printed timetables you all have Chemistry first, Enjoy'


Heathers p.o.v
'Jesus. This guy was hot. Why did i have to be the one to show him round. He's clearly going to hate me for telling him what to do and even if he somehow manages to withstand me being a control freak I'm in all of his lessons and its not just me who's going to realise how hot he is. The school have fucked this up royally. Then again, life was already fucked up. What damage can one hottie do,right?'
she thought.
'Hey umm.. as you obviously know I'm Heather, great to meet you..?'
'Hey Heather! Great to meet you too, which floor are our lockers on?' Frank replied. He was pretty enthusiastic, not at all like Mikey or Gerard whom they had left downstairs sitting on the chair.
'Oh, well umm, this kinda sucks cause students aren't allowed to use the lifts but they're on the top floor which means we have to walk up the stairs every day. Sorry guys'
'naw, its okay. Great exersize anyway!' exclaimed Frank.
Mikey just stood there looking at Heather as if there was something disbelieving about her...
'oh god' she thought 'he hates me already'

Mikey p.o.v
'i know this is stupid because i only met her a couple of minutes ago but her eyes... they're beautiful...' Mikey thought to himself.

okay sorry guys its kinda short but i did this pretty quick, sorry if theres any mistakes and if yu want the story to continue just tell me please. Thanks :)
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