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Chapter 3

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Heather had finished her lunch been to her locker and it was last period of the day. She hadn't been able to talk to Frankie or Mikey all day because they had been put into assigned seats away from her but there was only one thing she knew that made her get through the day. Mikey kept glancing at her.

Heathers p.o.v
It might be just a regular thing he does or whatever but I don't care. It made me unbelievably happy. As the bell rang and the teacher dismissed us i gathered my things and headed for the door intending to meet Frankie and Mikey outside once I'd gotten out of the crowd but i felt a cool hand on my arm. I giggled a little expecting it to be Mikey but was surprised.
'oh, hey Frankie' I said feeling sociable for the first time in my life, i gave him one of my rare smiles. It was small but I'm not a big smiler considering the fact I don't usually have a lot to smile about which sounds like I'm asking for pity but in all honesty its not that it just takes a lot for me to smile.
'Hey Heather!' he exclaimed, he grinned back at me showing his pearly whites. I expected him to wait but he kept walking.
'Wait,Frankie aren't we gonna wait for Mikey?'
'Oh, umm sure I forgot'
he seemed to linger on the verge of saying something then Mikey walked out of the room. wow, I'd forgotten how hot he was along with how to breath and how to greet someone adequately.
'Hi Heather, we going to our lockers? and If your okay with it I could drive you home, I'm driving frank home anyway. The more the merrier,right?'
'Yeah we are, I'm definitely okay with it if its okay with you,okay?' I then realised just what I had said and I'm pretty sure I blushed furiously. I felt the colour in my cheeks anyway haha.
Mikey just looked at me with those gorgeous eyes and swept his long blonde fringe out of his face. While we were getting our things out of our lockers we laughed and joked and i couldn't help but feel like for once I belonged. That I had known Frank and Mikey my whole life. They were true friends and i knew at that moment I could tell them anything. I couldn't tell Jenna the things I felt like telling Mikey and Frank right now.
'Hey, whats that look for?' asked Frank amusement seeping into his voice
'I'm sorry guys, I don't wanna scare you off but you're both so nice to me and well... I'm not normal. I'm a freak, I've had one friend in the 4 years I've been in this school and I haven't even told her things about me or my life. I feel like I've known you both for so long... ah forget it its stupid and difficult to explain.' oh great. now i feel like an idiot. shouldn't have mentioned it.
'Heather, you're a great friend and I honestly can't see why you don't have many friends. You aren't a freak, you're just different. Unique and don't ever change that about yourself. You're beautiful on the inside and out. You're a real genuine person and I'm honoured that we're friends.. No best friends. Forever.'
'oh my god. Frankie! thats the sweetest thing anyone's ever said to me you're gonna make me tear up!'
'please don't! thats one of my secret phobias hahaha' he winked at me and we were all chuckling then Mikey came over and hugged me close. Now this sounds pathetic but that was one of my phobias because I'm more than a little short. (just smaller than Frank. fml.) but i just ignored everything and when he hugged me, he hugged me tight to his slim body and it made me feel like he never wanted to let go. But people were looking at us and we still hadn't gotten our stuff out of our lockers so i guess he had to...

A car drive later

'Bye Frankie' I said pleasantly
'bye Frank' Said Mikey
'bye guys,Heather you allowed to come over to Mikeys for the movie thing?'
'sure if Mikeys brother's okay with it...Mikey?'
'Yeah he is i texted him, he says its fine. He invited someone too but he doesn't think she'll show'
'awesome guys!' Frank grinnned at Me and Mikey 'see you guys at...six?'
'Sure,sure six is fine for me, how about you Heather?'
'Yeah, six is totally fine' I said playing it cool
We waited for Frank to find his keys and open the door and then Mikey drove off in his white volvo.
'I'm pretty surprised' muttered Mikey
'huh? about what?' I asked
'Well you don't know this but about Frank. well, he hates being called Frankie cause his mom calls him that and we've been using it to irritate him ever since but he kind of.. likes you calling him it. Which is wierd cause he would always snap at us for using it haha'
'oh, okay and this means...?'
'I think he likes you..' Mikey trailed off getting quieter. His voice was strained...
''Aw man. Thats pretty awkward and bad considering he's not the one I'm after.'
Mikey stayed quiet for a short while deep in thought.
The car pulled up next to my house and it was time to get out, I grabbed my bag and jacket and was about to open the car door when Mikey put his hand on my arm stopping me.
'What's up?' I asked trying to pass off as casual acting like my heart wasn't beating at 1000 beats per minute.
'oh, umm... nothing. Meet me at six outside your house and I'll pick you up again ,okay?' he spoke so softly as if crooning to a baby but I loved it. His sweet breath was so close i could practically taste it carressing my senses and it made my head spin.
'Oh I- ,are you- sure?' I breathed
'yes, definitely' he spoke so passionately
'I better go, but I- I can't wait to see you' I found difficulty getting the right words out of my mouth with him so close.
and thats when he kissed me.
not long and passionately, like most couples do. Short and sweet and on my head but I loved it.
I hugged him and got out of the car, opened the front door calmly walked up the stairs and then burst into a fit of the giggles on my bed. Who knew my life could change so dramatically in a matter of hours. I had absolutely no worries. Except for one, what on earth was i supposed to wear for a casual get together...
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