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she's beatiful

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frank meets violet.

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Hey guys I know the last chapter was shit so I'll try to make them longer and better! Reviews!!!!
Frank's POV
" Yeah, yeah. What ever mom!" I walk out of the house and close the door as hard as i could. This is just another one of those fights with my parents. They are always complaining about how I look and who I hang out with. God damn it why do they care?!
I decided to go to the park around the corner. I use to come here all the time with my parents. I always come here after a fight, it just seems to calm me down. When I reached the park I sat down on one of the swings and just sat there. I closed my eyes to take in air and relax.
" Having tough time?" Someone spoke. I quickly open my eyes to see a teenage girl. Wow. Her hair was short, right under her ears and she had magenta streaks in her hair. Her eyes were a piercing shade of brown. She had three piercing on her ears and one lip ring. Her skin looked smoothed a light carmel shade.
" Yeah. Parents." Was all i managed to say.
" Same. I hate how they are always on you tail yelling at you for not looking like all the others and being gothic and shit. Then you start getting bad grades and they ground you for a whole summer." You could hear the anger in her voice.
" Exactly." She understood me completely
" Well anyways, My name is violet." she said reaching out to shake my hand. She smiled slightly.
" Frank." I said shaking her hand.
" I'm new her. Just moved here last week from california."
" Really?"
" Yeah it's a lot different there. It's warmer, and and shit." She smiled as she was remembering.
" So what school you going to?"
" Belleville High school, or something like that."
" really? That's where I go! What grade?" I asked.
" Sophomore."
" Me too!" i said excitedly.
" Hey sorry it's getting late, I should really get going. Here's my number. I can text." She took out a pen from her pocket and grabbed my hand to write it on.
" Thanks. Oh wait i can show you around tomorrow meet me here tomorrow at seven." I stood up.
" Okay. Thanks! Bye!" And with that she left.
She's beautiful.
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