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Chapter 5 - Best Friends

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They grew up, fell in love, more matters to come.

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Gerard Way and Lindsey Ballato were friends since they've been neighbors.
They were classmates since Lindsey transferred there. Many things happened between them when they were in grade school. Both of them used to cheat during examinations. They have been caught thrice, but Gerard kept on defending Lindsey, saying that he started it all.
They used to climb up Gerard's tree house and stay there for few hours. They used to dance and sing together. Both of them discovered their talent in Arts, which is, their friendship have been stronger because a lot of things are common between them. As the years passed by, both of them have been closer than before. They used to share their secrets that no one even knows except the both of them. Lindsey used to tell her crush to Gerard, which is Gerard is kinda jealous.

And now that Gerard is 15 and Lindsey is 16, many things changed in a good way.


It was 6:00am in the morning and Gerard was still sleeping, his brother yelled from downstairs.
"Gerard! I don't wanna be late because of you."

Gerard didn't say anything and he covered his head with his blanket.

Mikey went in to his dark room with a plastic cup on his hand. He emptied the water from the cup and threw it at Gerard.
"Ouch! Okay! I'll get up now."

Mikey sighed and went out of his room.
Gerard stood up from his bed and his phone caught his attention. Someone just sent a text message to him.

Good morning best friend! see u at school... :)

Gerard smiled widely and went in to bathroom.


"Good thing both of you are not late this time." Gerard's friend, Frank Iero, said with a chuckle.

"If I haven't threw that plastic cup at him, I'm sure I'll gonna be late again because of him." Mikey said and glared at Gerard.

"Why were you always sleeping late anyway?" Ray Toro, the afro guy, asked Gerard.

"Homework..." Gerard answered tirely.

"oh. Homework? Really? Since when did you have a care about your homework, huh?" Mikey said quickly and Frank laughed.

"Okay. Now let's stop talking about that. The important is, you're already here at school." Ray said as if he's the father of the three boys.

"Why don't we hunt for girls?" Frank said with a wide grin and laughed.

"uhh.. I better go now." Mikey said awkwardly and walked out.

Frank didn't even notice that Mikey walked out when he saw the girl of his dreams... Jamia Nestor.
"Damn she's fuckin' gorgeous!" Frank exclaimed and sighed.

"Y'know what? Both of you matched when it talks about heights." Gerard said as he watched Jamia walking at the hallway.

"I know! That's why we're meant to be." Frank said, blushing and smiling widely.

"Why don't you ask her out?" Ray finally spoke up.

"I don't have the guts! I'm afraid she might reject me." Frank said looking at his feet.

"There's nothing wrong if you'll try." Gerard smiled and patted Frank's back.

"Hi Ray! Hi Frank! Hello there best friend!" Lindsey popped out from nowhere.
"Hi Lindsey! Can you help me with Jamia?" Frank asked directly without any hesitation.

"Sure! Just see me anytime." Lindsey smiled.

Gerard was lost in thought and keep on staring at Lindsey. He was back in reality when the school bell rang.

Frank waved a goodbye to Ray, Lindsey and Gerard.

"Are you okay?" Lindsey asked worriedly in a low voice.
"Yes I am." Gerard smiled a little bit.

"Just tell me if you're not, okay?"
"Don't worry about me. I feel good and okay." Gerard smiled.

Gerard and Lindsey went to their lockers before going to their classroom. Lindsey opened her locker when suddenly, someone passed by. Lindsey stared to the guy who passed by and Gerard followed her gaze.

Gerard asked awkwardly. "Uhh.. Who's that?"
"That's Logan." Lindsey smiled and blushed. Gerard looked at Logan for the last time then he turned to Lindsey.

"He's not even cute." Gerard joked and Lindsey gave him a killer look.

"not funny."
"So you like him?"
"Isn't it obvious?!" Lindsey chuckled still blushing.

Lindsey closed her locker and walked out without waiting for Gerard to get his things from his locker.
"Well I guess we're not really destined for each other." Gerard said to himself while closing his locker. He was about to go when he noticed someone get near to Lindsey's locker.
He hid himself behind the wall and turned around to see who was it.

It's Johanna. She's the campus crush. She has blond and long hair, very flirt and kinda thin but she has wonderful face.

She inserted a folded paper into Lindsey's locker and walked away with her friends laughing.
Gerard wondered what would it be. He was about to go back to the lockers to get the paper but he's afraid he might get late again at his class.

I should go back to lockers later and read it before Lindsey will. he noted to his mind and ran to his class.
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