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Chapter 6 - Hurt

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She wants to be with him.

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sorry for the late update. I should update this last night, but I've had a gig with my band. lol. Anyway, I just wanted to know if everybody's reading my story or just viewing, so I'll know if I had to stop this or not. Comments are much appreciated. :)

It was 5 minutes before lunch when Gerard remembered the thing that he should do.

Everyone in their classroom was noisy, except for Gerard who's silent and still. Gerard's seat is at the back while Lindsey's at the middle row.
He took a glance at Lindsey and Lindsey caught it. He wanted to look away but it's too late.

"You okay?" Lindsey mouthed.
Gerard didn't say anything but he sticked his thumb up and smiled.
Lindsey was not convinced so she showed her worried face to him. Gerard just sighed.

The school bell rang and everyone's on the rush to get out of the room. Gerard left the room without waiting for Lindsey. He quickly went to the lockers and found that the folded paper was still there at the hole of Lindsey's locker. He sighed and relief and slowly pulled it out. There's a boy running and accidentally bumped Gerard and the paper that he's holding pushed inside Lindsey's locker.

"Fuck! Great!" he said angrily. He didn't care if someone will see him.
Lindsey appeared from a distance and Gerard's red face faded. He didn't know what to do or say to his best friend about the paper. He didn't even know what's inside of it.

"You just left me there alone in the room." Lindsey said without any feeling.
"Sorry. I'm on a rush." Gerard said and Lindsey opened her locker.
He wanted to get the paper but Lindsey grabbed it first. She slowly opened it to read the inside.

"Hey look. A letter from someone." Lindsey smiled a little bit and Gerard just stared at her not knowing what to say.
As she was reading it, she was smiling until she saw Logan's name at the bottom. Her eyes were wide.

"Holy shit!" Lindsey said as she saw the name.
"Uh.. What?" Gerard asked confused. That letter was from Johanna. How could she'll like the letter?

"I can't believe Logan will give something like this to me!" Lindsey said happily.
"Umm, I don't think it's from him."
"What do you mean?" Lindsey asked, confused.

Before Gerard can speak, Johanna and her friends passed by and saw that Lindsey already opened the paper.
"Oh, I think someone has an admirer." Johanna smiled widely as she approached Gerard and Lindsey.

"How did you know?" Lindsey asked with a small smile on her face. She hates Johanna, but this point in time, there's something on that letter that poisoned Lindsey's hatred towards Johanna.

"Well... Logan shared many things to me about you." Johanna said as she stared Lindsey directly to the eyes.
Gerard hated Johanna so much. He knew that Johanna was just acting.

Lindsey's eyes were wide once again. She was about to say something but Gerard cut her off.
"Lindsey, I'm hungry now. Let's go." Gerard said and he grabbed Lindsey's arm to leave.
"What's wrong Mr.Way?" Johanna said smiling. Gerard didn't say anything and both of them walked towards the cafeteria.

"Hey! Let go of me!" Lindsey said trying to push him away.

"What's wrong with you?!"
"That fuckin' paper was not from YOUR Logan."
Lindsey sighed. "How the hell would you say that? His name was written on it."
Gerard grabbed the paper from her and read it.

To the most beautiful girl I've ever seen:
I wanna know you more.
pls. meet me tomorrow in the afternoon at the lobby.
I wanna spend my time tomorrow with you.

Logan :)

Gerard was so disgusted as after he read it.
"So... I know you do believe now it's from him." Lindsey said as Gerard lifted up his face from the paper.

"And he wants to meet you tomorrow? You do believe Logan will do this to someone like you? How would he know you like him?"
"Yes, yes, and I don't know. But I don't think it's not already important how did he know about my attraction towards him." Lindsey smiled.

"I don't think you should meet him tomorrow."
"I know it's not him who'll show up."

Lindsey showed her confused face and Gerard just sighed.
"Believe me."

Lindsey grabbed the paper from him and kept it in her pocket.
"What's with you these days? I know you've just been so over-protective, but please, it's my life and you don't have the right to stop me this time." Lindsey said and Gerard thought he's defeated.

"I know you really like him, but please believe me this time." Gerard said with a pleading look.

"You can't stop me! I want to know him, I want to be with him and I want to say my feelings towards him to him." Lindsey said leaving Gerard.

Gerard was calling her and saying sorry from a distance but she didn't turn around. He knew that she heard it but her pride was so high. Gerard recalled the statement that she escaped from her mouth. "I want to be with him..."

That must be the most hurtful thing that he heard from her.
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