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Discover, meet, and get angry at Father Time

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Frank snores. Mikey learns of Gerard and Ray's talent. Delilah meets Mikey and Gerard at the library.

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3rd chapter, hope you like. A bit long but still enjoy! xoxo

Delilah's POV
I wake up to the sound of Patrick's Stump voice screaming "I DON'T CARE" and I realize I'd left my stereo system on all night. Fuck was my reaction. My mom hated when I did that. I check to see if she's up yet, but I am shocked to see an empty kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Empty in the whole house of any sign of life. Except for a typical Diana note.
Delilah, I trust you so I'm leaving for awhile. I already registered you for Brawley so get a ride from a friend or take the bus, I left bus fair tickets on my dresser. I won't be home for a long time so don't expect me home anytime soon. If you need food I left you money in your bank account, you can last for a few months, maybe a year. Anyways I love you, be safe, call me when you read this. -Love Mom
I let out a sigh as the tears begin to fall. I was an only child and my parents got divorced when I was 10. Since then things have been bad. My mom always left me alone for months, but in this note she said a year. I couldn't believe it. I decided not to call her, knowing she wasn't expecting one anyways, so I went back into my bed room to contemplate what I was going to do.
I had 2 choices. 1. Stay home alone for about a year. 2. Call Dad and stay with him in Palm Springs. Well, she had registered me already sooo I had no choice but to stay home alone. As usual. I realized being in my house wasn't a good idea at the moment so I got out my Folie a Deux t-shirt and some black jeans (even though I knew it was super hot) and decided to walk to the ATM, the Donut Shop for a tea, then the library to pay off my debt. I didn't call Arienane, Robin, or Miranda because after yesterday I needed some desperate time alone. After fussing with my idiotic dark brown hair, deciding to leave it down, I walked out of my house, a house too big for only two people, and walked down the street towards the park that would lead to main street, headphones turned up, taking in the music and escaping all else, even the horrible heat.
Mikey's POV
It was weird being in a room with Frank. Really weird. I mean I love the guy and all but damn he snores A LOT and talks in his sleep. I mean I know I snore but not as bad as him. First night in Calipat and I already want to kill Frank, at least sleeping Frank. I realize that it's actually a bit late and that I should wake up Frank but I don't, instead I leave and go see how Gerard's doing. The apartment wasn't too bad. 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, a decent sized living room. It was a little like Ray's old apartment so we knew we'd survive living in it. Ray, being the generous kind guy he is, let Gerard have the other bedroom. Gerard fussed about it for about 3 hours after we unpacked and told Ray to take the bedroom. But nooo, Ray wanted to sleep in the living room, but he was going to keep his stuff in Gerard's room. Why? We don't know, and eventually Gerard shut his mouth accepted Ray generosity and they hugged like too big losers. Which they kinda were, y'know two grown boys both about to turn 18 living in a nowhere town, graduating with flying colors but ending up taking care of their kid brothers. Yeah, they were sorta losers, but it was okay.
As I open the door to Frank and my bedroom I hear the sound of guitar. And soft singing. I walk into Gerard's room and see him and Ray on the ground, Ray holding a bad ass guitar in hands, both looking at me in surprise.
"So when did this happen?" I ask crossing my arms.
Gerard's POV
Fuck. Mikey now knew. I looked at Mikey who had a smirk on his face and was crossing his arms. He stall had bed head and it was funny but I was too much in shock to really laugh. Ray was the same, holding his guitar close to his chest letting his full head of curls fall wherever due to the embarrassment, though we both knew we had nothing to be embarrassed about.
I really wanted to cover this up somehow, no matter how ridiculous it would sound. "If you think this is some sort of erotic hook up then...... yes it is. Ray and I are lovers, I'm sorry you had to find out this way Mikey," I say with a straight face. A look comes across Mikey's face like he almost believes me, but Ray slaps my head and blows my cover. "Ow! Dammit Ray, he was buying it!" I say hitting him with my notebook.
"Look Mikes, yes we have... musical talent," Ray says dramatically hiding his face as he turns away.
Mikey laughs and sit down on the floor with us (I still haven't put my bed together). "Guys! You should've told me! I can play the bass a little remember!" Mikey says shaking my shoulder
"Mikey, shhhh! It was Mom who told me not to tell you, she wanted you to concentrate on school not learning to play in a band, and yes I know that's what you were thinking. And Mrs. Iero told me the same goes for Frank so this does not leave this room, got it!?" I say half whispering, half yelling.
I'm super close to Mikey's face so he tries to inch away. "All right, all right, I won't tell Frank. Gosh. But hey, after 1st quarter if we do good can we you know...." he says giving me puppy eyes.
I don't break I never do but Ray, that's different. "Yes! Fine! Just don't that face!" Ray says breaking.
I look over to him, "What the hell man?!"
"It was a moment of weakness!" he replies covering his face with his hands.
I reach over and embrace him. "He gets the best of Ray it is all right," I say as we both pretend to cry while laughing at the same time.
I hear Mikey mumble, "Drama queens," and we all laugh.
I look down to the notebook with the scribbled lyrics on almost every page. "Wanna peak?" I ask Mikey who eagerly takes it out of my hand. "Guess that's a yes," I say sipping my already third cup of coffee today.
Ray's POV
Mikey's face lights up as he flips through Gerard's lyrical notebook, and I just can't help but smile. "What do you think Mikey? Gerard and I can write huh?" I ask looking down at my guitar.
"Hell yes! You have true talent guys! Gerard is this one about..." Mikey's voice fades as we see which one he's talking about. He's looking at Skylines and Turnstiles.
"No need to feel sad, it's a song to help and bring up, not bring down," Gerard says with a smile.
Mikey grins a bit and he asks me, "Do you have cords to this one yet? I'd like to hear it."
Gerard looks at me and smiles. "Master Toro, would you like to show this Jedi in training the art of the guitar chords to Skylines and Turnstiles?" he says nerdly.
"Why yes Master Way, if you care to sing along," I say just as nerdy.
"So we commence!" Gerard says starting to sing.

You're not in this alone
Let me break this awkward silence
Let me go, go on record
Be the first to say I'm sorry
Hear me out,
And if you take me down
Or would you lay me out
And if the world needs something better
Let's give them one more reason now, now, now

We walk in single file
We light our rails and punch our time
Ride escalators colder than a cell

This broken city sky like butane on my skin
stolen from my eyes
Hello Angel, tell me where are you
Tell me where we go from here

This broken city sky like butane on my skin
stolen from my eyes
Hello Angel, tell me where are you
Tell me where we go from here

Gerard stops singing as I play the last chord.
"Bravo! MORE MORE!" Mikey says silently clapping.
Gerard and I both laugh, "That good huh?" I ask.
"Very! I mean the way you moved your fingers, so much skills!" Mikey says imitating me giving Gerard a good laugh. "And Gerard! Your voice! Grandma was right! You can sing great!" he continues still imitating me.
"Mikey I love you, but stick to bass, got it? Hahaha!" Gerard says still laughing.
I just look away hiding my laughter. "Whatever Gee, anyways I came in here to ask you if you want to go to that library I saw, I need some books and FAST," Mikey says shaking his arm.
Gerard looks at his watch and back at Mikey, "Sure why not."
"YES!" Mikey says leaving but asking right before he close the door, "Wanna come Ray?"
I look up, "Oh nahh, I just...uhh I'm a video game mag reader soooo yeah you catch my drift?"
He laughs at me and nods as he and Gerard walk out, leaving me in the apartment with snoring Frank and my guitar.
Delilah's POV
My mom was not lying when she said she left me money. It was a lot, more than I really needed but I guess that happens when she money to blow. After leaving the ATM I head for the Donut Shop for iced tea, I'd usually buy coffee but today was a tea day. Once there I just sit down for awhile, letting the fact that I'll be having to start off high school in a new district without my mom home. It sucked but I couldn't do anything about it. Trying to lift my spirits up I head for the library hoping that by being in the company of books I'd be happier. Once there I paid off all the debt I had from my over due and lost books(not really lost I just wanted to keep them) and then I began to search. It wasn't a super great library but it was the only one in Calipat but it was at least 1/3 of a block from my house so that was good. I start searching around keeping an eye on the clock knowing the summer reading program would start at 1 and I didn't want to be there when it did. No one was there yet, it was pretty. Just me, the librarians, and an older woman trying to figure out her email. I ended up helping her and she left. I was alone in a very small library with a decent amount of books on a hot Calipat summer day. Wonderful!
I was getting into a book of Tim Burton stories when I heard the bell of the door opening ring. I lean back in my chair to see who it was and wow. I kept arching my neck and leaning in my chair to get a better look which made me fall flat on my ass making the younger of the two guys rush over to help me up.
"Hey are you all right?!" he asks helping me up as the other guy walks up behind him.
"Nasty fall, did you hit your head?" he asked as I tried to collect myself.
I was shocked to see not one but two guys wearing a Misfits t-shirt and the other Morrisey and The Smiths t-shirt. It was awesome, that and they both had beautiful hazel eyes, though one's were hidden behind glasses.
"Ummm yeah I'm fine, no worries... anyways hello," I say shakily. I try to keep my voice strong but I was just in shock. The older, I'm think, of the two picks up the book I was reading.
"A book filled with more drawings than words, nice choice. Hello," he says holding out his hand to shake. I reach out and shake his hand feeling this rush go through me. "I'm Gerard and this is my brother Mikey," he says handing me my book.
"Way, Mikey Way. Pleased to meet you," Mikey says bowing.
"Hahaha, pleased to meet you as well Mikey, I'm Delilah," I say smiling both to Gerard and Mikey.
Mikey smiles back a childish grin though I can tell he's probably older. "Anyways, we just moved here from Jersey, we have 2 other friends with us ummm I'm 15 and 1/2, Gerard's 17, going on 18, the other guys are Frank and Ray, and uhhh yeah you're cool because you are wearing a Fall Out Boy shirt, Pete Wentz is awesome!" Mikey says and finally stops.
"That's nice, well I'd like to say I'd be seeing you at school this year but-"
Mikey cuts me off, "Oh I'm going uhhh Brawley so I won't see you, and mister genius here already graduated, a year early!"
"Mikey, you cut her off!" Gerard says in a whispered yell, grinning at me embarrassed.
"Oh, it's okay umm well Mikey, you've seen to tell me all I need to know about you and well I'm going to Brawley too," I say smiling.
"SO COOL! Are you a sophomore?!" he asks excitedly.
"Sorry, no. Freshman," I say with a shrug.
"Wait... how old are you?" Gerard asks curiously
I try not to look him in the eye because there was something deep and dark about them that made me swoon, "Umm 14 going on 15 in January," I answer.
"Oh... okay," Gerard says, "Mikes, I'm going to sign up for cards okay?"
"Sure go ahead, I want to talk to my new friend!" he replies with a laugh. I smile at this and sit back down grabbing a seat for Mikey as Gerard leaves.
"Anyways Delilah, Frank's a freshman, AND you look to old to only be 14!" he says to me which makes me bust up laughing but at the same time I see Gerard looking right at me as stands at the counter.
Gerard's POV
Fuck. 14 going on 15. Why couldn't she be at least 16? Fuck. Well, maybe Mikey and her will... ugh never mind. I hand the librarian the little paper I filled out for me and Mikey as I look back at Delilah and Mikey laughing.
She's different. I could tell the second I saw her and seeing the book she was deep into made me believe it even more. I liked her but dammit, the age...

and that's all for tonight! Yeah bit of a cliff hanger, great huh? ;) Anyways it's 1 AM here in California so time for bed. Review please, tell me if you like of not. xoxo
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