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Age apparently does matter.

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Delilah learns more about Gee and Mikey. Gee slowly becomes more interested in her. Mikey takes to her meet Ray and Frank. But when Frank sees her something happens and Gerard notices.

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hello again! Now, I don't want to keep anyone waiting too long so I'll continue the story :) But just so you know, I know how the guys looked in high school and all but in my fic imagine them as younger versions of the late Revenge, early Black Parade era. Hope that helps with what they look like. So enjoy! And remember to review :) xoxo

Gerard's POV
The librarian handed me the two new library cards that had pictures of the Salton Sea and the other of mountains. Guess those were to the best landmarks they had. I walked back to the small table Mikey and Delilah were at trying to act as if I had nothing on my mind, hoping Mikey wouldn't notice.
"Cool shirt Gerard, I like how you combined Morrisey and The Smiths. Made it yourself huh?" Delilah asked me as she closed the book of Tim Burton's artwork and short stories.
"Yeah he did! My brother's an amazing artist!" Mikey answered for me before I could find my voice to answer her.
I looked at her and smiled, she smiled back revealing braces that for some reason fit her and when she smiled her face lit up. It was small but I was able to see something in her, like she was hurting but when she smiled it went away for awhile. It was beautiful. Dammit, no, I thought. I can't think that. She's only going to be 15. It's just wrong. I'm 17 it just... it would never work.
"Is this so Gerard? Are you an amazing artist?" she asked snapping me out of my internal argument. I look back up to her and see her messing with her Styrofoam cup that had soda or iced tea I was guessing, while her hair fell over her big brown eyes that had long lashes and they were beautifully underlined with black eyeliner that made them just pop.
"Mikey is exaggerating, I'm a decent artist," I say trying to be modest and calm though I wanted to just hold her and ask her everything about herself.
"Gerard, stop lying! He was going to work for the Cartoon Network but my mom asked him and Ray to bring Frank and I down here to get a uhh fresh start so he denied the offer and here we are! But he really is a great artist," Mikey says smiling proudly. He could draw too, not as well as me I guess but he always thought my drawings were great and back in Jersey he covered his bedroom walls with pictures I had drawn for him.
"Wow! That's so cool Gerard!" Delilah said grinning making my heart melt, it was like I'd known her forever.
"Thank you but it's no big deal," I replied trying to act suave. Suddenly Mikey grabbed my notebook of artwork that I always carried around sort of like a security blanket. "Mikey! What the hell?!" I yell making the librarian shoot us a glare.
"Sorry Mrs. Walker," Delilah says half waving apologetically. Mikey hands her my notebook as I slouch in my chair. No one but Mikey, Ray, and Frank had ever seen the drawings in it. I wasn't prepared for her criticism. She begun flipping through the pages until she comes upon a certain one with a gasp.
"What? Is it bad? Look like I said I really am not that great..." I say embarrassed and worried. I had fucked up any chance I had but then she looked up with tears in her eyes.
"Gerard, this is gorgeous," she said showing me the drawing I had done months ago.
Delilah's POV
I raised the notebook to show him which one I was looking at. It was a drawing of two lovers at the alter covered in blood yet smiling and awaiting a kiss. For some reason it touched my heart and made me want to cry. It showed me that through anything true love could prevail. It was titled "Demolition Lovers II". Gerard moved his hand through his messy black hair and shyly smiled, an adorable smile that made my heart race.
"Oh, that one. Thank you, if you like it that much you can y'know keep it if you'd like," he replied with a smile and he looked at me with his beautiful hazel eyes that he and his brother shared.
I liked Gerard a lot. But he seemed like a mystery and like he had something to hide, but I didn't care because I had secrets as well. But the age... 17 and 14. It just couldn't work, it would cause problems. But I felt like I needed him in my company. Especially after seeing the drawings, the were dark yet had this hint of happiness beneath them, like they were all about to burst with joy. It was beautiful. I could only imagine what Gerard's mind was like; it was most likely a dark beautiful place that I could search for hours.
"Told you he was great! See Gerard, other people would love your artwork!" Mikey says getting the notebook out of my grasp and back to Gerard. "He isn't so self confident," he continued sighing.
"Don't worry Gerard, neither am I," I say patting his hand making him tense up for some reason. I move quickly. "Well, umm quick question, why did you and Frank need a fresh start? Frank's his name right? What happened?" I ask trying to learn about these two very cool guys.
As soon as I say it they jump into story telling me of the hardships they faced in Jersey and what had happened to Mikey and Frank while they were in Jr. High.
I learned of Frank's beatings from some assholes at Catholic academy. It angered me even though I didn't know him but that was because I knew how painful it was to just be picked on let alone be beat.
When they told me about Mikey, I wanted to cry. Gerard did most of the talking at that part and I could bet my life on it that I saw a tear fall once or twice. Mikey ended up showing my a few oh his scars on his wrists hidden by a black sweatband. When I saw this I started to fidget around with my rubber bracelets on my right wrist. It was so sad knowing he was hurt that bad. But I was glad to learn why they had to move here, that they were able to start over.
"Well Mikey, you cannot begin to understand how happy I am to hear you are doing better, and as for Frank well I haven't met him yet," I said smiling and giving him a hug as if I'd known him my whole life.
"Then lets fix that!" he replied
"Excuse me?" Gerard and I said in unison.
"Let's take her to the apartment to meet Ray and Frank, c'mon Gerard!" Mikey said getting out of his chair.
"Well...will you parents mind?" Gerard asks pushing in his chair.
That hit a soft spot. My mom wouldn't care even if she was home and my dad was too far away to ever try to care. I tried not to let this bother me because he doesn't know so I just reply with a simple, "No."
"Great let's be off then!" says Mikey leaving me and Gerard alone for a few seconds standing there awkwardly. I wanted to grab his hand and just entwine my fingers in his but that was clearly a bad idea.
"Ladies first," he says at last breaking the silence making me laugh a genuine laugh.
We finally walk out into the heat and towards the Casa Del Sol apartments.
Frank's POV
There was a crash outside my door; that's how I woke up. I looked over to my clock and saw it was already noon, the perfect time to wake up. I drag myself out of my small twin bed realizing Mikey was already up and gone. I walk out of my room putting a t-shirt on since I only sleep with my pajama bottoms. Ray's in the kitchen trying to get the place more set up.
"Morning Toro!" I say sitting myself up on the counter.
"More like good afternoon, you lazy bum," he says laughing and playfully punching my arm. I laugh and look around realizing Mikey and Gerard are gone.
"Hey dude we are missing two nerds. Their brothers, kinda small and lanky, you seen 'em?" I ask confused.
Ray doesn't stop working as he replies, "They went to the local library."
Damn, I thought. I really needed a few books. Maybe Mikey got me some. He knew what I liked.
"How long have they been gone?" I asked not really thinking about it just asking instinctively.
"Few hours I guess, I don't know, I can only keep tabs on one minor at a time," he says leaning against the counter.
"Oh whatever, do you think they are on their way back?" I ask because I honestly missed their company.
When it was all 4 of us together I felt like I was with my family and I felt safe. Being with Ray, Mikey, and Gerard reminded me I was safe now. Same went when Bob would visit us back in Jersey. But when one of the 3 were gone I felt weird. Like a piece of my self was missing. And I don't give a damn how that girly and cheesy that sounds cause it's true; I love them, they are my family.
Before Ray can reply to my question Mikey comes through the door. "Hello one and all! We are back!" he says walking in Gerard walking behind him.
"Did you bring me a-" I stop mid sentence when I see her. She was behind Gerard slowly walking in shyly. She was wearing a Folie a Deux t-shirt and black jeans with her black eyeliner smudged under her big dark brown eyes that were covered by her short brown hair. She has her hands stuffed in her back pocket and is smiling awkwardly.
"Ray, Frank, this is Delilah. Mikey's new friend. And mine too," Gerard says which makes Delilah smile and wave to us.
Ray steps up, "Ray Toro, the mature one, at your service."
She smiles revealing braces, "Hi, Delilah, the awkward loser they picked up at the library."
I laugh at this and jump off the counter and make a dramatic walk towards her. "I'm Frank, Frank Iero, the sexy beast," I say kneeling and kissing her hand as she shakes it. She laughs and I feel confident. But then I see Gerard's glare as I get up from one knee.
"Hi Frank, thanks for being so kind," she says a bit embarrassed.
"Ummm Delilah, get to know Ray a bit better. Frank, come into my bedroom I need a word with you," Gerard says to me.
I look at him then Delilah, "Bye beautiful, I will be back after he has my way with me!" I say winking and laughing.
"Ew. Please no jokes like that," Ray and Mikey say together
I hear Delilah laugh as I walk into his bedroom.
"What's up Gee?" I say closing the door.
"What the fuck was that Frank? You see her for 10 seconds and you already try something? What the hell?" he says with a bit of aggression.
I'm shocked and don't know how to reply. I stutter a few words that make no sense but finally calm down. "Well, I can get an early start to get on her good side right?" I say trying to be funny, "Anyways why does it matter? It's not like she's your girlfriend or taken right?" I ask becoming angered that he'd get mad.
"No but... just ugh whatever. Just so you know she's going to Brawley too and will be a freshman. So yeah go right ahead," Gerard says as he looks away from me hanging his head down.
Then it clicks. And I feel bad. Even though I had the right to find interest in her.
"Whoa, you like her don't you?" I say walking towards him.
He turns to me with watery eyes. "No, I'm not allowed to so no," he says looking me straight in the eyes, speaking a lie and a truth. He did but he couldn't.
"Yes you can, there is no law against love," I say embracing him, feeling like the older one for the first time in a long time.
"But there is a law against a minor dating an adult. She's only 14 and 1/2," he says burying his face into my shoulder.
Fuck, he was right.

done for this chapter, hope you like. Getting interesting huh? :D Anyways her friends might be in the next chapter, not sure yet. Anyways review please and I will update soon! xoxo
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