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Ray, relax. Mikey, sleep. Gerard and Frank, what?

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Ray begins to warm up to Delilah but becomes worried about her when he spots something and Gerard and Frank. Delilah prepares them to meet her friends.

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I hope you are loving my updates. Not really sure HOW this is going to end but if you have any ideas let me know :) xoxo

Ray's POV
I'm sitting in the living room with Mikey and a girl he and Gerard brought home from the library. One fucking day in Calipat and they already find a girl. They didn't even have that luck back in Jersey. Frank and Gerard are talking about something serious because I had seen Gerard's glare. Something was going on in his off centered little mind of his and I was going to find out what. I look over to Delilah who is sitting on the floor awkwardly, clearly feeling weird in the silence.
"Soooo Delilah, I like your rubber bracelet," I say trying to make her feel more comfortable. She looks down and smiles
"Gonna have to be specfic, I have 4 on," she smiles at me.
Success. I made her feel better being here. I always liked being the nice guys, the one who cared for everyone else. I'd always been that way and it was perfect. I liked helping, it was my thing. I may not have had a lot of friends all through high school but I loved helping the people that were in my life, aka Gerard, Mikey, and Frank. Now Delilah was here and I wanted her to feel safe because she seemed at a lose of guidance, as if people weren't there for her. I wanted to be there for her because I saw something that caught my eye.
Under her TWLOHA bracelet on her right wrist I saw a scar. It looked new. It broke my heart to see that because of Mikey's past. I wanted to help her. I just needed to find a way to.
"The To Write Love on Her Arms one, it's a great foundation," I say trying to hint that I know. Her eyes show that something clicked. She became self conscience and started tugging at the bracelet. "Oh yeah, it's beautiful..." she says trying to keep calm.
I need to let her know it's all right so I hug her, at first she's just surprised but she hugs back. When I let her go she's smiling. I can already tell she was going to become my little sister.
"Uhhhh what is going on here? Did I miss something?" Mikey says confused.
"Haha nope just the typical mind control I have over people, you know Toro control," I reply to loosen up the atmosphere.
"Ahh yes the Toro charm!" Mikey says happily making Delilah laugh.
"So Delilah, how old are you? I mean you look young but I could be wrong?" I say honestly curious.
"14 going on 15. Going to be a freshman next year at Brawley, since you were probably wondering," she said which did answer my next question.
"Hmmm.... are you a mind reader? Because I was actually going to ask that," I replied to her laughing.
All three of us began to talk about each other. I told her how I fit into the Ways and Frank's life. Mikey gets up to leave half way through because he feels sleepy so he wants to take a nap. He embraces Delilah and kisses her on the cheek making her blush, funny enough we both knew it meant nothing, he just was happy to have a new friend. We hugged and he left walking tiredly. That's when I began to interrogate her.
"So do you want to talk about that?" I ask pointing to her wrist. She just looked down and sighed. Sure why not.
Arienane's POV
I hadn't heard from Delilah all day. Usually she would've called me by now. I guess I worried too much but I believe I had the right to. She's my best friend, one like no other. I sighed and got out of bed to got to the living room. Suddenly my phone vibrated. "Delilah :D" is what it read. A text, perfect. I needed contact with someone who cared about me.
Come to Casa Del Sol. Apartment 462. You need to meet these guys. NOW. - D
Weird way to greet a friend. I just texted back okay, slipped on my shoes and walked out, knowing my mom wouldn't mind.
Miranda's POV
It was quiet in my house. 3 P.M. and my siblings and parents were at the movies, without me. Typical. I was about to go play with my bunny Billie Joe when I heard my phone ding. "1 New Text Message from: Weenie" I saved Delilah under that name to give me a good laugh and she knew it.
Come to Casa Del Sol. Apartment 462. You need to meet these guys. NOW. - D
Weird.... but I never question her. If I do I end up getting hurt and that always sucked. Funny, but suckish. Guess I have no choice but to go.
Robin's POV
I was playing random notes on my keyboard trying to distract myself. I had barely gotten Delilah as a best friend and now she's leaving. Just my luck. I put my head down on the keys hitting it a bit hard. "Fucking ow." was all I mumbled. Suddenly, I felt something in my pocket vibrate. "Delilah :) 1 new message" Interesting, I hadn't heard from her all day.
Come to Casa Del Sol. Apartment 462. You need to meet these guys. NOW. - D
I swear sometimes I fear she is going to kill us and I wanted to make a witty reply but couldn't think of one so I just asked my mom for a ride to Calipat. Of course she said yes. She was cool like that.
Delilah's POV
Ray and I had a long talk together while Mikey was taking a nap and Frank and Gerard were in the room talking. I told him everything, I felt like I could trust him with everything and anything so I kept nothing from him. I ended up crying in his arms. He was an amazing friend. That's what I needed; not only that but he was like the older father figure that I needed. He listened and didn't judge, something my mom never learned to do and my dad couldn't do.
After a 2 and 1/2 hour talk with Ray, Frank and Gerard returned to us. Gerard with puffy eyes but both smiling.
"Guys, are you all right?" Ray asks worried a bit.
"Yeah don't worry, just Gee and I had a long talk," Frank said gripping his shoulder.
"We did, no worries Toro," Gerard said smiling but keeping his eyes off me for some reason. Then Frank turned his attention to me.
"So gorgeous... I mean Delilah, you are going to Brawley High next year I hear?" he says a bit nervous and looking at Gerard a bit.
"Oh yeah, not my choice but I have to. Better curriculum," I say shrugging, something I usually do.
"Nice! We'll be classmates!" he replies winking and coming to sit next to me. Ray scoots over a bit then Gerard comes over.
"Look, if you ever need a ride home either Ray or me will be there to pick Mikey and Frank so we can drive you to and from, got it?" he says wrapping his arm around me making me a bit confused but happily confused.
"Sure... of course," I reply half stuttering and smiling.
Gerard smiles back an adorable little smile that reminds my heart how I felt earlier. It was weird but I felt so close to these guys though I'd only known them for a few hours. Especially Ray, he was so kind and understanding. Then Frank was like the best guy friend you could always flirt with without it getting awkward. Mikey was this energetic little thing who put a smile on my face. And then Gerard, he was this hidden guy who was just as kind as Ray just a bit more subtle about it. I already loved these guys. So I knew it was time to let them meet the girls I loved.
"Umm Ray, do you mind if I have Arienane, Miranda, and Robin come over? I want them to meet you guys," I say a bit embarrassed to ask.
"Go right ahead darling, a friend of yours is a friend of ours, right guys?" Ray replied
"Ummm yeah yeah," Gerard and Frank say. "Hey do you know who the fuck she's talking about?" I hear Frank ask and Gerard replies, "Not a single clue."
I laugh and just tell them to wake up Mikey. I text them all the same message, "Come to Casa Del Sol. Apartment 462. You need to meet these guys. NOW. - D" knowing they won't dare ask me why.
"Ugh Frank! Next time Gerard wakes me up!" I hear Mikey yell as he walks out sleepily.
"What!? I only snapped your boxers! It wasn't that that bad!" Frank says laughing.
Mikey rubbed his waist and sat on the floor leaning against my legs to try to sleep again.
"So these friends of yours, when will they be here?" Gerard asked.
"Friends?! What, when did this happen???" Mikey said sitting up looking surprised with his bed head hair.
"Relax Mikey, they are nice. And one of them like Anthrax like you," I said winking and continued, "and they'll be here soon Gerard."
So we all relaxed for awhile awaiting my best friends. We ended up talking about music and movies. We had many things in common, especially Frank and I, it was very cool. Then we went on to books which reminded Mikey he never got a book like he wanted.
"Aw fuck! I got so distracted in meeting to I forgot to get a book! Gee, do you still have my library card?" Mikey says a bit panicky.
"Here you go you spaz," he replies taking it our of his tattered up wallet. Mikey sticks his tongue out at him like a 5 year old, then there's a knock.
"There heeeeerrrreeeeee," Frank says imitating the little girl from Poltergeist.
Gerard's thought at the sound of the knock
I hope these girls are nice. Mikey and Frank, especially FRANK, need nice girls in their lives.
Ray's thought at the sound of the knock
Time to meet the girls I already know all about. I'm ready to meet 'em Delilah.
Mikey's though at the sound of the knock
Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck. I AM AN AWKWARD MESS. PLEASE BE NICE LIKE DELILAH!
Frank's though at the sound of the knock
Let's ease up the atmosphere! I'm gonna imitate the little girl from Poltergeist!
Delilah's though at the sound of the knock
Please like them. Please!

and done! Cliff hanger AGAIN XD sorry I'm evil. Anyways I bet a few of you are wondering what Gee and Frank were talking about for 2 and 1/2 hours well you will find out! In a deleted scene sorta thing. AT THE END OF THE FIC. Sorry but it will ruin the whole fic if I say what it's about. Anyways, R&R and tell me if you think something should happen between Delilah's friends and one of the guys. (choice between Mikey and Ray only though). Like a romance or something. Anyways, hope you like! Will update soon! xoxo
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