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auditions!!! :D

by patdfan 7 Reviews

plzz :)

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  • auditions!!! :D

    (#) shehadtheworld222 2011-06-19 06:56:18 AM

    So... I'm gonna audition. If you don't remember my username, I'm the one who posted those other auditions. :)

    Name: Sadie Hannigan

    Gender: Female... :)

    Physical Description: Sadie is tall-ish, like 5'5" with brown curls a little past her shoulders. She always straightens her hair, but people say she shouldn't because it is pretty when its curly. She is mixed, but she got a lighter gene, so her skin is like a creamy cappucino, but not horribly dark. She gets very tan in the summer though, and people get jealous of her for this. She has a straight smile, but she has never had braces so she takes them for granted. Her eyes are a pure green color that she uses to her advantage, and her cheeks always have a rosy sort of tint to them. Her face is very round, giving her an innocent and childish look that helps her get away with anything. She mostly wears high wasted skirts, but her regular outfit is jeans (bootleg or skinny) and some type of v-neck with a cami underneath. She has a wide variety of belts, and in a laxy mood she will just toss on leggings and a hoodie. She wears her mocasins everywhere. If not, flip flops. Her toenails are always painted. She also has a large collection of friendship bracelets on her right wrist, reaching up to almost the halfway point of her forearm. She's got a thing sorta like Nikki Sixx's old girl Vanity without the drugs and not as raunchy.

    Personality: Sadie can be quite shy and reserved, but once she comes out of her shell she is very outgoing. She is a follower at first, but then she begins to take the lead. People say that she is adorable, but she uses that to get into mischeif easily, and sometimes she has a hard time getting out of it. She is always the one who wants to know where the drinks are, and she usually offers to buy them sometimes, even without an ID, she gets away with it. She can easily get hyper... ten skittles can give her a sugar rush. When this happens, she is literally bouncing of the walls, and when she talks she changes the subject every two seconds. She LOVES gay people. All of her friends back home were gay. She bites her nails and she hates it. But she is intolerant to pain so she can't bite them too short. (It would be funny if she got an injury in the story so you could see how much of a baby she is.

    Family: Her little brother, Eli (short brown curls, hazel eyes, tall, 14) with their mother, June (mirror image of Sadie but taller with short strawberry blonde curls, and paler skin. Exact same green eyes. Very young, gives good advice and takes in everyone as her own). Her father, George (Dark skin, a little intimidating. Brown eyes and shaved head) visits seperately because her parents recently divorced. On holidays they have to visit together, but sometimes George doesn't show up.

    Music: Anything but country.

    Things she loves: MARK WAHLBERG, singing, drawing, laughing (a lot), and making a fool of herself in public (but not too often).

    Things she hates: ILLITERATE PEOPLE, fighting, hockey, blowing her nose, and overbearingness.

    I guess that if she were paired with someone I would want it to be Pete, but since everyone wants Pete usually, here are my alternatives:
    ~Patrick Stump of FOB
    ~Ryan Ross or Jon Walker of P!ATD
    ~William Beckett or Guy Chislett of TAI...
    ~Gerard Way of MCR

    Pair me with any of these people according to who you think I would best fit with, or if an option is taken and one of the people above are free. But since I am the first to audition... my top 2 after Pete are Jon Walker or William Beckett. A close 3rd though is Gerard Way. :)

    Hugs not drugs!
  • auditions!!! :D

    (#) weezer-rule 2011-06-19 03:26:23 PM

    name: Jasmine Moore

    gender: Female

    physical description: I'm 5'4, have seriously curly brown hair. brown eyes and I'm mixed ethnicity (meaning my mums whites and my dads black so I'm somewhwere in the middle)

    family: My younger brother chris (has an afro) and my mum (blonde with blue eyes)my dad doesn't visit because he lives really far away

    personality:Quiet with strangers but actually talk a load of rubbish if I know you. Loves to have fun but a bit lazy. mostly a loner but love my friends.

    music they like to listen to: Green Day, Nirvana, Weezer, Slipknot etc

    things they hate: racists homophobes etc, pop music, confrontation and frogs and clowns

    things they love: horror movies, my friends, comics, music, bass guitar

    I'd like to be paired with Patrick Stump or Brendon Urie (preferably Patrick)

    I play bass guitar.
  • auditions!!! :D

    (#) DestructionBattery 2011-06-19 05:31:22 PM

    name: Emily Williams

    gender: Well if you did not notice it at the name im a girl :P

    physical description: So far as body wise shes curvy and in between skinny and chubby but NOT fat. Black/brown hair and Green/hazel eyes. Shes also Italian,American and French.

    family (like do sisters or mom visit and stuff): She has 3 older brothers one actually goes to the school and is verry protective he's name is Marc and he's 18 years old and is somewhere in betweem jock and outcast so he's 'normal' i guess, her other brothers Derek and Toby who are twins and is 21 years old in collage now. Her mom Christina and dad Jhon e-mails her alot and calls every other day/night, she has a dog an english bulldog named Harry after Harry Potter.

    personality: Emily is a energetic person and can be shy sometimes it she doesent know the person she is talking to really but when she knows that person she's not so shy it i put it that way. She's addicted to coffe and loves art and to paint and stuff and music too! can be witty in certain situations...

    music they like to listen to (keep in mind fob and p!atd will just be like high school bands in here..): My chemical romance, Fob,P!ATD, Mindless self indugence,Iron Maiden, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Simple plan, Paramore, Muse, Eminem, B.o.B and Lady gaga.

    things they hate: Ignorant people, Homophobes,early mornings, when its too hot outside or too sunny, beeing called fat (wich happens once in a while) and Spiders.

    things they love: Friends and family, Coffee, Art, Drawing/Painting, Singing and Playing guitar, hanging out ith friends at a coffee place, free period at school. warm beds at morning and so early mornings, her dog Harry, Boyfriend (im gonna get to that) and trying to dance but fact is Emily cant dance to save ehr life...

    and if you want who they should be dating you can chose a band member or make another person up): Dating Frank Iero of My chemical romance (please!) Or Pete Wentz of FOB... but preferably Frank.

    and anything tht you think tht will help my story: uhm relationship wise if you picked me whould be intresting if like Pete was intrested in Emily but did not know she is dating Frank so uuhm either my chem goes to the school or they are rockstars... And her brother does not approve of her relationships cause he doessent wanna see her get hurt.

    And thats all, im intrested for the turn out of this :)

  • auditions!!! :D

    (#) ONotz 2011-06-19 06:36:29 PM

    Name- Victoria Whitten (Real name BTW!)
    Gender- Female
    physical description- A little tubby, just over 100 pounds. Only a b-sixe in bra size, a small ass, bright yellow hair, but wants to die it brown soon.
    amily (like do sisters or mom visit and stuff) Has a brother who plays in a band, but hes 27, Mom and dad disapprove of me and sent me here. Younger Brother (Clayton James!) calls once in awhile, he’s only 8 though.
    personality- usually shy, loves my bestfriends, take crap from others, but if others make fun off friends will kick there asses.
    music they like to listen to (keep in mind fob and p!atd will just be like high school bands in here..) Can MSI be in this? (Mindless self indulgence?) I just want kitty to be my bestfriend. If no it’s cool, your Fic you know?. Other than that, uhhhhhm Astro Zombies (Only Misfit song) and Simple Plan. Black Veil Bride. Pink. :)
    things they hate- Show offs, but will give Chavs chances unless they call me fat.
    things they love- I love sports (Kind of a jock, but just don’t have thet personality!) Candy!
    and if you want who they should be dating you can chose a band member or make another person up) Jimmy Urine if you put MSI in, if not, some one hot that you need a girl for (Either sex)
    and anything tht you think tht will help my story

    I hope this I good, I’m actually going to do 2 more for the hell of it! :)
  • auditions!!! :D

    (#) ONotz 2011-06-19 06:52:01 PM THIS IS NOT THE REAL ME!!!!! I just want to look like this :)

    Name- Cassie.

    Gender?- F

    Fam?- No family but grandparents, they have custody.

    Personality- Stays in background, never speaks unless spoken too and has a scar running down her back. No one knows why, (You can think that one up!)

    Hates- Spiders, Pete when drunk.

    Likes- Frank Iero (Super Crush)

    Dating- Spencer.

    Music- nothing. She doesn’t listen to anything unless forced.
    I play the bass guitar, (In real life too!) Good luck my friend.

  • auditions!!! :D

    (#) ONotz 2011-06-19 06:55:15 PM

    Gender- Raymond (not Ray)

    Look like- Short, adorable, has wiked nylon green hair.

    Gender- M

    Personality- Is Frank’s bro……so yes :)

    Likes- Spiders. Into football.

    Hates- trying to play guitar, loves to hang around both groups, but will fuck someones face up if they make fun of Frank who is 10 minutes younger. (Twins)

    Music- watevers on. NOT COUNTRY!
  • auditions!!! :D

    (#) DestructionBattery 2011-06-22 10:42:47 AM

    forgot to mention that Emily is 5'3'' so she's pretty short...

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